My Ultimate Career Sample Resume 1

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My Ultimate Career – Sample Resume 1
John Q. Smith

1234 Main Street, Apartment 101

Centerville, USA 010101

(555) 555-5555 cell /

Summaries are a highly effective way to highlight strengths.
ummary Of Qualifications

  • Proficient on MS Office Suite  Experienced switchboard operator

  • Excellent communication skills  Proven reliability

  • Typing speed approximately 60 WPM  Excellent attention to detail

Start with your Professional Experiences if you have 5 or more years of on-the-job experience; if you don’t, then start with your Education.

Professional Experience
Nuts & Bolts Technologies, Inc.

Next should come your Job Title and time employed on the right.

$100 million publicly traded technology company, with locations throughout the world. The company is the leading supplier of wing-dings and do-dads for the whatchamacallit industry.

Company Description should be one, max two sentences, including industry, size, and other relevant factors.

Executive Secretary May 2004 to Aug 2006

  • Was the secretary and personal assistant to an executive in the Quality Control department.

  • Specific tasks included dictation, wordprocessing, scheduling, some project planning, and the handling of all travel arrangements.

Next should come your Duties.

Try to accentuate your specific contri-butions.

  • Saved the executive 10-15 hours per week by taking over many of his phone and scheduling responsibilities.

  • Eliminated travel and expense report errors that saved hours of executive time, and thousands of dollars in company expense.

  • I
    Note that all bullet points are only one sentence long, and include numeric results.
    mproved the look & feel of the executive’s PowerPoint presentations, improving the department’s standing throughout the organization.

  • Optimized clerical processes that made executive’s job much easier

Silicon Peaks & Valleys, Inc.

A local reseller, specializing in the repackaging of thingamajigs and electro-knickknacks for the computer industry.

Word Processor July 2001 to May 2004

  • Word processing and spreadsheets for various departments for the organization.

  • Transcribed dictation, word processed documentation ranging from correspondence to procedural manuals to technical spec sheets; assisted accounting department in data entry


  • Attention to detail reduced word processing errors by 10% throughout the department

  • Processed the company’s new procedural manual ahead of deadline, saving thousands of dollars in printing and training costs

  • Set a positive work example, increasing productivity throughout the department by 15%

Audits R Us, LLC

A “Big Four” CPA firm, specializing in major technology industry clients.

List jobs going further than a decade back in this way.
ile Clerk
Summer of 2000

Knee Deep, Inc.

Pet supply distributor and reseller.

Inventory Clerk 1999 - 2000
The Piggy Bank

A regional banking company, serving the West Coast and Hawaii.

Teller 1998 - 1999

Next comes your Education. List your degree first, then your academic institution.

Year you graduated is all that’s important.

1999 Associate Degree in Business Administration

Municipal Junior College

1978 Honor Student

Centerville High School


Keep everything under 2 pages

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