My apal experience

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My APAL Experience
My first experience with APDSA was at the Tokyo meeting in 1992 as the Australian student representative (2nd from right) and is where I proposed that the 22nd annual congress three years later in 1995 be hosted in (Adelaide) Australia for the first time.

My participation in the APDSA was a life transforming experience that inspired me to return back to Japan, where I was able to live there and obtain my PhD from the Nippon Dental University.

Now that I had the travel bug I then worked in Fiji as Associate Director of the Fiji School of Medicine and at the 33rd Annual APDSA Congress 2003 was able to have the Fiji Islands join and participate as a member country from the Pacific.

(Left Arpana Devi final year and right Chris Shannon first year student from the Fiji School of Medicine, in Seoul, Korea 2003)

APDSA Alumni (APAL) at the 34th Annual Congress 2007 in Taipei, Taiwan.

The World is Yours
Dr Zac Morse BDS,BScDent(Hons),GradDipClinDent,PhD,FPFA,FICD

Email: zacmorse(at)

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