Module 1 First Grade

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Module 1 First Grade

District/School Formative Assessment Plan

District/School Summative Assessment Plan

See Read Aloud Lessons – Questions, Activities and Tasks

Also See Center Activities within Read Aloud Lessons

See Culminating Tasks within Family and Community Text Scope and Sequence

District/School Texts

District/School Supplementary Resources

See District Modules Below

See District Modules Below

District/School Writing Tasks

Primary Focus

RL.1.1, RL.1.2, RL.1.3, RL.1.4, RL.1.6, RL.1.7,RL.1.10

W.1.1, W.1.8; RL.1.9

Secondary Focus

W.1.1, W.1.8; RL.1.9

Routine Writing


First Grade Curriculum Scope and Sequence

1st Grade Module 1 Family and Communities

Message Time Plus


Read Aloud

Foundational Skills

Spelling Words

Sight Words


Sept 8th - 9th

Recommended Books for the first 2 weeks: Stellaluna, First Day Jitters, No David

Short a,

Consonants n, d, p, f

Grammar: Nouns

Am, at, sat, man, dad, mat, rat, flat, splat, cat

And, be, help, play, with, you, at, am

Procedures, accountable talk, specials, welcome, appropriate behavior

Sept 12th - 16th

Recommended Books for the first 2 weeks: My Gentle Hand, The Kissing Hand, Different Shades of Me

Short i,

Consonants r, h, z, b, g

Grammar: Nouns

If, is, him, rip, pin, rim, big, bit, grit, his

For, have, he, look, too, what, if, is

Reward, buddy/friend, school, excited, structure

Sept 19th - 27th

Train to Somewhere

Short o

Consonants l, x

Inflection -s

Grammar: Action Verbs

Log, dot, top, hot, lot, ox, of, blob, mop, fox

Do, find, funny, sing, no, they, of

Stowaway, coach, conductor, orphan, adopt

Sept 28th - Oct 10th

Moon Rooster

Short u

Consonants qu, z

Grammar: Adjectives

Up, bug, mud, nut, hug, tub, but, quiz, buzz, mug

friend, full, good, hold,

many, pull, but, up

Peaceful, lo and behold, rose/rise, pesty, appreciation/appreciated

Oct- 11th- Oct 19th

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Short i

Clusters with r

Phonogram: -ip

Grammar: Sentence Parts

An, bad, can, had, cat, ran, back, slack, that, track

away, call, come, every,

hear, said, an, had, that

Uneventfully, varied, prediction, drizzle, tornado

Oct 24th-Nov 1st

Owl Moon

Phonogram: -ack

Clusters with j

Grammar: Statements

In, will, did, sit, six, big, tip, skip, trip, flip

animal, how, make, of,

some, why, in, will, did,

Owling, shadow, shrugged, echo, meadow

November 2nd- November 9th

The Raft

Short e

Consonants y, w, k, v, j

Phonogram: -et

Grammar: Adjectives

Yet, web, pen, wet, leg, hen, get, went, blend, Ken

all, does, here, me, my,

who, get, yet

Clutter, hover, buck, doe, fawn

1st Grade Module 1 Community & Family

Read Aloud Breakdown


Book Title



Suggested Lesson Time (RAP)

Culminating Task (RAP)

Sept 19th - 27th

Train to Somewhere

Eve Bunting

Literary Text

Five days, 20 minute sessions

Activity: How does Marianne feel at the

beginning, middle and end of the story?

Sept 28th - Oct 10th

Moon Rooster

David & Phillis Gershator

Literacy Text

Five days, 20-40 minute sessions per day

Text evidence writing response

Oct- 11th- Oct 19th

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Judi Barrett

Literary Text

Five days, 30 minutes session (per day)

Activity Response to book’s message.

Oct 24th-Nov 1st

Owl Moon

Jane Yolen

Literary Text

Five days, 20 minutes per day

Writing response focused on what the little girl learned when she went owling with her pa/dad

November 2nd - November 9th

Two Bobbies

Kirby Larson & Mary Nether

Literary Story

Four days, 20 -40 minute sessions

Response to Writing Prompt: How did the community help the

two Bobbies.

Lucy Calkins Writing Unit of Study: Personal Narrative – Small Moments

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