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Curriculum Vitae

Miriam L. Parker, DDS

46939 Glengarry Blvd.

Canton, Michigan 48188


Objective: Improve as a dental director

Education/Professional Training:

1991-1992 General Practice Residency (PGY-1)

Harlem Hospital, New York, New York

1988-1991 Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.)

Howard University, Washington, D.C.

1984-1986 Registered Dental Hygienist (R.D.H.)

Howard University, Washington, D.C.

Professional Experience:

2009-present Dental Director

Hamilton Community Health Network, Flint, Michigan Direct

the dental portion of a multi location community health care facility

which includes; developing clinical protocol and standards hiring/

terminating providers, participating in community outreach, obtaining and

and maintaining funding, provide comprehensive clinical care to patients,

chair monthly staff meetings and provider meetings, resolve problems as

they arise, manage and precept clinical rotation of University of Detroit

4th Year Dental Students at our Burton location, and AEGD dental

residents from Lutheran Medical Center. In addition, addressing

address, budgetary issues as they arise, create an environment which

motivates all involved to provide superb health care to our patients

and actively involved in coordinating comprehensive health care for our

medical patients.

2007-2009 Clinical Provider (PT)

Hamilton Community Health Network, Flint, Michigan

Provide comprehensive clinical dental care in a community based health

care facility including, treatment planning, surgical extractions, minor oral

surgery procedures, premolar/anterior endodontic therapy, restorative,

fixed and removable prosthodontics.

1992-2008 Private Practice

Diagnosis and treatment of oral structures including; aesthetic, fixed and

removable appliances, endodontic and oral surgery procedures. The

majority of the practice hours were orthodontic. Completing initial

bandings, debandings, treatment progression, retention of cases, fitting

of removable and fixed orthodontic appliances. Involved with business

side of the practice with scheduling, payment collection and staff training.

1999-2000 Mobile Dentist

An Outreach organization providing dental care to school age children on


1994-1996 Oakland County Health Clinic

Staff dentist providing dental care to qualified citizens of Oakland Co.


Mission Experience: Participated as a mission dentist in charge: Involved with

education, screening, prevention and treatment of oral

diseases, and the fabrication of dental/ortho appliances

for cleft palate patients. (Haiti Outreach Mission- built and

maintains an out patient clinic).
2003 Cuba- People to People Ambassador ( Havana, Valparaiso)

2004 Boliva- Rotaplast, Inc. ( Cochabamba)

2005 Bolivia-Operation Smile, Inc. (Santa Cruz)

2005 Haiti-Haiti Outreach Mission, Inc. (Mirabilis)

2006 Honduras-Operation Smile, Inc. (Tegucigalpa)

2006 Cambodia-Operation Smile, Inc. (Phnom Phen)

2006 Brazil-Operation Smile, (Fortaleza)

2007 Haiti-Haiti Outreach Mission, Inc. (Mirabilis)

Executive Board Member

2007 USS Comfort-Nicaragua-Operation Smile, Inc. (Corinto)

2007 Russia- Operation Smile, Inc. (Novosibirsk)

2008 China- Alliance for Smiles, Inc. (Baiyin)

2008 Ethiopia-Operation Smile, Inc. (Axum)

2009 Haiti-Haiti Outreach Mission, Inc. (Mirabilis)

2009 Haiti-Operation Smile, Inc. (Port Au Prince)

2010 Haiti-Haiti Outreach Mission ( 1 week Post earthquake)

2011 Haiti- Haiti Outreach Mission (Mirabilis)

Professional Membership/ Continuing Education:

  • member of the ADA- American Dental Association

  • member of Genesee County Dental Society

  • Annual continuing education courses completed (ADA annual, MDA, NNOHA, Academy of Facial Esthetics).

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