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Jorge de Jesus

48 Canning House, White City Estate, W12 7QU, London, United Kingdom

Mobile: 07500778512


Current: MSc International Public Policy, University College London (to graduate in 2016)

Undergraduate: BA History, University College London

Result: First Class Honours

Work Experience:
13th June – 26th July 2015: Exchange Participant with AIESEC, Turkey
I participated in an exchange programme where we were required to teach a variety of different topics and run workshops on cultural global issues, including climate change, as well as to teach English, to a group of students whose ages ranged from 13 to 19 in Denizli, Turkey. I was also required, with a small team, to restructure and reorganise the programme in order to tackle changing circumstances. This role required high organisational, public speaking and presentation skills.
3rd Nov 2014 – 17th April 2015: Internship at Centre for Turkey Studies
My role was linked primarily with event organisation, administration, logistics and networking. I was intimately involved in organising all of the organisation’s speakers events in the House of Commons, as well as larger awards ceremonies, such as the 3rd British Kebab Award (7th Jan 2015) and the Most Successful Kurds in Britain Awards Ceremony (19th March 2015). The former saw over a thousand people in attendance, including Lords, Baronesses, Members of Parliament and businessmen and women. I was required to update the website, write event briefs and summaries, and put together promotional material in various formats, including social media. I was also required to keep in contact and manage the organisation’s relations with its supporters and sponsors. I was required to work as part of a small team of interns throughout most of the internship.
Throughout this role, I have also represented the organisation in various occasions, most predominantly at the London Leadership and Peace Awards Ceremony in 2014. I was also called on to do political analysis and commentary by Levant TV, also in 2014, and by Monocle 24 Radio, The Globalist, in 2015.
Aug 2013 –Aug 2014: UCLU Model UN Volunteering Officer

It was my job to coordinate the volunteering programme, which consisted of sending volunteers to various secondary schools around London to teach about international affairs, as well as debating, negotiating and public speaking skills (lessons which I give myself at many of these schools).

June 2013 – UCL Global Citizenship Programme Conference Coordination
I was asked to help run and coordinate a simulation of the Rio +20 Conference alongside the UCL Anthropology Department. In this role, I trained the students in the technicalities of the conference simulation, and ensured they had the appropriate knowledge of climate issues.

Political Activities:
4th October 2015: Candidate for Member of Parliament, Earth Party (MPT) for the District of

Portalegre, Portugal.

Partido da Terra – MPT (Earth Party, Portugal), and Juventude pela Terra (the party’s youth wing): I have been an active member of both the main party and its youth wing since January 2015. Apart from being a candidate in the national elections, I have represented JPT in events in London, such as a speakers event I moderated in Portculis House, House of Commons on the refugee crisis.
LYMEC (European Liberal Youth): I am an active member of LYMEC and have been so since late 2014. Not only did I attended the Helsinki Congress in autumn 2015, I also work as part of LYMEC’s Working Group on the Common Agricultural Policy. I am also set to attend a seminar on European defence with LYMEC in March 2016.
Political Commentary
I have undertaken the role of political commentator in various occasions and on various platforms, talking primarily on the politics of Europe and the MENA regions.

  • Levant TV Middle East political commentary, 2014

  • Monocle 24 Radio, The Globalist programme political commentary, 2015

  • One Europe ( I have published a series of articles.

Personal Skills:
Language Skills
I can speak the following languages at the following levels (note: includes both speaking and writing level):

  • Portuguese (Natural fluency)

  • English (Natural fluency)

  • French (Academic fluency)

  • Spanish (Working knowledge)

  • Italian (Working knowledge)

  • Turkish (Intermediate fluency)

  • Modern Standard Arabic and Egyptian Arabic (Intermediate fluency)

IT Skills

I can use with confidence the following programmes and software:

  • Microsoft Office

  • Wordpress

  • R (statistics software)

I am also confident with social media, in particular Twitter, Youtube and Facebook, which I have previously used for campaigning.

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