Monthly Status Report Priority Projects & Upcoming Events September 2015

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Monthly Status Report Priority Projects & Upcoming Events September 2015

Upcoming Events


Date, Time


Event Contact

Weblink / other Info

Regional Transportation Providers / Mobility Management Meeting

September 1, 2015

11:30 am – 1:30 pm

Mecklenburg County DSS

3205 Freedom Drive

Charlotte, NC

Michelle Nance (704) 348-2709

Rural transportation providers and municipal transit system providers meet to discuss coordination and issues of mutual concern.

NCWorks Incumbent Worker Training Grant Information Session

September 3, 2015 10:00 AM

Gaston College – Lincoln Campus

Vail Carter,

Living Healthy Leader Training

September 3-4 and 10-11, 2015


Annette Demeny (704) 348-2736

Region F Aging Advisory Committee Meeting and

Senior Tar heel Legislature Meeting

September 10, 2015

10 am to 3 pm


Linda Miller

National Drive Electric Week Events

Week of September 14th

• Charlotte Ride-and Drive at the Charlotte-Meck Government Center

• DC Fast Charger Grand Opening – Dallas

• DC Fast Charger Grand Opening – Wadesboro

• Electric Vehicle Celebration - NC Transportation Museum in Spencer

Erika Ruane (704) 688-6508

During the week of September 14th, four events were held in the region to celebrate National Drive Electric Week. Local and state elected officials attended the events, including Rep. Bill Brawley and Sen. Tom McInnis, in addition to residents, business owners, and local government staff.

NCWorks Incumbent Worker Training Grant Information Session

September 15, 2015

10:00 AM

Stanly Community College – Groves Building (Downtown Albemarle)

Vail Carter,

Metrolina Falls Prevention Coalition Falls Awareness Expo

September 16, 2015 (9 am-1 pm) and

October 21, 2015

(9 am-1 pm)

Levine Senior Center in Matthews and

St. Mark Catholic Church in Huntersville

Annette Demeny

Living Healthy with Diabetes Leader Cross-Training

September 17-18, 2015


Annette Demeny (704) 348-2736

Centralina WDB NEXGEN Council

September 17, 2015, 10:00 AM

Rowan Cabarrus Community College – South Campus – Concord

Solomon McAuley,

Centralina AAA Regional Community Service Providers


September 17, 2015

9:30 am


Linda Miller

Regional Conference of Mayors Meeting

September 17, 2015


Michelle Nance (704) 348-2709

Emily Parker (704) 688-6507

The Regional Conference of Mayors heard a legislative update from the NCLM and a presentation on trends in public safety (police and fire).

ADA and Long Term Care: Are You in Compliance?

September 30, 2015

Rufty-Holmes Senior Center – Salisbury

Patricia Cowan

Planning for Healthy Communities Conference

September 30, 2015

9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Mooresville Citizens Center

Michelle Nance (704) 348-2709

Third annual gathering of over 100 planners, park and recreation officials, public health professionals, elected officials, etc. for training on the built environment, active living, and healthy food.

2015 Annual CAAA Aging Conference

October 30, 2015

Friendship Missionary Baptist Church Charlotte

Hillary Kaylor (704) 348-2724

County Managers Group

November 5, 2015


Emily Parker (704) 688-6507


Federal Highway Administration Freight Peer Exchange

November 13, 2015

CPCC Harris Campus

Jessica Hill

FHWA Freight Peer Exchange and Capacity building event, bringing in peers from Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky MPO and the South Florida MPO, to understand how they linked freight to economic development and tied to rural areas.

CCOG Regional Conference

December 3, 2015

Gastonia Conference Center

145 South Marietta Street

Gastonia, NC

Kelly Weston (704) 348-2728

CCOG’s second annual regional conference featuring creative solutions and practical tools for local governments working to build stronger communities.

Priority CCOG Initiatives Summary (see following pages for more detailed update)

A. Economic/Workforce Development

1. Career Headlight

2. Advanced Industries

3. Brownfield Redevelopment
B. Water

1. Regional Water Plan
C. Transportation

1. Regional Freight

2. Transportation Demand Management

3. Intelligent Transportation Systems

4. Transit Planning

5. Coordinated Transportation Planning

6. Volunteer Transportation Services

7. MPO/RPO Coordination

D. Quality of Life

1. Community-Based Housing Strategies

2. Housing Data Sets

3. Downtown Redevelopment

4. Health Promotion

5. Healthy Communities



Focus Area – A. Economic/Workforce Development


Staff Contact

Current Status / Accomplished

Next Steps / Target Dates

  1. Career Headlight

David Hollars,

Working with community partners for Career Headlight and NCWorks training sessions.

Contact local school systems and community colleges to determine current usage of Career Headlight and identify additional staff training needed. Submit requests to area colleges and universities for updated information on course offerings for Summer and Fall 2015.

  1. Advanced Industries

Mike Manis,

IMCP One CHAMPION Launch June 11

IMCP 2 Grant Non-Award Status June 30 notice

CHAMPION Regional events

New Federal IMCP Round Two April 2015

  1. Brownfield Redevelopment

Mike Manis,

Brownfield Greyfield Redevelopment Financing Toolkit Final presentations to CONNECT Program and Policy Forums in November

FY 2015-16 Grant prep alignment underway w\ EPA Top priority for Fall 2015 application

Focus Area – B. Water Resources


Staff Contact

Current Status / Accomplished

Next Steps / Target Dates

1. Regional Water Plan

Jason Wager,

Centralina staff, through an interdepartmental 5-person team, are focused in two major areas currently: 1) pursuit and cultivation of funding sources and partners that could support the process to develop a regional water plan document and 2) engagement of regional stakeholders regarding the need for this work and how to best achieve success

Continue to clarify process and outcomes with sub-group of previously convened Thought Leaders. Updated approach developed and vetted throughout early 2015. Identify resources to carry out the development of a long-term regional water strategy, convene a cross-basin network of stakeholders, and provide meaningful education to support a shared understanding of the issues we face.

Focus Area – C. Transportation


Staff Contact

Current Status / Accomplished

Next Steps / Target Dates

  1. Regional Freight

Jessica Hill

Freight Coordinating Committee (MPO, DOT, and FHWA staff) has met twice.

Steering Committee had first meeting on September 23, 2015.

Additional funding received from NC State Ports Authority.

November 13 – FHWA Freight Peer Exchange and Capacity building event, bringing in peers from Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky MPO and the South Florida MPO, to understand how they linked freight to economic development and tied to rural areas.

CDM Smith working on existing conditions analysis.

  1. Transportation Demand Management

Planning staff attending a workshop sponsored by the NCDOT Public Transportation Division that will support our region’s ability to develop broader Regional Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Framework to guide next steps towards creating a Regional TDM Plan/Strategy.

Will continue to work with several regional planners, transit, and air quality partners on collaboration opportunities for building a TDM Plan/Strategy in the region

  1. Intelligent Transportation Systems

Integrating ITS into Freight Study

  1. Transit Planning

Michelle Nance,

Meetings with CATS staff regarding collaboration on the regional transit operations plan.

Innovation Corridors meeting with federal and state agencies to develop framework for regional transit.

Developing action steps for Innovation Corridors with federal, state, and local partners.

  1. Coordinated Transportation Planning

Michelle Nance,

Blair Israel,

Regional CommunityViz project set up with CRTPO, GCLMPO, and RR RPO to develop replicable, consistent, and documented process for developing and allocating socioeconomic data for the Travel Demand Model.

Administered NC 73 Council of Planning March 9 meeting and follow-up.

Updating CONNECT data for Regional CommunityViz project.

Develop proposal for paid services for the NC 73 Council of Planning.

  1. Volunteer Transportation Services

Katie Kutcher,

Blair Israel,

Grant developed for the Cabarrus-Rowan Urbanized Area to administer mobility management and VTS.

Analysis maps generated: Veteran Mobility Needs, Medical Trips

Grant writing currently underway for FY17 VTS and mobility management work through NCDOT.

  1. Mobility Management

Michelle Nance,

CCOG convened regional transit leaders on September 1 in Charlotte to receive updates from NCDOT public transit division and to discuss staff training efficiencies

The next Mobility Management meeting is December 1.

Grant writing currently underway for FY17 VTS and mobility management work through NCDOT.

  1. MPO/RPO Coordination

Michelle Nance,

CRTPO stakeholder group provided recommendations to align CONNECT outcomes with the next CRTPO long range plan.

CCOG staff presents current projects at the regional CRAFT meetings (Freight, CommunityViz, Innovation Corridors).

Next CRAFT meeting is September 29 – Freight and CommunityViz presentations.

  1. Regional Bicycle & Pedestrian Planning

Blair Israel,

CCOG continues to work with Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization (CRTPO) Bicycle and Pedestrian Work Group.

CCOG serving on steering committee of Bike!Cornelius planning project.

Next TAP meeting scheduled for July 9.

Next Bike!Cornelius Steering Committee meeting schedule TBD, Summer, 2015.

  1. Centralina Clean Fuels Coalition (CCFC), USDOE Clean Cities

Jason Wager,

In fulfilling its mission of reducing dependence on petroleum, the coalition focuses on projects that reduce costs to operate fleets, offer greater resiliency in times of fuel related emergencies, invest in domestic fuels and technologies, and that provide air quality benefits. Staff serves as one of 7 nationally selected Clean Cities Mentoring coalitions (among ~100) to grow program effectiveness through exchange of best practices (recent projects include South Florida, Vermont, and San Francisco Clean Cities coalitions).

Continued coordination with DOE National Clean Fleets Partnership where possible to augment local freight planning activities. Completed Annual Report for 2014 for our region, allowing DOE to provide national policymakers with locally verified metrics regarding gallons of petroleum displaced for improved resource allocation decision-making. Staff attending workshop in Washington DC that will focus on innovative strategies for unlocking new private sector investment in alternative fuel vehicles and infrastructure that can benefit public and private sector alike (July 2015)

Focus Area – D. Quality of Life


Staff Contact

Current Status / Accomplished

Next Steps / Target Dates

  1. Community-Based Housing Strategies

Emily Parker,

CCOG staff continues to work with staff and elected officials from the Town of Mooresville on a locally-based housing strategy pilot program for their community. Phase 1 open house completed. Housing data consultant secured.

Planning for a Phase 2 public engagement process including visual preference survey.

  1. Housing Data Sets

  1. Downtown Statesville Development Project

Blair Israel,

Emily Parker,

Developer selected by City Council.

Preliminary development agreement secured.

Working with developer on historic preservation credits.

  1. Health Promotion

Linda Miller,

  1. Centralina submitted the application to become a Medicare provider on February 10, 2015.

  2. Centralina will submit an application to become certified as an American Association of Diabetes Educators agency in the next 60 days.

  3. CCOG planning and aging staffs continue to meet to assess and plan for the possibility of a Centralina Center for Health and Wellness to expand planning activities on community health initiatives and evidence-based health programs. The group will meet every other week as we move forward.

  1. Ongoing

  2. Target date for the first Medicare certified Diabetes Self-Management workshop is September 2015.

  3. Medicare application submitted in February 2015 is still pending approval. Cannot be approved until September workshop has been conducted.

  4. Application must be resubmitted as it cannot be submitted any sooner than 90 days prior to first Medicare activity. CAAA staff has scheduled the first class for September in Gaston County.

  5. Registration process currently in place for the September workshop in Gaston County. This includes a referral process from the attendee’s physician.

  6. The first Diabetes Initiative Advisory Committee meeting was held in August with 10 people present. This is a requirement for Medicare and AADE approval.

  1. Healthy Communities

Michelle Nance,

Conference date set for September 30, 2015 in Mooresville. Over 100 persons signed up to attend.

  1. Food Systems

Blair Israel,


Michelle Nance,

Held CONNECT Consortium meeting in August.

Outreach to organizations and agencies regarding funding for CONNECT implementation.

Presentations on CONNECT deliverables and outcomes.

Proposal for attending additional council and commission meetings to present CONNECT findings.

Developing the Innovation Corridors concept as a major project implementation from CONNECT.

Services to Members Summary

Services to Members Summary






Mecklenburg County CDBG Entitlement Program

Centralina prepares CDBG Comprehensive Plan and provides annual grant administration services for Mecklenburg County on approximately $600,000 annual entitlement allocation for community projects.

Monthly Timeliness report due 10th of every month

Victoria Rittenhouse, James Luster

June 2014-

June 2017

PY 13 Mecklenburg County 2013

Buckley Way Rd

Town of Matthews Street Construction project funded in FY 13 – 14


- Planning revision Status

- ER Complete

James Luster

Winter\Spring 2015

PY 14 Mecklenburg County 2014

Crestdale Heritage Trail Project

Town of Matthews trail projects funded in FY 14 – 15. (Land Acquisition – two lots)


Property acquisition in process \ compete in April 2015

James Luster

April, 2015

PY 13 Mecklenburg County

Habitat for Humanity Matthews

Habitat lot acquisition project.


Pending sub recipient approval to proceed from Meck County.

Acquisition schedule to be implemented in Spring 2015

James Luster

March 2015

PY 13 Mecklenburg County Walkers Ferry Rd. Phase III

Charlotte Mecklenburg Utilities –

Walkers Ferry Road Waterline Extension project.


-Construction started in Nov

-Construction Completion in Feb. 2015

James Luster

Feb 2015

PY 14 Mecklenburg County Ada Jenkins Ctr. Phase I

Facilities Renovation – ADA Modifications Phase I


-Complete construction Dec. 31, 2014

Victoria Rittenhouse

December 2014

PY 14 Mecklenburg County Ada Jenkins Phase II

Facilities Renovation – ADA Modifications Phase II


-Project underway

Victoria Rittenhouse

April 2015

PY 14 Mecklenburg County Walkers Ferry Rd. Phase IV

Charlotte Mecklenburg Utilities –

Walkers Ferry Road Waterline Extension project.


ER Complete

Amendment needed

James Luster

April 2015

FY 14 Our Towns Habitat

Housing Rehab ($98,350)

ER Complete

Agreements Signed

Victoria Rittenhouse

June 2015

PY 14 Mecklenburg County –Cornelius Sidewalk Renovation

East Cornelius Sidewalk construction project.


Award Contract – 12/15/14

Start Construction – Jan/15

Complete Construction – 6/15/15

James Luster

June 2015

PY 14 Mecklenburg County Our Towns Habitat For Humanity: Cardinal Court

Our Towns Habitat – Lot Acquisition for construction of single family home.


Complete Construction – 6/15/15

James Luster

June 2015


FY 14-15

DENR Infrastructure

Town of Morven, Infrastructure Improvement Project (CDBG) (Up to $3 Million)

Non-Award notice received Dec 17, 2014. Updating app details.

DENR Application re-submitted on March 31, 2015

James Luster

June 2015


(Enforcement and Inspections)

FY 14-15

Albemarle Code

Albemarle CODE Enforcement focuses on bringing deteriorated residential structures into compliance with the City’s Minimum Housing Code

Initiated enforcement actions on the City’s FY 14-15 target property list

James Luster


FY 14-15

Town of Weddington

Weddington’s CODE Enforcement focused on Minimum Housing Code, Zoning and Nuisance Ordinance.

Began Code Enforcement Activities (July 2014)

Sam Leggett


FY 14-15

Town of Stanley

Stanley’s CODE Enforcement focuses on Minimum Housing Code, Zoning and Nuisance Ordinance.

Initiated Code Enforcement activity in June 2014.

Sam Leggett


FY 14-15

Town of Ranlo

Ranlo’s CODE Enforcement focuses on Minimum Housing Code, Zoning and Nuisance Ordinance.

This is an on-call / as needed service.

Sam Leggett


FY 14-15

Town of Kannapolis

Kannapolis CDBG Housing Rehab Inspection and Code Services - 4 Housing units Technical Services

CDBG Scattered Site Housing rehab units under Kannapolis entitlement funding. Assisted City in implementing and completing grant rehab work.

James Luster, Sam Leggett


FY 14-15

Belmont CDC in

Charlotte NC

Housing Rehab Inspection and Code Services – 2 Housing units Technical Services

Assisted Belmont CDC neighborhood organization in implementing and completing single family rehab work for two units.

Victoria Rittenhouse, Sam Leggett



(Drug and Alcohol Testing Program)

FY 14-15 Albemarle DATP Program

Centralina CED provides Drug and Alcohol Testing (DATP) services for the City of Albemarle.

Random listing of employees scheduled for testing each quarter.

James Luster


FY 14-15 Lincoln County CDL Program

Centralina CED provides Drug and Alcohol Testing (DATP) services for CDL employees of Lincoln County

Centralina schedules quarterly testing

James Luster


FY14-15 Lincoln County

Centralina has provides DATP services for Lincoln

Centralina schedules quarterly testing

James Luster


FY 14-15 Town of Mooresville DATP program

Centralina provides Drug and Alcohol Testing (DATP) services for Town of Mooresville.

Centralina schedules quarterly testing.

James Luster


FY 14-15 City of Statesville DATP Program

Centralina provides Drug and Alcohol Testing (DATP) services for the City of Statesville.

Centralina schedules quarterly testing.

James Luster


Projects, Initiatives, etc.

Regional efforts incorporation all CCOG counties


Investing in Manufacturing Community Partnership EDA Strategy Planning Grant – Sept 2013- Sept 2015

Presentation made to IMCP Partners CEDC Board on March 19.

Supply\Value Chain Project complete from Consultant April 20. Six

month Grant extension approved to maximize plan output.

Mike Manis

Victoria Rittenhouse


IMCP April 2015 Designation Round

Investing in Manufacturing Community Partnership National designation competition Round Two for 12 new designees – April 1 Deadline.

Submitted Global Charlotte Manufacturing Consortium Energy Sector\Advanced Industries application on April 1. Partners lead included E4 Carolinas and Siemens\FMC Lithium\and Steag.

Mike Manis

Apr 1- June 30, 2015

Career Headlight

Jobs\Workforce\Education Alignment Tool – Web portal

Marketing activity evaluations on going

Victoria Rittenhouse Mike Manis


Lumina Foundation Community Partnership for Attainment Grant

Invitation only; 75 U.S. cities –Lumina - Mobilizing Metro Areas and Regions to Increase Postsecondary Attainment.

Lumina Goal 2025 to increase the proportion of Americans with high-quality postsecondary degrees and credentials to 60 percent by the year 2025

Held Stakeholders Webinar w/Charter Development Agenda on March 20th. Through CEDS strategic visioning and effort of current collaborative strategic works, postsecondary attainment has emerged as a key priority in Greater Charlotte region.

Presentation to CCOG Board at May 13 meeting.

Mike Manis,

Victoria Rittenhouse

Jan 2015 to May 2017


China Grove Land Use Plan

Revising land use plan for the Town.

Stallings GIS Assistance

Updating UDO map and organized GIS files.

Mineral Springs

Council Retreat held on January 20, 2015.


Council Retreat February 2015.

Wesley Chapel

Council Retreat scheduled for February 27-28, 2015.


Council Retreat scheduled for March 7, 2015


Continued providing planning assistance on a variety of subjects for the Town.

Produced revised zoning map.


Conducted a series of strategic planning sessions for the Lincolnton City Council and Department heads. City staff is engaged in a public engagement process as part of a larger strategic planning process. The City’s open house event is scheduled for June 2 from 4 pm – 7 pm at the Lentz Center in Lincolnton.


Assisting the Town to develop a financial strategy that will create an enhanced framework for staff and elected officials make financial decisions.

Mint Hill GIS Assistance

Meeting with Mint Hill GIS staff member on April 17 to discuss request for CCOG to provide GIS system assistance.


All Counties

1. The Centralina staff successfully closed out FY15 (July 1, 2014-June 30, 2015) and expended 99.9% of all funds allocated for the nine county region. Centralina was also allotted extra Family Caregiver Support Program (FCSP) funds from outside of the region for three counties who had over expended FCSP funds.

2. All funding plans, budgets and contracts have been approved for the nine counties for FY16. This includes data entry into the Aging Report Management System (ARMS).

3. Centralina served as the coordinator and host for certification training of 20 Master Trainers for the Tomando Control de su Salud (Chronic Disease Self-Management in Spanish) from North Carolina, Georgia, and Puerto Rico.

4. One (1) Diabetes Self-Management workshops, two (2) Chronic Disease Self-Management workshops, and ten (10) Matter of Balance: Managing Concerns about Falls workshops were held (or are in the process of being conducted) across the region. These workshops are conducted by Centralina partners, county providers, and volunteer leaders in the community.

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