Minutes of the annual general meeting

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South East Thames Division


held on

Wednesday 5 May 2010 at 7 pm

in the Alexandra Room, Royal Wells Hotel

Present: Mr Peter Frost (Director)

Dr K Blake Mrs J Elsden Dr T Fallowfield

Dr K Jaafary Dr Z Killick Dr P Moo

Dr A Northfield Dr R Olley

With Mr Christian Guenin, Miss Roshni Karia and Mrs E Jarrett in attendance
Mr Frost welcomed everyone to the meeting - in particular Mrs Elsden - and Mr Christian Guenin as winner of the SE Thames Divisional Student Elective Award for 2009 and Miss Roshni Karia as Highly Commended thanking the Wesleyan Medical Sickness Society for their sponsorship of this award.
STUDENT ELECTIVE AWARD 2009 - Judges: Mr Peter Frost and Dr Tony Fallowfield. Mr Mark Shilling presented Mr Christian Guenin the winner with cheque @ £250 on behalf of the Wesleyan Medical Sickness Society and certificate from the Division, together with certificate to Miss Roshni Karia, the Highly Commended runner up.
Apologies for absence were received from Mr A Diller, Dr R Comet, Dr K Ganga-Raju, Mr D Green, Mrs S Farrell, Dr Russ Ladwa, Dean FGDP (UK), Dr J Mew, Dr L Mudford and Dr R Prudhoe.


15 May 2009 having been circulated, considered and approved were signed by the Director as a true record.

3. MATTER ARISING: Page 2 Secretary’s Report Item 4 - f) email service provided by Head Office to communicate with divisional membership - Dr Killick requested notice of AGM to include Agenda and Minutes 2009 meeting to be circulated to divisional membership but this did not happen. A notice appeared in First Hand but publication was not until previous weekend. Mrs Jarrett agreed to contact Amrita Narain regarding this omission.

4. FINANCIAL STATEMENT: Dr Blake presented an interim report based on figures to end third quarter - the accounting period ending on 24 June. The bank balance as at 24 March stood at £2,041 with income @ £609 derived for this period solely from meetings and sponsorship. She thanked Mrs Jarrett for her continued contact with the Trade.

Expenditure relates to administrative costs, organisation of meetings and networking with Head Office and the Deanery. She was pleased to subsidise 2 student members who attended the Annual Dinner held at the Royal College of Surgeons. Dr Blake anticipates a small profit on forthcoming study days in October. The Infection Control Workshop planned for 19 October 2010 has received sponsorship from KSS Deanery towards the running costs. It is hoped an on line banking service will be ‘up and running’ within the next few months.
Dr Frost thanked Dr Blake. The acceptance of the report was proposed by Dr Moo and seconded by Dr Fallowfield.

5. SECRETARY'S REPORT: Dr Zoe Killick thanked Mrs Jarrett for administrative support and for supporting the FGDP (UK) stand at the KSS Deanery Meeting at Gatwick in November. The VT day held in London in February with an attendance at 300. There were workshops on VT careers, key skills and MJDF case presentations. While Liz Smith, HO divisional co-ordinator is on maternity leave Charma Appiah is covering.
An Infection Control Workshop is planned for 19 October 2010 at the TWPGC with Dr Caroline Pankhurst speaking in the afternoon. Stephen Henderson has been approached to speak in the morning. Alternative speakers to be approached include Christine Osborne and Irene Pepper who is a tutor for Smile Seminars, which is an accredited training provider for the NEBDN's National certificate course, and Sandra Smith DCP Tutor for Lambeth Southwark PCT. If Stephen is unavailable we will discuss via email who to ask first if they are available from the list above. Fee structure proposed: GDPs £70 non-member, £50 Faculty member, DCPs £50 non-member, £36 member. KSS Deanery to provide £1,000 sponsorship to the Division for putting on this Workshop in a PGC.
She thanked Dr Blake for her continued support and was thanked for her comprehensive report by Mr Frost.
The acceptance of this report was proposed by Dr Blake and seconded by

Dr T Fallowfield.

6. DIRECTOR'S Report: Mr Frost presented his fourth review. The Division has maintained its high profile with an increasing number of newly qualified dentists achieving MJDF and FGDP and diplomas in the specialties, and the early recognition of DCPs by the Faculty.
Our team approach to organising courses has worked well; however, the slowness of sponsors confirming hands-on study evenings causes concern, the need for advanced promotion being paramount. The Lava Scanner demonstration by 3M last June was well received and well supported by laboratory technicians. The KSS Deanery conference held at Gatwick in November was successful with good support by DCPs. However, the Southern Counties Branch BDA Conference held in March at a most prestigious venue was not well attended, with very little DCP attendance, although well supported by the Trade.

He He thanked the Divisional Board members for their help and advice. He thanked Dr Killick for her advice and co-ordination with speakers and Head Office, Dr Blake for sustaining Divisional finances, Dr Fallowfield for running the VT Scheme and assisting with the judging of the Elective Student Award as co-examiner. Dr Mudford has been re-elected to the National Faculty Board, Dr Moo examining MJDF candidates, Dr Comet for running the Dental Study Group. He congratulated Dr Jaafary on the development of the successful Endodontic Study Club, Drs Northfield and Ganga Raju for their thoughts on the issue that young practitioners have encountered in primary care. Dr Olley for promoting the Faculty and Mr Diller and Mr Green our new representatives from KCL DI.

The Primary Care Research Network met last September with a further meeting in April. The Divisional Directors’ conference took place in April at which Mrs Elsden made valuable contributions. The proposal to accept Mr Frost’s report was proposed by Mrs Elsden and seconded by Dr Blake.
7. RESIGNATIONS/NOMINATIONS OF OFFICERS: All Officers & Divisional Committee offered themselves for re-election – proposed by Mrs Jarrett and seconded by Mr Guenin – the re-election was carried nem con.
Dr Prudhoe to be asked to continue as auditor - a second auditor to be appointed - Dr Blake to ask Mr Jim Page. Dr Kim Ganga Raju to be thanked for her contribution to the running of the Division, but due to her work and family commitments she was allowed to stand down from the Board.
a) KSS DEANERY TUTOR’S REPORT: Dr Fallowfield reported on Dental Foundation Training 1 - Vocational Training: 60 training practices have now been appointed with 60 new graduates to start the new training year in August. The increase being in response to the greater numbers UK graduates now qualifying. The new 5th Scheme to be sited in Eastbourne (Coastal scheme) which he will be running. All DF1 dentists must complete a Key Skills portfolio with the option to complete the MJDF portfolio as a trainee (although not mandatory). The Tunbridge Wells Scheme to be run by Dr Shabir Shivji.
DF2 - Secondary care - DF1 dentists had the first choice at DF2 jobs (old SHO) in the Deanery as previously. Three additional restorative/surgical jobs are now being offered, based in Canterbury, East Surrey and Chichester.
Vocational Training by assessment of competencies (old equivalence) is busy with overseas dentists applying. Candidates from India and Pakistan complete the MJDF examination as are many former trainees.
CPD: Annual cut backs in the Deanery budget (5% pa from 2011) is forcing the Deanery to concentrate on core courses with the emphasis on availability to the whole team.
b) DIPLOMA TUTOR: Dr Moo reported he is now the FGDP representative for the OSCEs. The core group of examiners feel a tutor should not be an examiner and tutor within 6 months of an examination - a conflict of interest might occur. He had therefore contacted Dr Comet inviting him to become
Divisional Tutor. It was agreed Dr Comet should be appointed provisionally subject to further discussion between Dr Comet and Dr Moo. Dr Moo will continue as a Board member and continue tutoring until Dr Comet reaches a decision.
Tutoring has been very quiet with 3 hospital based students and Dr J Hill from Tunbridge Wells having deferred. He has received 3 enquiries prior to the last examination. Results from 29 March Part I - 666 candidates sat the examination with 520 passed = 78.1%. Part II June - 370 entrants - over approx 3 days venue Chelsea Football Club. The November diet - venue The Oval. Examiners Russ Ladwa and Nick Palmer concerned few primary care dentists coming forward as examiners. Drs Fallowfield and Quelch also examine.
Dr Blake discussed assessment of Key Skills Portfolio by VT organisers, VT Trainers - website local assessment. She is studying MClin.Dent long distance learning.
c) DIVISIONAL BOARD: Dr Mudford, in his absence, forwarded a report confirming he has been re-elected for a further three years. As Vice-Chair of Education and seconded to the Examinations committee the past year has been interesting and challenging. The newly established Faculty Revalidation committee has been formed to shadow and hopefully guide the GDC in its revalidation process using the flagship assessment of MJDF and which will bring changes to Primary Dental Care in the UK. The third area has been the issues around the possible merger of the FGDP within the RCS structure. Both FDS and FGDP are working closely together with the long awaited concept of a College of Dentistry appearing to be a little closer.
On a personal level, he has stepped aside from his clinical role as a partner at Heathcote House Dental Practice after 25 years, to concentrate on dental education development and dental teaching. He has worked with the KSS Deanery for the past two months and been actively involved with the new FGDP certificate in Mentoring in Dentistry which launches its first course in Warwick.
d) ENDODONTIC STUDY CLUB: Dr Jaafary reported that the Study Club, based at the Tunbridge Wells Postgraduate Centre and held on Thursday evenings, continues to be well attended with four meetings per year. The Club has good support from team members who attend free of charge and receive CPD certificates. On 20 May Dr A Sigurdsson, Icelandic dentist, will talk to: ‘Forensic Dentistry Springs to Mind’. The programme for the new season will be: 4th November speaker Dr Elizabeth Saunders, 6 January 2011 - Mr Howard Lloyd, 3 March - Mr Mark Haswell and 5 May - Mr Carl Nehammer.
On Monday 13 September 2010 a one-day hands on seminar ‘An Update in Endodontics’ presented by Dr James Aquilina and supported Dr Jaafary, will be held at the Ramada, Tunbridge Wells.

9. STUDENT ELECTIVE AWARD: Mr Christian Guenin, winner of the 2009 award, gave a power point presentation: ‘An Insight into Outback Dentistry’. He flew to Broken Hill (a mining community), where the headquarters of the Royal Flying Doctors Service of Australia is based. The RFDS is funded to a
maximum of 40% and supplemented by private donations and fundraising. It operates a free service to remote rural towns where temporary ‘bush clinics’ are set up.
The New South Wales Chief Health Officer’s Report in 2004 reported people who live in remote areas have 4 years less life expectancy compared to city dwellers and 10 years less if living in very remove areas due to limited healthcare. A mix of Aboriginal and Australian patients were treated during his stay, many very nervous and gaining trust and understanding was the key and hard to achieve if you did not understand the outback culture and how dentistry operates in the minds of the patients.
Periodontal disease and caries rates were high. Only routine dental treatment can be carried out as it is not practical for complex treatment such as root canal therapy to be undertaken. Patient co-operation is found to be extremely low, attending mainly for the relief of pain, often being provided with scaling at the end of the appointment.
His free days were spent with the ambulance service on 12 hour shifts transferring patients to the airstrip and attending call outs. Patient management was very interesting to observe, and he was made aware of the importance of taking a full medical history before undertaking dental treatment for a patient.
Mr Frost thanked Christian for his presentation.

The date and venue of next year's Annual General Meeting – to be decided.
The meeting closed at 8.20 pm.

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