Minutes of November 2016 Board of Directors Meeting Wednesday, November 2, 2016 2pm Corolla Satellite Office Conference Room Meeting Called to Order

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Minutes of November 2016 Board of Directors Meeting

Wednesday, November 2, 2016 2pm

Corolla Satellite Office Conference Room

Meeting Called to Order at 2 pm Meghan Agresto, Bryan Daggett, Al Marzetti, Susan Taylor, Pam Fearn, Dee Warner attending in person. Frieda Harris participated telephonically. A quorum was established.

Approval of October 2016 Minutes. President Agresto made a motion to approve subject to a modification to eliminate some detail regarding teacher observations. Susan Taylor seconded this motion. All voted to approve the minutes as modified per motion. Minutes so approved.
President’s Report on Operations

  • Happenings: 6th & 7th graders went on field trip to Wallops Island; discussion on insurance requirements for 15-passenger vans; Hurricane Matthew only resulted in one day of school missed; Halloween trick-or-treat event at Lighthouse/Whalehead went well; Custom Audio hoping for fence tile in exchange for audio/video services – will revisit after complete work on smartboards, acoustical tiles.

  • Updates provided on various operations data, e.g., dropout data (zero dropouts), immunization data (all over the board, including partials)

  • Chapel Enlargement – email outlining WEVS’ wish list sent to Corolla Chapel Board and we are currently waiting a reply.

  • Straw poll on High School expansion – currently high level of interest among present parents. 80% of the parents were highly enthusiastic. General discussion as to what Board should take from the straw poll.

  • Waiting list. With 3 children from one family leaving, Meghan went through results of going through children on the waiting list. Policy issue discussed with respect to students on waiting list who are not able to start immediately. Board concurred that, if the last student on waiting list responds within 4 days of offer that they want to attend WEVS but is unable to start immediately, the offer to attend can remain outstanding subject to divestment if another student puts their name on the waiting list and is able to start school at WEVS prior to the student who has accepted subject to a delayed start.

  • Desk audit for IDEA grant – requested information submitted to auditor.

  • EC aide position started – student responding remarkably well to new EC aide.

Treasurer’s Report.
At the end of October, our operating account held $ 150,663 and our reserve accounts held $131,071.
October revenue exceeded expenses by $ 12,621 as we had a sizable payment from Dare County.

Year to date, revenue exceeds expenses by $ 18,383. WEVS is 1/3rd through the fiscal year and is at, or under, budget in all major expenses categories.

Rives & Associates provided a draft audit report on October 25th. Our Management Discussion and Analysis (MD&A) has been prepared and given to Rives & Associates for review.
Bryan reviewed highlights from MD&A. A copy of the MD&A will be shared with board members.

Old Business

  • Fellowship Hall acoustics - acoustical tiles are in process of getting installed by Custom Audio. Bryan reported that the tiles placed in the corners have reduced noise levels but is likely that additional acoustical tiles will need to be installed in the front of the classroom.

Curriculum Committee update

  • Susan provided teachers with contact details of two volunteers who want to come in and talk about Navigation; hasn’t heard anything back yet.

  • Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Southern Shores is providing a $100 Home Depot gift certificate. In return, Church would like pictures of kids using the tools that were purchased with the gift certificate.

  • Due to inability to get out of neighborhood due to Hurricane Matthew flooding, was not possible to have a professional development meeting with teachers in October. Susan observed lessons in last week of October and everything looked to be running smoothly.

New Business

  • Discussion regarding feasibility of WEVS high school expansion, how high school offering might be structured (e.g., viability as a magnet school, possibility of coordinating with online educational offerings, A+ schools, etc.).

    • After extended robust discussion, Board concluded that this was an incredibly complex issue for a small, remote school and extensive due diligence was necessary. Al summarized the needed due diligence effort as a determination of: (1) the narrowest curriculum offering, augmented if feasible by online courses, that would satisfy needs for students with aspirations to attend college; (2) how many & what type of teachers & administrators would be required; (3) what facilities, equipment and educational materials would be required; (4) the projected cost of these infrastructure, equipment and human resources; and (5) the desirability of such an offering to the student body.

    • As focused due diligence for a project of this magnitude would be a difficult project for the Board to take on by itself, Al Marzetti made a motion to approve a budget allocation to hire a consultant to assist with the project management needed to structure this evaluation as well as providing independent research and analysis to determine a targeted curriculum that would be viable for students with college aspirations. Goal would be to develop a comprehensive report which would be presented to parent group in June 2017. Bryan Daggett seconded this motion and all voted to approve. Additionally, Meghan, Pam, and Dee volunteered to do legwork to identify potential consultants for this exercise and to touch base with other small charter schools that offer high school, such as Ocracoke.

  • GSK Grant - Meghan will attempt to complete grant application by the Spring deadline. Purpose of grant request may be for core values facilitation/training or expansion to 8th grade. Board will further discuss what grant purpose should be proposed at future board meetings. Pam asked whether CEF had criteria as to what types of corporations/organizations it was willing to take grants and contributions from. Al noted that CEF should be sensitive to understanding any strings may be attached.

Public Comment – no members of the public were in attendance
Meeting Adjourned. Susan Taylor made a motion to adjourn meeting, Dee Warner seconded the meeting. All voted to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 4:20 p.m.

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