Minutes general Board Meeting April 28, 2014 7: 00 P. M. – 8: 00 P. M. Meeting called by Angela Basso

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Psi Omega Pi

University of Phoenix Counseling & Academic Honor Society

MINUTES General Board Meeting

April 28, 2014 7:00 P.M. – 8:00 P.M.

Meeting called by Angela Basso

Present: Angela Basso, Yvonne Lewis, Christina Zeman, Paula Wissing, Bonnie Yardley, Bonnie Mitchell, Yonca McCabe, Kat Anthony

Minutes taken by: Christina Zeman

Meeting called to order at 7:00 P.M.

Welcome: Angela welcomed the attendees to the meeting.

Ice Breaker: Members present introduced themselves and shared their favorite ice cream.

Committee/ Member Involvement

  • Yvonne informed members of the following three committees:

    1. Specialty Counseling Workshop: 4-6 members needed

    2. Internship Fair: 3-4 members needed

    3. Mental Health Week:4-8 members needed

*Please see/ contact Yvonne for more information and to sign up.
CPCE/NCE Discussion

  • Board members shared experiences with both tests and answered questions regarding study tips. All board members recommended using Dr. Rosenthal’s Encyclopedia of Counseling book and audiotapes to study for both exams. Shared CPCE was 8 sections/ topics, 20 questions each; NCE was 200 questions (160 count) covering the 8 topics but not in sections and the questions overlap (e.g. question about group and cultural); NO DSM-5 questions.

Practicum/ Internship Discussion

  • Board members shared current and past experiences with Practicum/ Internship and answered member’s questions regarding expectations. Consensus of board was Practicum was more challenging than Internship and set each member up for success. Practicum allows members to try different techniques, work with different populations, and “discover oneself” as one member put it. Advised sites have expectations of UOPX students versus other schools based on education received.


Upcoming Meetings:

  • June 30th, 5pm-8pm: Specialty Counseling Workshop (Summer Event)

  • August 25th, 6pm-8pm: Leadership and General Meeting – Elections/ Initiations night

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