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Talking Books

The titles in this booklist are just a selection of the titles available for loan from the RNIB National Library Talking Book Service.
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Conductors in conversation. 1990. Read by Peter Barker, 6 hours 31 minutes. TB 8849.

A collection of conversations with 7 of the world's greatest conductors: Claudio Abbado, Carlo Maria Giulini, Herbert von Karajan, James Levine, Riccardo Muti, Eugene Ormandy and Sir Georg Solti. Covering all aspects of their lives, their work, their approach, their technique and interpretation, as well as their early influence and historic performances. This would interest all lovers of classical music. TB 8849.

Atkins, Harold

The Barbirollis: a musical marriage. 1983. Read by Tom Crowe, 8 hours 54 minutes. TB 9693.

The marriage of John Barbirolli to oboist Evelyn Rothwell in 1939 presaged not only a warm and steady relationship, but also a magical musical partnership. Born into totally different backgrounds, they became a much loved and respectable couple in the musical world. We see John as the serious young cellist, Evelyn as a schoolgirl, the glorious re-creation of the Halle orchestra, and their triumphs in the concert hall at home and abroad. A warm and intimate account of a remarkable couple, and two remarkable careers. TB 9693.

Baker, Anne Pimlott

Beethoven. 1998. Read by Anita Wright, 2 hours 10 minutes. TB 13052.

Telling the story of Beethoven's life and work, this text describes his early employment as a court musician, his studies with Haydn in Vienna and his work during the French Revolution, rise of Napoleon and subsequent French occupation of Vienna. Despite the fact that Beethoven becomes more financially successful after Napoleon's defeat, his emotional life remained tumultuous with several unhappy love affairs and continuous worry over his suicidal nephew, Karl. TB 13052.

Barber, David W

Bach, Beethoven and the boys: music history as it ought to be taught. 1986. Read by Peter Marinker, 4 hours 5 minutes. TB 13364.

This book chronicles the lives of the great (and not-so-great) composers as you've never read them before - exploring their sex lives, exposing their foibles and expanding our understanding of these remarkable but also all too-human creatures. Chock-full of information, interesting facts and trivia, this hilarious history covers music from Gregorian chant to the mess we're in now. From Bach's laundry lists to Beethoven's bowel problems, from Gesualdo's kinky fetishes to Cage's mushroom madness... TB 13364.

Beckham, Victoria

Learning to fly: the autobiography. 2002. Read by Charlotte Strevens, 14 hours 44 minutes. TB 13286.

From the time she saw the movie "Fame", Victoria Beckham wanted to be a star. A line from the theme song stayed with her -"I'm gonna live for ever, I'm gonna learn how to fly". With this amazing book she gives us the chance to fly alongside her on her journey from lonely teenager to international star. Contains strong language. TB 13286.

Bergreen, Laurence

Louis Armstrong: an extravagant life. 1997. Read by Jeff Harding, 22 hours 33 minutes. TB 12264.

A biography of the jazz and blues master, using new material from the Louis Armstrong archive. Louis Armstrong was a character of epic proportions - married four times, a life-long advocate of marijuana, who took his music from the streets of New Orleans to Hollywood, Europe and South America. TB 12264.

Black, Cilla

What's it all about? 2004. Read by Eunice Roberts, 16 hours 20 minutes. TB 17390.

Since debuting on the showbiz circuit in 1963, Cilla Black has released 14 studio albums, in addition to two successful greatest hit packages and 37 singles. She has also starred in such shows as "Surprise, Surprise" and "Blind Date". This book relates the story of her life. TB 17390.

Blackburn, Tony

Poptastic: my life in radio. 2007. Read by Andrew Stanson, 8 hours 15 minutes. TB 16247.

Tony Blackburn is probably one of the most recognisable disc jockeys working in Britain today, and is always busy doing what he does best - playing music to listeners. Tony feels the time is right to look back on the time he has spent in radio and the media. The days spent as a radio pirate, to becoming the number one DJ in the UK for the best part of a decade. The stars he befriended, the rivalries in radio he endured, the friendships made, and broken, all will be told in his candid style. Contains strong language. TB 16247.

Blades, James

Drum roll: a professional adventure from the circus to the concert hall. 1977. Read by Alvar Lidell, 13 hours 47 minutes. TB 3233.

The famous player and exponent of all percussion instruments, tells his own story with all its many experiences and adventures. TB 3233.

Bliss, Arthur

As I remember. 1970. Read by Alvar Lidell, 12 hours 45 minutes. TB 1352.

A recollection of a happy life from early days and the discovery of the joys of music to his 75th birthday. TB 1352.

Bocelli, Andrea

Andrea Bocelli: the music of silence. 1999. Read by Peter Barker, 9 hours 14 minutes. TB 12878.

Andrea Bocelli is one of the world's most successful male singers, selling 20 million recordings world-wide. He has become the popular face of classical music. Yet behind his extraordinary success lies a story of personal triumph. Andrea Bocelli was blinded at the age of twelve. Undeterred, he continued to pursue his childhood dream to sing, using Braille musical scores and lyric sheets. This is Bocelli's true story, told in his own words for the first time. He talks frankly about his blindness, the importance of his family, his stage fright, and the pressures of international stardom. TB 12878.

Boult, Adrian

Thoughts on conducting. 1963. Read by Alvar Lidell, 2 hours 36 minutes. TB 13036.

The techniques of orchestral command as demonstrated by several renowned conductors. TB 13036.

Bowen, Meirion

Michael Tippett. 1982. Read by Derek Chandler, 6 hours 19 minutes. TB 4559.

This examines the innovative works of one of the foremost British composers. It is a useful concert guide, as well as giving the main facts about the composer himself. TB 4559.

Braddon, Russell

Joan Sutherland. 1962. Read by Alvar Lidell, 9 hours 50 minutes. TB 217.

The woman and her art, her fight to overcome ill-health and many other difficulties. TB 217.

Brahms, Caryl

Gilbert and Sullivan: lost chords and discords. 1975. Read by Stanley Pritchard, 10 hours. TB 2882.

With the help of quotations from letters, newspapers and documents of the time, the author recaptures the drama and the poignancy of the famous partnership. TB 2882.

Bret, David

The real Gracie Fields: the authorized biography. 2010. Read by Mike Aherne, 10 hours 27 minutes. TB 17768.

In her day, Gracie Fields was one of the highest paid stars in the world. Appearing in a series of films which reflected the spirit of a troubled decade and cutting hundreds of superb recordings, she became an international legend and a national institution. In this first full-length biography of Gracie, fully authorised by her family, David Bret reveals the real Gracie Fields a complex woman far removed from the mill-girl-to-riches persona she conveyed to her adoring public, as seen by her family and closest friends. Based on sources that include personal war diaries, private correspondence, and many first-hand interviews, Bret reveals her personal tragedies, great bravery and her often extreme naivety. Contains strong language and violence. TB 17768.

Brun-Lambert, David

Nina Simone: the biography. 2009. Read by Ryan Forde Isco, 15 hours 49 minutes. TB 17819.

This is the first biography of the legendary diva to tell her whole extraordinary story. It offers fresh insights into a notoriously complex character drawing on a wealth of original interviews with Nina Simone's intimate circle. Contains strong language. TB 17819.

Buckley, David

Strange fascination: David Bowie, the definitive story. 2005. Read by Alan Thorpe, 27 hours 33 minutes. TB 17458.

A biography of the influential and chameleon-like rock icon, David Bowie, who created the fantastical rock star and revenge of the suburbs, Ziggy Stardust. It seeks to unravel the Bowie enigma, via interviews, biography and academic analysis. TB 17458.

Cardus, Neville

A composer's eleven. 1958. Read by Duncan Carse, 8 hours 45 minutes. TB 953.

Essays on Schubert, Wagner, Brahms, Bruckner, Mahler, Strauss, Franck, Debussy, Elgar, Delius, and Sibelius. TB 953.

Cardus, Neville

Cardus on music: a centenary collection. 1990. Read by Anthony Hopkins, 13 hours 41 minutes. TB 9307.

Sir Neville Cardus, whose formal training in music was virtually non-existent, wrote over 2,000 pieces of music criticism and established an unassailable reputation as one of the world's most eloquent critics this century. This is a collection of his finest essays and shows him at his best: the last critic from a more generous era, where criticism was an art and not a technical evaluation. TB 9307.

Chevalier, Maurice

I remember it well. 1971. Read by John Richmond, 7 hours 6 minutes. TB 1754.

On his eightieth birthday Chevalier takes us from the slums of Paris to his marathon birthday tour. TB 1754.

Chissell, Joan

Clara Schumann: a dedicated spirit. 1983. Read by Patricia Hughes, 11 hours 24 minutes. TB 5218.

Music has few greater love stories than that of Clara and Robert Schumann. Their path of love was never smooth but Clara's devotion to Robert was constant, despite the conflict between her domestic responsibilities and the call to the concert platform. There is also a reappraisal of Clara's musical achievement not only as a pianist, but also as a teacher, editor and composer. TB 5218.

Clapton, Eric

Eric Clapton: the autobiography. 2007. Read by Mark Elstob, 11 hours 16 minutes. TB 15903.

Eric was born an illegitimate child to a Canadian airman in 1945 and raised by his grandparents. Until the age of 9 he believed his absentee mother to be his sister. When the truth was revealed he felt a sense of abandonment and isolation which was eventually to drive him to despair and addiction. From his early teens his solace was the guitar. At the age of eighteen he joined the Yardbirds and from then on his legendary status was assured. In 1966 the world's first super group, Cream, was formed and at the age of 22 Eric was a world superstar. Now for the first time, Eric tells the story of his personal and professional journeys in this autobiography. Contains strong language. TB 15903.

Clarke, Donald

Billie Holiday: wishing on the moon. 2002. Read by Kenneth Jay, 19 hours 40 minutes. TB 17392.

Based on unrivalled access to archival interviews with those who knew her at every stage of her life, this is the most revealing biography of the incomparable Lady Day. Clarke was given unrivalled access to a treasure trove of interviews from the 1970s interviews with those who knew Lady Day from her childhood in the streets and good-time houses of Baltimore through the early days of success in New York and into the years of fame, right up to her tragic decline and death at the age of forty-four. Contains strong language. TB 17392.

Clayton, Buck

Buck Clayton's jazz world. 1986. Read by Garrick Hagon, 16 hours 53 minutes. TB 8085.

Buck Clayton, the American professional jazz player, in conjunction with Nancy Miller Elliott has produced an autobiography looking at his life and career. His visits to China and Europe are covered in detail as are his memories of Billie Holiday and Count Basie. Clayton's autobiography also gives a revealing picture of twentieth century American social history. TB 8085.

Cohen, Harriet

A bundle of time: the memoirs of Harriet Cohen. 1969. Read by Gretel Davis, 15 hours 2 minutes. TB 1855.

The autobiography of a brilliant pianist, and accounts of her happy associations with many artists and composers. TB 1855.

Cotton, Billy

I did it my way: the life story of Billy Cotton. 1970. Read by John Graham, 6 hours 19 minutes. TB 1607.

The autobiography of the man known as "Mr Show Business", completed on the morning of his death. TB 1607.

Crawford, Michael

Parcel arrived safely, tied with string: my autobiography. 2000. Read by Gordon Dulieu, 11 hours 35 minutes. TB 13521.

In his autobiography, Crawford recalls his childhood, his early years in showbusiness and the friendships to which it led. Stage shows like "The Phantom of the Opera" and films such as "Hello Dolly" are all remembered, and he offers plenty of professional and personal behind-the scenes anecdotes. TB 13521.

Crawford, Sue

Ozzy unauthorized. 2002. Read by Rachel Atkins, 5 hours 8 minutes. TB 13099.

John Michael "Ozzy" Osbourne has been very popular with the American public as the star of "The Osbournes", a fly-on-the-wall-docu-soap. This biography is a comprehensive study of his past, and with its specially commissioned astrological chart, the future of this survivor and star. Contains strong language. TB 13099.

Cross, Charles R

Heavier than heaven: a biography of Kurt Cobain. 2002. Read by Simon Lee Phillips, 15 hours 33 minutes. TB 17419.

Kurt Cobain's life and death fast became rock'n'roll legend. The worldwide success of his band, Nirvana, defined the music scene in the early 1990s and their songs spoke to and for a generation. This is the extraordinary story of artistic brilliance and the pain that extinguished it. TB 17419.

Davis, Francis

Outcats: jazz composers, instrumentalists and singers. 1990. Read by John Guerrasio, 12 hours 10 minutes. TB 9864.

The author goes in search of the true jazz musician and discovers some of the field's true eccentrics. TB 9864.

Duberman, Martin Bauml

Paul Robeson. 1991. Read by James Tillitt, 29 hours 6 minutes. TB 10168.

The son of a runaway slave, a brilliant scholar and athlete, Paul Robeson became world famous as a singer and actor. He achieved notoriety through his political activities, campaigning for civil rights, and activity against fascism. A towering figure of the 20th century, he knew many international figures, from Indira Ghandhi and Khrushchev to Bernard Shaw and Einstein. Here is the definitive biography of a great world figure. TB 10168.

Dundy, Elaine

Elvis and Gladys. 1985. Read by John Rye, 16 hours 44 minutes. TB 5907.

Elvis Presley, pop musical genius of this century, was a sixth-generation American, but before the success of his first record, cut when he was 19, his family had suffered hardship and deprivation. The author examines Elvis' life in the context of the close mother-son relationship which increased over the years instead of - more usually - gradually disappearing. The advent of the colourful Tom Parker, however, forced a dramatic change in the lives of both mother and son. TB 5907.

Dylan, Bob

Chronicles. 2004. Read by John Chancer, 9 hours 57 minutes. TB 13951.

This is the first volume of the autobiography of a musical and political icon. Circa 1965, arguably the high point of his creative genius, Bob Dylan writes on the beginnings of his music career, his loves - including his very first date - and offers a very personal, anecdotal view of this time of great creativity, innovation and music history. TB 13951.

Easton, Carol

Jacqueline du Pre: a biography. 1989. Read by Rosalind Shanks, 9 hours 51 minutes. TB 7694.

Jacqueline du Pre, her enormous courage notwithstanding, was neither golden girl nor saint: away from her cello she was completely and achingly human. As a child, she had been isolated by her phenomenal talent; as an adult, she was confined to the rarefied insular concert world. During the last fifteen years of her life, she lived in the inexorably shrinking world of the invalid. The true story of her life is as extraordinary as her talent. TB 7694.

Faith, Adam

Acts of faith. 1996. Read by Cameron Stewart, 8 hours 56 minutes. TB 11699.

The book recounts the life of Adam Faith, starting as a young musician, having twenty four hit singles, becoming an actor and then being involved in a car crash which left mental and physical scars. The author then sets up business as a property tycoon, has a bypass operation, goes bust owing £1.5 million and then gives one of his best performances as an actor in Stardust, leading to further key performances. TB 11699.

Faithfull, Marianne

Faithfull. 1994. Read by Norma West, 12 hours 53 minutes. TB 10465.

When Marianne Faithfull settled into a love affair with Mick Jagger her life looked like a rock'n'roll fairy tale, except that her passion for drugs increasingly dominated her life. The fairy tale masked a dizzying world of intrigues, affairs and dangerous games that finally brought Marianne's whole world crashing down. She discusses her life as a junkie, her suicide attempts and her growing will to live, leading to a triumphant return as a songwriter, singer and actress. Contains passages of a sexual nature. TB 10465.

Farson, Daniel

Marie Lloyd & music hall. 1972. Read by Garard Green, 7 hours 11 minutes. TB 2142.

The life story of the singer who shocked and charmed late Victorian and Edwardian England, set against a background of music hall history. TB 2142.

Feinstein, Elaine

Bessie Smith. 1985. Read by Gretel Davis, 2 hours 25 minutes. TB 6281.

Blues singer Bessie Smith was born and raised in the slums of Chattanooga, Tennessee. She sang of the ills at the heart of the black woman's life; of their efforts to cope with betrayal and desertion. Her life-long defiance of the white world found expression both in her extraordinary stage presence and in her uninhibited off-stage behaviour. TB 6281.

Fenby, Eric

Delius as I knew him. 1936. Read by Derek Chandler, 7 hours 41 minutes. TB 4236.

Written very shortly after Delius died in 1934, while memories were still fresh, this book covers the last six years of his life. Eric Fenby, then a young organist in Yorkshire, went to live at Grez-sur-Loing to help the blind and partly paralysed composer in his work, including Songs of Farewell and A Song of Summer. TB 4236.

Ferrier, Kathleen

Letters and diaries of Kathleen Ferrier. 2003. Read by Peter Barker, Joan Walker and Diana Bishop, 16 hours 29 minutes. TB 13933.

Fifty years ago, Kathleen Ferrier, the greatest lyric contralto Britain has ever produced, lost her battle with breast cancer. Until now she has been a voice, but through these letters and diaries we get to see the person. Her correspondents include composer Benjamin Britten, conductors John Barbirolli and Bruno Walter, her accompanist John Newmark, her agents John and Emmie Tillet, as well as friends, family and fans. Her letters not only illuminate the musical life of Britain, Europe and America but also detailed the organisation involved in programming, touring, and performing in the very different arenas of concerts, recitals, opera, broadcasting and recording. TB 13933.

Fischer-Dieskau, Dietrich

Echoes of a lifetime. 1989. Read by Peter Barker, 13 hours 25 minutes. TB 8198.

"Echoes of a Lifetime" offers a self-portrait rather than a traditional autobiography, almost a photograph-album in prose. He vividly recalls his young years in Hitler's Germany and the military service that interrupted his musical training and took him to an American prisoner-of-war camp in Italy. Back home in Berlin in 1947, the tumultuous applause that greeted his debut as Posa in Verdi's "Don Carlos" launched one of the truly great careers of musical history. TB 8198.

Freedland, Michael

Jerome Kern. 1978. Read by Derek Chandler, 7 hours 46 minutes. TB 6098.

Jerome David Kern survived the immense handicap of not being born on the lower East side. He arrived with at least one silver spoon in his mouth and very early in his life Mama Kern decided that Jerry could be a famous musician. Unusually she was right. TB 6098.

Galway, James

An autobiography. 1978. Read by Brian Perkins, 6 hours 6 minutes. TB 3732.

An entertaining account of the life and career of this leading flautist. TB 3732.

Geldof, Bob

Is that it? 1986. Read by Stanley McGeagh, 17 hours 46 minutes. TB 5538.

A charismatic pop star writes of his childhood in Dublin, schooldays funny and horrifying and the origins of New Wave music. He charts the beginnings and triumphs of the Boomtown Rats, their eclipse and his formation of Band Aid. With it he rallied the forces of rock performers all over the world and inspired millions to raise millions for the starving of Africa. Unsuitable for family reading. TB 5538.

Gillespie, Dizzy

Dizzy: the autobiography of Dizzy Gillespie. 1980. Read by Marvin Kane, 21 hours 10 minutes. TB 3924.

This autobiography of the great jazz musician is sub-titled 'To be or not to Bop'. TB 3924.

Glover, Jane

Mozart's women: his family, his friends, his music. 2005. Read by Charlie Norfolk, 13 hours 52 minutes. TB 15692.

Mozart was fascinated, amused, aroused, hurt, and betrayed by women. He loved and respected them, composed for them, performed with them. This biography looks at his interaction with each, starting with his family - his mother, Maria Anna and beloved and talented sister, Nannerl, and his marriage - which brought his 'other family', the Weber sisters. His relationships with his artists are examined, in particular those of his operas, through whose characters Mozart gave voice to the emotions of women who were, like his entire female acquaintance, restrained by the conventions and structures of eighteenth-century society. TB 15692.

Haendel, Ida

Woman with violin: an autobiography. 1970. Read by Carol Marsh, 18 hours 2 minutes. TB 1224.

The autobiography of a great violinist, from early days as child prodigy through studies to travels all over the world. TB 1224.

Halliwell, Geri

If only. 2000. Read by Candida Gubbins, 14 hours 3 minutes. TB 13147.

Geri's autobiography is funny, frank, poignant, incisive and, in the best sense, inspirational. At its heart, "If only" is about fame and the rollercoaster journey one girl took from believing it would provide the answer to life's problems to her discovery that the real solutions lie elsewhere. Contains strong language. TB 13147.

Hammond, Joan

A voice, a life: autobiography. 1970. Read by Judith Whale, 9 hours 21 minutes. TB 1482.

The autobiography of the famous soprano who came to Europe from Australia a few years before the Second World War and enjoyed great success and fame until a heart attack in 1964 put an end to a brilliant career. TB 1482.

Hawks, Tony

One hit wonderland. Read by Tony Hawks, 10 hours 38 minutes. TB 13249.

This is an account of the adventure that takes him around the world in search for that elusive follow-up hit. From the studios of Nashville to the coffee bars of Amsterdam; from the plains of Sudan to the wilds of Tasmania, Hawks will do anything to have a hit. He changes musical styles with a bewildering lack of integrity. He hypes charts, he gets remixes. Is it possible to get a hit anywhere in the world with a song called "You broke my heart like a bird's egg (but now the yolk's on you)"? Contains strong language. TB 13249.

Headington, Christopher

Britten. 1981. Read by Derek Chandler, 7 hours 52 minutes. TB 4255.

By the time Benjamin Britten died in 1976 he was acknowledged as a major figure in English music, acclaimed internationally and honoured with a peerage. Yet he remained to the end a shy, retiring person. This book gives an account of his musical career set against a background of the composer's life and times. TB 4255.

Heath, Chris

Feel: Robbie Williams. 2004. Read by David Thorpe, 20 hours 17 minutes. TB 14017.

The text explores nature of fame, ambition and talent and tells a very surreal tale of an ordinary young man thrust into a most peculiar world. Contains strong language. TB 14017.

Heath, Edward

Music: a joy for life. 1976. Read by Alvar Lidell, 7 hours 40 minutes. TB 3033.

This is a record of the ex-Prime Minister's lifetime passion for the art of music, as well as an attempt to bring the appreciation of it to as many people as possible. TB 3033.

Heyworth, Pete

Otto Klemperer: his life and times. 1983. Read by Derek Chandler, 22 hours 9 minutes. TB 5108.

The first volume of a work on the life of one of the great conductors of this century, covering the years 1885-1933, his studies in Berlin and Prague and the full story of the Kroll. When Hitler came to power Klemperer fled from Germany. TB 5108.

Hogwood, Christopher

Handel. 1984. Read by Derek Chandler, 15 hours 33 minutes. TB 5874.

A comprehensive portrait of the career of composer George Friedrich Handel, from his early years in Halle and Hamburg, through his apprenticeship in Italy to the heyday of opera and oratorios in London. It is written by a man who has himself performed and conducted the works of this composer. TB 5874.

Holland, Jools

Barefaced lies and boogie-woogie boasts. 2008. Read by Tim Bruce, 12 hours 21 minutes. TB 16146.

From playing on bomb sites as a boy in the East End, to skiving off school and then selling millions of records with Squeeze, the first twenty years of his life were eventful, chaotic and colourful. Then came 'The Tube' with Paula Yates, the seminal live music programme that propelled him to fame. This memoir provides an inside look into the world of Jools Holland. Contains strong language. TB 16146.

Hopkins, Antony

Beating time. 1982. Read by Antony Hopkins, 8 hours 39 minutes. TB 8865.

It was in 1948 that Antony Hopkins began his round of lecture recitals and conducting engagements that have since made him famous throughout the world. Four years later he started his BBC series "Talking About Music", which has become a standard feature of music broadcasting in this country and in the 44 others in which it is broadcast. This humorous autobiography is certain to entertain even the most unmusical reader. TB 8865.

Hopkins, Antony

Music all around me: a personal choice from the literature of music. 1967. Read by Antony Hopkins, 10 hours 49 minutes. TB 1419.

An anthology of music's literature by one of Britain's foremost authorities on the subject. TB 1419.

Jackson, Joyce Gray

My memories of Jim Reeves - : and other celebrities . 2009. Read by Regina Reagan, 6 hours 58 minutes. TB 18154.

The story of star-struck Kentucky girl Joyce Gray, who grew up, moved to Nashville where she worked behind-the-scenes on behalf of such Music City legends as singer Jim Reeves. This book documents her professional and private lives. TB 18154.

Jackson, Michael

Moonwalk. 1988. Read by Geoffrey Towers, 4 hours 54 minutes. TB 7240.

As children, Michael and his brothers played the amateur music shows and steamy Chicago strip joints until Motown's corporate image-makers turned the Jackson Five into super-stars. The author breaks a fiercely guarded silence to describe his rise to megastardom. TB 7240.

Jacobs, Arthur

Henry J Wood: maker of the Proms. 1994. Read by Peter Barker, 21 hours 37 minutes. TB 10495.

A celebration of the man who made the Promenade Concerts famous. Sir Henry Wood (1869-1944), the great trainer of orchestral musicians, was the first in Britain to employ women in first class orchestras. He conducted Britain's first production of Tchaikovsky's Eugene Onegin; at Queen's Hall his commitment to new music led to collaboration with composers such as Richard Strauss, Sibelius, Britten and Schoenberg. The problems of Wood's complex personality and stressful private life are also revealed and his six decades of musical achievement displayed. TB 10495.

Jacobs, Arthur

Arthur Sullivan: a Victorian musician. 1984. Read by William Abney, 27 hours 12 minutes. TB 5464.

Much of the popular fame of Arthur Sullivan is founded on his theatrical partnership with William Schwenk Gilbert. But as a composer of many choral and orchestral works he was a leading figure in his own right in the musical life of Victorian England. TB 5464.

Jenkins, Katherine

Time to say hello. 2009. Read by Kate Jarman, 6 hours 41 minutes. TB 17474.

Katherine Jenkins is an international singing superstar who has brought classical music to the masses and inspired young and old with her incredible voice, her glamorous looks and, above all, her love for music, her country and her fans. TB 17474.

Jewell, Derek

Duke: a portrait of Duke Ellington. 1977. Read by Robert Gladwell, 11 hours. TB 3104.

A candid biography of the great jazzman. TB 3104.

Jones, Aled

Aled: the autobiography. 2005. Read by Craig Ryder, 8 hours 56 minutes. TB 15697.

Aled Jones achieved more as a teenager than many adults singers do in a lifetime. From 'Walking in the air' and multimillion album sales before he was sixteen, he has gone on to perform sell-out tours and has had a hugely successful broadcasting career fronting Songs of Praise and presenting on Classic FM. For the first time, Aled tells of his remarkable life - before and after his voice broke - in his honest-heart-warming and humorous autobiography. TB 15697.

Karajan, Herbert von

Herbert Von Karajan: my autobiography. 1989. Read by Peter Barker, 6 hours 34 minutes. TB 8046.

Herbert von Karajan has said in the foreword to this book "I can't write about myself, I can only talk about myself". Over the last three years he has spent countless hours talking to Franz Endler about his life and work - and these interviews form the basis of his autobiography. The result is a revealing insight into one of the world's greatest conductors. TB 8046.

Katona, Kerry

Too much, too young. 2007. Read by Kate Walsh, 8 hours 40 minutes. TB 16019.

This is the account of Kerry Katona's unique upbringing, and a woman's journey through pop stardom, motherhood, marriage heartbreak to a new beginning. From the backstreets of Warrington to the smoky pubs of the East End, from the shelters where victims of domestic violence hide, to the exclusive hotels where international pop stars party, this is Kerry's story. Contains strong language. TB 16019.

Kennedy, Michael

Richard Strauss. 1976. Read by Alvar Lidell, 11 hours 6 minutes. TB 2949.

The master musicians series. A biography of Richard Strauss which provides an appreciation of his music as well as an assessment of his life, including his controversial relationship with the Nazi regime. Strauss is best known as the composer of "Der Rosenkavalier" but he also wrote a number of symphonic works. TB 2949.

Landon, H C Robbins

Handel and his world. 1992. Read by Peter Barker, 13 hours 12 minutes. TB 9831.

In this scholarly, yet affectionate biography, a rare personal portrait emerges, from which we can sense Handel's extraordinary career and fame, poised between vital, and often lavish patronage, and his own independence, and even stubbornness. A fluent and engaging story, this book is an excellent introduction to Handel and his world. TB 9831.

Lunn, John Edward and Vaughan Williams, Ursula

Ralph Vaughan Williams: a pictorial biography. 1964. Read by Derek Chandler, 19 hours 54 minutes. TB 5529.

Vaughan Williams was at the centre of English musical events for much of his long life, and this biography by his widow uses material not previously available, creating a picture of a man of strong character and enormous energy. TB 5529.

Lutyens, Elisabeth

A goldfish bowl. 1972. Read by Gabriel Woolf, 13 hours 21 minutes. TB 2260.

The fascinating autobiography of one of our more famous contemporary composers. TB 2260.

Lynn, Vera

Some sunny day: my autobiography. 2009. Read by Diana Bishop, 7 hours 38 minutes. TB 16787.

Born Vera Welch on 20 March, 1917 in the East End of London, Dame Vera Lynn's career was set from an early age - along with her father, who also did a 'turn', she sang in Working Men's Clubs from just seven years old. She had a successful radio career with Joe Loss and Charlie Kunz in the 1920s and '30s, but it was with World War II that she became the iconic figure that captured the imagination of the national public. TB 16787.

Lynn, Vera

Vocal refrain: an autobiography. 1975. Read by Phyllis Boothroyd, 7 hours 31 minutes. TB 2897.

The Forces Sweetheart tells of her early life in East London, her rise to fame with Ambrose's band, and life as one of the great personalities of the war years. TB 2897.

Lyttelton, Humphrey

It just occurred to me... : the reminiscences & thoughts of Chairman Humph. 2007. Read by Peter Barker, 7 hours 3 minutes. TB 15452.

The legendary band leader and jazz trumpeter, broadcaster and humorist looks back at his extraordinarily rich and varied life and the many colourful characters he has known and played with - from Duke Ellington to Louis Armstrong. Contains strong language. TB 15452.

Lyttelton, Humphrey

Take it from the top: an autobiographical scrapbook. 1975. Read by Robert Gladwell, 5 hours 23 minutes. TB 3114.

In this autobiographical scrap-book, dedicated to the Duke (the 'patron saint of all touring jazzmen'), the author writes about all those things both he and Ellington loved - words, food, laughter and, above all, music. TB 3114.

Lyttelton, Humphrey

Why no Beethoven? 1984. Read by Robert Gladwell, 7 hours 28 minutes. TB 5360.

In 1974 the author began a day-to-day record of his band tours of Poland and the Middle East. The individual eccentricities of a jazz band on the road are highlighted against exotic landscapes and a wide variety of experiences. TB 5360.

Macdonald, Hugh

Berlioz. 1982. Read by Gretel Davis, 10 hours 22 minutes. TB 4588.

The first half of this book covers the life of Berlioz. In the second part Hugh Macdonald considers all known works of the composer from his early works in Paris as a medical student, through the romanticism of the 1830s to the more serene compositions of later life. TB 4588.

Maitland, Sara

Vesta Tilley. 1986. Read by Ray Jones, 5 hours. TB 6729.

Virago pioneers. For 40 years Vesta Tilley was the toast of the British music hall. Hers was a rags-to-riches story: born to a poor working-class family in the Midlands, she died a stage idol, a much-loved philanthropist and the wealthy and respected widow of a Conservative MP. Behind the fairytale lay a wit and daring that made her not so much mimic male fashions as create them as she played with the limits of her sexual differentiation cross-dressing and acting in drag. TB 6729.

Marek, George R

Gentle genius: the story of Felix Mendelssohn. 1972. Read by Alvar Lidell, 15 hours 59 minutes. TB 2320.

The life of Felix Mendelssohn, composer. TB 2320.

Meat Loaf

To hell and back: an autobiography. 2000. Read by Jeff Harding, 6 hours 56 minutes. TB 13396.

Meat Loaf is a living legend and this is his story, as bizarre as it is spectacular. He describes a cruel childhood; his experiences of success with the third best-selling album of all time; drink, drugs, bankruptcy and a nervous breakdown in the 1980s; and his triumphant return as a musical star. Contains strong language. TB 13396.

Melly, George

Scouse mouse, or, I never got over it: an autobiography. 1984. Read by David Rider, 7 hours 52 minutes. TB 5186.

Returning in time to the 1930s, a famous man of jazz recalls his early years in Liverpool. It was a middle-class childhood, peopled with saints, monsters and aunts. TB 5186.

Meneghini, Giovanni Battista

My wife Maria Callas. 1983. Read by William Abney, 11 hours 56 minutes. TB 4576.

The author was married to Maria Callas for the ten most interesting years of her musical life and the `boring old husband' provided a very necessary cosy orderliness in which that great talent could grow and flourish. TB 4576.

Menuhin, Diana

Fiddler's moll: life with Yehudi. 1984. Read by Pauline Munro, 10 hours 4 minutes. TB 5420.

An actress and dancer herself, Diana Gould gave up her own career when she married Yehudi Menuhin. Her story opens in a Registry Office shortly after the Second World War and ranges around the globe through many years of packing, travel and hotels. It is a life filled with interesting people and events. TB 5420.

Menuhin, Yehudi

Unfinished journey. 1977. Read by Alvar Lidell, 20 hours 4 minutes. TB 3143.

Autobiography of the famous violinist and conductor, revealing the ardours and inner complexities of his life and rise to fame. TB 3143.

Mercury, Freddie

Freddie Mercury: his life in his own words. 2008. Read by Greg Wagland, 5 hours 51 minutes. TB 16868.

This book takes us on the journey of Queen - three academics and a frustrated art student, tired of having no money, taking on the music industry on their own terms. Spurred on by an almost uncontrollable, ambitious and forthright Mercury, Queen succeeded, becoming the biggest band of the generations to come. The story, told in his own words shows how on many occasions, the band almost split, but was always kept together by their shared love of breaching musical boundaries. Freddie's own personal story is one of pursuing a dream, dealing with wealth and fame, looking back and having no regrets, coming to reflect on his thoughts on getting old, his legacy and death. Contains strong language. TB 16868.

Miles, Barry

Paul McCartney: many years from now. 1997. Read by David Thorpe, 23 hours 59 minutes. TB 11598.

Based on a combination of interviews over a period of five years, together with material from McCartney's own archives, this is an account of Paul's personal history. It includes his experiences whilst involved with the Beatles, and explores his relationship with John Lennon. Recalling the genesis of every song they wrote, McCartney talks in detail about how they worked together, and who was responsible for each line and melody. Contains strong language. TB 11598.

Miller, Stephen

Smart blonde: Dolly Parton. c2008. Read by Jeff Harding, 16 hours 22 minutes. TB 17986.

Dolly Parton is the most famous person ever to have emerged from the American country music scene with her iconic cartoon image - mountainous blonde wigs, pumped up breasts and dazzling outfits. This is the first new and substantial biography for over 15 years. This book includes interviews with family members, musicians and producers who have worked with her over the years. It includes a detailed assessment of her music, as a songwriter and singer over the last forty years. TB 17986.

Moore, Gerald

Am I too loud? Memoirs of an accompanist. 1962. Read by Robin Holmes, 10 hours 50 minutes. TB 861.

The memoirs of an accompanist introduce us to many world-famous musical virtuosos, with many amusing stories about them and their work. TB 861.

Moore, Gerald

Farewell recital: further memoirs. 1978. Read by Alvar Lidell, 8 hours 25 minutes. TB 3335.

In this further edition of memoirs the author writes with his customary insight about his master classes, lecture recitals and Schubert's Lieder. TB 3335.

Moore, Jerrold Northrop

Spirit of England: Edward Elgar in his world. 1984. Read by Patricia Hughes, 6 hours 8 minutes. TB 5595.

Many people feel that Elgar's music embodies the essence of England in its heyday before the First World War, especially in works such as "Land of Hope and Glory" and the "Enigma Variations". This book is an account of his relationship with his England, its society, countryside beauty, musical and national institutions, and tells of aspects of his life which were fundamental to his work. TB 5595.

Monro, Michele

The singer's singer: the life and music of Matt Monro. 2010. Read by Anna Harwich, 28 hours. TB 17414.

The story of one of Britain's most iconic singers, tracing Matt Monro's life from his poverty stricken upbringing in post-war Britain to his day job as London bus driver to the steady rise to fame that saw the singer battling the highs and lows of the entertainment industry to become one of Britain's best-loved entertainers. The Singer's Singer exposes the man behind the voice, telling the story of how Terry Parson overcame poverty, prejudice and alcoholism to arrive at the heart of the British entertainment industry as Matt Monro. Contains strong language. TB 17414.

Napier-Bell, Simon

Black vinyl, white powder. 2001. Read by Tim Bruce, 14 hours 5 minutes. TB 13421.

The author uses his wealth of contacts and extraordinary personal experiences to chart the incredible story of an industry that has become like no other. Where bad or irrational behaviour is not only tolerated but encouraged; where drugs are sometimes as important as talent; where artists allow themselves to be pushed to their physical and mental limits in the name of profit and ego. Unsuitable for family reading. TB 13421.

Norman, Philip

John Lennon: the life. Volume 1. 2009. Read by Russell Boulter, 18 hours 31 minutes. TB 17073.

John Lennon, the iconic songwriter, composer and one quarter of The Beatles was also the founding member. The book's hundreds of key informants and interviewees include Sir Paul McCartney, Sir George Martin, Neil Aspinall, Sean Lennon, and Yoko Ono, who speaks about the inner workings of her marriage to John. TB 17073.

Norman, Philip

John Lennon: the life. Volume 2. 2009. Read by Russell Boulter, 14 hours 9 minutes. TB 17074.

John Lennon, the iconic songwriter, composer and one quarter of The Beatles was also the founding member. The book's hundreds of key informants and interviewees include Sir Paul McCartney, Sir George Martin, Neil Aspinall, Sean Lennon, and Yoko Ono, who speaks about the inner workings of her marriage to John. TB 17074.

Norman, Philip

Shout! the true story of the Beatles. 1981. Read by Brian Perkins, 19 hours 10 minutes. TB 4171.

This is a factual account of the lives of the four boys who started as a Liverpool singing group and became one of the most famous groups in the world. TB 4171.

Norman, Philip

The Stones. 2002. Read by Peter Wickham, 17 hours 57 minutes. TB 16788.

The story of The Rolling Stones - the band's rise, the Marianne Faithfull, Brian Jones and Altamont scandals, the groundbreaking hits - is the stuff of twentieth century legend, and core to popular culture. Contains strong language. TB 16788.

Ockelford, Adam

In the key of genius: the extraordinary life of Derek Paravicini. 2007. Read by Peter Barker, 8 hours 44 minutes. TB 14961.

Derek Paravicini is blind, doesn't know his fingers from his thumbs and needs round-the-clock care. But he has an extremely rare gift - he is a musical prodigy who amazes all who hear him play. Born prematurely, weighing just 1lb 5oz, he remained in hospital for three months and technically "died" several times before finally growing strong enough to go home. It was not long before his blindness became apparent, and as he grew older, it also became clear that he had severe learning difficulties and autism as well. Music proved to be an outlet not only for expressing himself, but for communicating with others - his way of dealing with a strange and confusing world. TB 14961.

Osbourne, Sharon

Extreme: my autobiography. 2005. Read by Annie Aldington, 11 hours 41 minutes. TB 15192.

A devoted wife and mother, businesswoman, TV star and award-winning producer, Sharon Osbourne has, in her own words, 'lived fifty lives in fifty years'. From her extraordinary childhood as the daughter of infamous rock manager Don Arden, to managing and marrying rock legend Ozzy Osbourne, to her own rising fame on shows such as "The Osbournes" and "The X-Factor", Sharon Osbourne has experienced tremendous highs and devastating lows. She has earned her reputation by overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles with her honesty, charm, sense of humour, great instincts, and keen eye for business. Now she will reveal the truth behind the headlines. Contains strong language. TB 15192.

Osbourne, Sharon

Survivor. 2007. Read by Annie Aldington, 7 hours 20 minutes. TB 16147.

Sequel to: Extreme. In this second instalment of her autobiography, Sharon Osbourne reveals the secrets and heartbreak behind the headlines, along with the love and humour that have pulled her through. From the recent sad loss of her father, to her experiences as a judge on number 1 hit shows The X Factor and America's Got Talent, to the further jaw-dropping adventures and dramas in the Osbourne family, Sharon tells it like it really is. Contains strong language. TB 16147.

Parrott, Jasper

Beyond frontiers. 1984. Read by Brian Perkins, 8 hours 34 minutes. TB 5564.

Now world famous as a pianist and a conductor, the young 26-year-old Ashkenazy kept such a low profile when he defected to the West in 1963 that Khruschev was able to say "Let's give him permission to stay as long as he wants. That way he will always be able to return". But the account of the leaving makes chilling reading, and he has not returned. TB 5564.

Miller, Stephen

Smart blonde: Dolly Parton. c2008. Read by Jeff Harding, 16 hours 22 minutes. TB 17986.

Dolly Parton is the most famous person ever to have emerged from the American country music scene with her iconic cartoon image - mountainous blonde wigs, pumped up breasts and dazzling outfits. This is the first new and substantial biography for over 15 years. This book includes interviews with family members, musicians and producers who have worked with her over the years. It includes a detailed assessment of her music, as a songwriter and singer over the last forty years. TB 17986.

Pearsall, Ronald

Edwardian popular music. 1975. Read by John Richmond, 5 hours 56 minutes. TB 2853.

A look at typical Edwardian music: musical comedy and ragtime and the technological advances influencing the music of the time. TB 2853.

Peel, John

Margrave of the marshes. 2005. Read by Johnathan Oliver, Joan Walker and Peter Kenny, 12 hours 40 minutes. TB 14768.

The first half of the book, written by John describes his early life, from child to man, including his school and National Service. The second section written by his wife Shelia, completes the story, providing an intimate portrait of the man and his music, and the highs and lows of everyday life at their home in Suffolk. Contains strong language. TB 14768.

Pettitt, Stephen

Dennis Brain: a biography. 1976. Read by Alvar Lidell, 7 hours 46 minutes. TB 3184.

Biography of the great horn player whose music delighted thousands before his tragic death at the age of 36. TB 3184.

Peyser, Joan

Leonard Bernstein. 1987. Read by Brian Perkins, 17 hours 39 minutes. TB 8019.

This impressively researched biography gives a frank and objective study of this most brilliant and charismatic of composers/conductors, whose work is a major pillar of 20th century music. Revealing and enthralling, this book depicts all aspects of the life and work of its internationally known subject. TB 8019.

Piaf, Edith

My life. 1990. Read by Gretel Davis, 4 hours 56 minutes. TB 8871.

"By the time I die, so much will have been said about me that no one will know any longer what kind of person I was". Told in her own words, this is the dramatic, often tragic story of the legendary Edith Piaf. In her notes Margaret Crosland corrects half-truths and fills in details Piaf chose to omit, making this the definitive account of a remarkable life. TB 8871.

Pound, Reginald

Sir Henry Wood: a biography. 1969. Read by William Jack, 11 hours 31 minutes. TB 1082.

A biography of the great conductor which gives a new dimension to his enormous achievements and an insight into the life of the man whose name has become permanently linked with the Proms. TB 1082.

Previn, Andre

Music face to face. 1971. Read by George Hagan, 4 hours 47 minutes. TB 4364.

Conversations between two famous musicians, Previn and Antony Hopkins. TB 4364.

Race, Steve

Dear music lover. 1981. Read by Steve Race, 3 hours 33 minutes. TB 3921.

The author writes to a variety of imaginary friends about music and his great love of it. TB 3921.

Reed, William Henry

Elgar as I knew him. 1936. Read by Alvar Lidell, 5 hours 15 minutes. TB 2265.

William Reed, former Leader of the London Symphony Orchestra and one of Elgar's closest friends from 1910 until his death, was first encouraged to write this biography by George Bernard Shaw. The result is an informal and spontaneous portrait of the classical composer's personality and working methods, through his years of composing the Second Symphony, "Falstaff" and the violin and cello concertos. TB 2265.

Reid, Charles

Malcolm Sargent: a biography. 1968. Read by Alvar Lidell, 22 hours 42 minutes. TB 638.

An affectionate biography of the great conductor whose art and personality captured the imagination of music lovers the world over. TB 638.

Reid, Charles

John Barbirolli: a biography. 1971. Read by Alvar Lidell, 22 hours 11 minutes. TB 1658.

The biography of the man who began his musical career as a prodigy cellist and went on to become one of the most famous conductors of his time. TB 1658.

Ribowsky, Mark

Signed, sealed, and delivered: the soulful journey of Stevie Wonder. 2010. Read by Peter Brooke, 14 hours 2 minutes. TB 17812.

This book takes an in-depth look at Stevie Wonder's life and his evolution from kid-soul pop star into a mature artist whose music helped lay the groundwork for the evolution of hip hop and rap. TB 17812.

Rosenthal, Harold

My mad world of opera. 1982. Read by George Hagan, 10 hours 37 minutes. TB 4519.

The editor of 'Opera', a magazine which has played an important part in the spread and development of post-war music in Britain, writes of this 'mad world' over the last thirty years, and of his dream of a resident British company at Covent Garden singing an English repertoire. TB 4519.

Rubinstein, Arthur

My young years. 1973. Read by Gabriel Woolf, 21 hours 38 minutes. TB 4720.

One of the most distinguished musicians of this century writes of his early years up to the age of thirty - in his own words 'the struggles, the adventures, and... the miraculous beauty and happiness of my young years.' TB 4720.

Russell, Ross

Bird lives! the high life and the hard time of Charlie Yardbird Parker. 1972. Read by Marvin Kane, 13 hours 12 minutes. TB 2442.

This is the story of the brief tempestuous life of the famous jazz musician. TB 2442.

Schwarzkopf, Elisabeth

On and off the record: a memoir of Walter Legge. 1982. Read by Brian Perkins, 10 hours 29 minutes. TB 4564.

This is a memoir of Walter Legge who was a producer in EMI and a manager of the Philharmonia. The introduction includes twelve articles by Legge in which he writes of his work with such great artists as Klemperer, Beecham, Karajan and Lotte Lehmann. TB 4564.

Secrest, Meryle

Somewhere for me: a biography of Richard Rodgers. 2001. Read by Liza Ross, 16 hours 45 minutes. TB 13371.

The life of composer Richard Rodgers encapsulates the very essence of New York and London high society during the first half of the twentieth century. His twenty-five-year collaboration with Lorenz Hart gave rise to songs that will live forever such as 'The Lady is a Tramp' and 'Blue Moon'. Later he collaborated with Oscar Hammerstein II and together they wrote musicals such as 'The Sound of Music' and 'South Pacific'. TB 13371.

Shore, Bernard

The orchestra speaks. 1938. Read by Alvar Lidell, 6 hours 18 minutes. TB 13000.

Sketches of musical life by a great viola player. TB 13000.

Shostakovich, D

Testimony: the memoirs of Dmitri Shostakovich. 1981. Read by Derek Chandler, 15 hours 34 minutes. TB 5419.

The Russian composer looks back over his life, recalling such musicians, artists and writers as Prokofiev, Stravinsky, Glazunov, Meyerhold and Anna Akhmatova. His meeting with Stalin was momentous. However, he reserved his deepest scorn for visiting Western liberals like Bernard Shaw who refused to recognise the truth about Stalin's tyranny. TB 5419.

Siepmann, Jeremy

Chopin: the reluctant romantic. 1995. Read by Nigel Graham, 8 hours 15 minutes. TB 12477.

Drawing on correspondence, diaries and friends of the composer, the author sets Chopin's colourful life against the turbulent times in which he lived. He examines Chopin's various amorous encounters, and discusses each area of his prodigious output. TB 12477.

Spiegl, Fritz

Music through the looking glass: a very personal kind of dictionary of musicians' jargon, shop-talk and nicknames; and a mine of information about musical curiosities, strange instruments, word origins, odd facts, orchestral players' love and wicked stories about the music profession. 1984. Read by Peter Barker, 13 hours 52 minutes. TB 6235.

Stancioff, Nadia

Maria Callas remembered. 1988. Read by Pauline Munro, 8 hours 41 minutes. TB 7408.

Maria Callas once said to the author: "If I should die before you ... I want you to tell people what I am really like". That request has now been carried out - the book tells of the violent, unpredictable, warm-hearted, charming woman known to such a close friend. This is the prima donna who could give an impromptu concert of Beatles hits and Mexican ballads, the woman who suffered the loss of her lover, Onassis - and weathered it. TB 7408.

Stanley-Clarke, Jenny

Kylie: naked. 2002. Read by Erica Grant, 6 hours 40 minutes. TB 13142.

Kylie Minogue is an icon to millions of fans who have followed her remarkable career from the Australian soap "Neighbours" through Stock, Aitken and Waterman to her current disco revival at the top of the charts. This is a biography of the antipodean pop princess. TB 13142.

Stassinopoulos Huffington, Arianna

Maria: beyond the Callas legend. 1980. Read by Gretel Davis, 18 hours 6 minutes. TB 3814.

Portrait of the great operatic star, Maria Callas, a remarkable woman and of her world and terrible struggles within her. TB 3814.

Steele, Tommy

Bermondsey boy: memories of a forgotten world. 2007. Read by David Graham, 12 hours 20 minutes. TB 15950.

In this memoir Tommy recalls his childhood years growing up in Bermondsey. He relives with great fondness Saturdays as a young boy, spent gazing at the colourful posters for the Palladium and days wandering up Tower Bridge Road to Joyce's Pie Shop for pie and mash. But he also brings to life with extraordinary vividness what it was like to live through the devastation of the Blitz. Yet it was once he joined the merchant navy and began singing and performing for his fellow seaman that his natural ability as an entertainer marked him out as a favourite. Contains strong language. TB 15950.

Stewart, Chris

A parrot in the pepper tree. 2002. Read by Chris Stewart, 6 hours 47 minutes. TB 15021.

Sequel to: Driving over lemons, TB 12274. Chris Stewart continues his account of life on a remote Andalusian farm. He takes a look back at his previous lives - drumming with Genesis and in a circus, shearing sheep in Sweden and heading off to Spain to learn flamenco guitar. TB 15021.

Taraborrelli, J Randy

Sinatra: the man behind the myth. 1997. Read by Garrick Hagon, 30 hours 34 minutes. TB 11515.

The explosive biography of one of the world's most controversial entertainers, taking the reader deep inside the private life and affairs of this complex, emotional man. The author provides details of his many tempestuous romances and relationships; the feud between Frank and his daughter, Nancy; his loss of memory which affected his later performance; his ties with the underworld; and his influence in American politics and history. Contains strong language. TB 11515.

Taraborrelli, J Randy

Madonna: an intimate biography. 2001. Read by John Chancer, 17 hours. TB 13149.

This biography of Madonna is the result of ten years of exclusive interviews with people who are speaking publicly for the first time, including close friends, business associates and even family members. J. Randy Taraborrelli has also interviewed the star herself on numerous occasions and he draws on these first-hand experiences to bring Madonna to life as not merely a tabloid delight, but as a flesh-and-blood woman with human foibles and weaknesses, as well as great strengths and ambitions. Contains strong language. TB 13149.

Taylor, Alistair

Yesterday: the Beatles remembered. 1988. Read by David Rider, 8 hours 32 minutes. TB 7779.

In a series of letters to an imaginary friend and fan, by the name of Michelle, Alistair Taylor, Personal Assistant to the Beatles manager, the late Brian Epstein, tells of the inside story with original authenticity. He tells of the rise to fame, the good times, the depression and death of his manager and his time as manager of Apple. TB 7779.

Tillis, Malcolm

Chords and discords: the life of an orchestral musician. 1960. Read by Alvar Lidell, 9 hours 15 minutes. TB 87.

The author tells of the five years he spent as a member of the Halle Orchestra. TB 87.

Tracy, Sheila

Bands, booze and broads. 1995. Read by Sheila Tracy, 10 hours 18 minutes. TB 10612.

The author talks to over 60 Americans who played with the most famous big bands. They related their incredible experiences of life on the road where the pressure to party every night was enormous. Swing music's huge popularity brought them wild adulation and for many drugs and alcohol were the only way to keep up. They tell their own stories, making this book an insight into a remarkable period of musical history. TB 10612.

Trapp, Maria Augusta

The sound of music. 1953. Read by Syd Ralph, 11 hours 4 minutes. TB 4639.

The true story of a young Austrian girl who brought love and music to a lonely widower and his large family. When the Nazis invaded Austria the Von Trapp family made a dramatic escape across the mountains. TB 4639.

Trend, Michael

The music makers: heirs and rebels of the English musical renaissance from Edward Elgar to Benjamin Britten. 1985. Read by Derek Chandler, 13 hours 12 minutes. TB 6016.

Michael Trend explores the "English musical renaissance" and the composers who brought it about. He uncovers the lives and careers of the giants of English music - Elgar, Delius, Holst, Vaughan Williams, Bliss, Walton, Tippett and Britten - and of their frequently eccentric contemporaries. TB 6016.

Turner, Steve

Cliff Richard: the biography. 1993. Read by Paul Jones, 10 hours. TB 11928.

With chart success second only to Elvis Presley, Cliff Richard's success and appeal are indisputable. Five decades into his career, his popularity is greater now than it has ever been. Yet, this full-scale, authorised biography scrutinises more than just the music. Steve Turner takes us behind the events of Cliff's life to discover the people, stories and tensions which have shaped the star today. His beliefs and convictions have also created interest and here his Christian faith, his outspoken view on moral matters and the issue of his celibacy are all investigated. TB 11928.

Turner, Steve

The man called Cash: the life, love and faith of an American legend. 2006. Read by Phil Shaw, 10 hours 52 minutes. TB 16875.

Country music singer-songwriter Johnny Cash is an icon to people of all ages the world over. In Cash's first ever authorised biography, Steve Turner sifts the man from the legend and presents an unflinchingly honest picture. TB 16875.

Walker, Johnnie

The autobiography. 2008. Read by Robin Houston and Jacqueline King, 13 hours 41 minutes. TB 16157.

Young Johnnie Walker was obsessed with music and loved to share that passion. So it wasn't long after he'd started DJing in dance halls and pubs around his Solihull home that he got his big break: he talked his way into a slot with newly founded private station Radio England - and launched his incredible career. Here, he tells of forty years at the heart of British broadcasting, stints that involved working on the legendary Radio Caroline, BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 2; of the stars and musicians he's met and worked with; of how he won the hearts of his listeners and of his devotion to pioneering new music. Johnnie also speaks candidly about the personal challenges he's faced: divorce, exile and his very public struggles with drug addiction and cancer. Contains strong language. TB 16157.

Wall, Mick

When giants walked the Earth: a biography of Led Zeppelin. 2009. Read by Andy Love, 19 hours 57 minutes. TB 17412.

Mick Wall tells the story of the band that wrote the rulebook for on-the-road excess - and eventually paid the price for it, with disaster, drug addiction and death. Wall also recounts the life stories of the five individuals that made the dream of Led Zeppelin into reality: Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, John Bonham, and their infamous manager, Peter Grant. Contains strong language. TB 17412.

Walton, Susana

William Walton: behind the facade. 1988. Read by Patricia Hughes, 10 hours 7 minutes. TB 8024.

Argentina, 1948. William Walton, rising genius of English music, arrives to attend a conference of the Performing Rights Society. Miss Susana Gil, the daughter of an Argentine lawyer has organised a press conference. After two weeks he and Miss Gil were engaged. Walton's instinct did not fail him in his choice of bride, for Susana proved to be the ideal partner. TB 8024.

Williams, Robbie

Somebody someday. 2001. Read by David Thorpe, 6 hours. TB 13335.

This biography of Robbie Williams reveals the character behind the headlines, the genius behind the fact, the lifestyle behind the closed doors. Contains strong language. TB 13335.

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