Minutes faculty senate february 15, 2012 – 12: 00 Noon – scp 117

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February 15, 2012 – 12:00 Noon – SCP 117

In attendance: Adler, Alexy, Alves, Ammentorp, Anthony, Bender, Benoit, BuSha, Chak, Chan, Curtis, Eberly, Edelbach, Farrell, Harris, Haynes, Holleran, Horst, Landreau, Leake, Li, Martinovic, McCarty, Meola, Nicolosi, Norvell, O’Brien, Rao, Ruscio, Ryan, Speaker, Steinberg, Tang, van der Heijden, Vivona, and Wiita.

Excused: Carver, Didi-Ogren, Lillevik, Lovett, McMahan, Michels, and SanPedro.

Matt Golden made a presentation on the institutional marketing plan. He then fielded senators’ questions.


The minutes of the November 16, 2011 meeting were approved as distributed.


  • Cindy reminded everyone of the Employee Assistance Program. For further information contact the Employee Assistance Program website or department chairs

  • Applications for the Mildred Dahne award are due February 17th.


A report on the progress of governance in the School of Engineering was made by Steve O’Brien. John Landreau made a report on the progress of governance in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences.

  • Enrollment Management – Donald Leake reported that the Enrollment Committee is meeting twice a month and the discussions have all focused on the basic question: “How many students should be at TCNJ?” The response to which has been modulated by the mission of the College. Related discussions have also considered that some programs are already functioning beyond optimal capacity and adjunct usage is uncomfortably high in some areas. Additionally, the committee has considered that non-academic infrastructure must also be capable of supporting the population at functional capacity within our mission.


  • CAP – Steve O’Brien reported that CAP: 1) finished charge on International Business Program Closure, and passed recommendation onto Steering.  After discussions and testimony, CAP agreed with the request to close the IB program.  A program closure is a multi-step process, of which CAP's step is only one; 2) CAP is currently working on a charge on potentially revising the Academic Integrity Policy.  Some testimony has been completed, and more is scheduled to be taken; 3) there are 6 more charges on the agenda.  Several of these charges are somewhat related to others so CAP is considering breaking into working groups where each working group would focus on a set of related charges.   Other charges are:  (i) Course withdrawal, (ii) Academic dismissal, (iii) Absence and Attendance, (iv) Off-campus faculty-led programs, (v) Graduate student policies and (vi) Undergraduate certificate programs (in conjunction with CSCC).

  • CFA – Matt Bender reported that CFA last met on February 8, 2012. At that meeting it discussed feedback received on two draft preliminary recommendations: comments from Tom Mahoney on a charge related to the development of a policy on the recording of lectures, and comments from Provost Bakewell Sachs on a charge for the development of a definition of Teacher-Scholar. CFA also discussed the progress of subcommittees working on several charges: (1) eligibility of untenured Assistant Professors to serve as department chairs, (2) modification of duties, (3) an updated faculty conduct policy, and (4) a statement on academic freedom of speech. Most of the meeting was spent discussing CFA’s current focus, the review of all departmental disciplinary standards. In the next month, the Committee will conclude this process and provide feedback to the departments by the end of the semester. Lastly, CFA has recently submitted its SOSA review recommendations to Steering.

  • CPP – John Landreau reported that CPP didn't do make decisions or take actions of significant since the last time reported. Instead, CPP was intensively preparing for the Strategic Plan retreat which took place on February 13 and 14. That retreat gathered stakeholders from everyone on campus, and we had a focused and successful discussion for two days. The resulting draft of a strategic map will be vetted on campus in the coming weeks, and then finalized and presented to the President, and from her to the board, this academic year. Implementation will then commence with the new fiscal year.

  • CSCC – Marc Meola reported that CSCC met on February 8th. Update on Association of College Union International Report on Brower Student Center Consultancy. ACUI was hired to produce a report regarding the BSC. ACUI was subsequently told they would receive a report/update on the Campus Town project. They are waiting to receive this report so they can complete their report on the BSC. Expected completion is April at the earliest. Update on Use of Campus Property Policy. Last year CSCC submitted the Use of Campus Property Policy to Steering. The policy has not gone to the board yet, as Campus General Counsel Tom Mahoney had several concerns about the policy which were relayed to CSCC by Ceil O'Callaghan. CSCC explained to O'Callaghan the committee's reasoning behind the points in question and will relay the information to Mahoney. The committee has a new charge from Steering on Undergraduate Certificate Programs on which CSCC is expected to work with CAP. CSCC is reaching out to CAP regarding this charge. Potential new charges include a Graduate Student Conduct Code and something called Student Rights and Freedoms. The Student Travel policy, which possibly goes back ten years, was reported to have been sent from Tom Mahoney to Bill Behre and Magda Manetas.

  • Board of Trustees – John McCarty provided the following report: There were few action items at the December 6th, 2011 Board of Trust meeting (beyond the usual waivers of advertising).  One action by the Board was a revision in the investment policy and guidelines. The Academic Affairs committee saw a presentation on a proposed major in Law, Ethics, and Politics.  The Executive Committee participated in a focus group on strategic planning, similar to the one that was conducted with the Senate.


  • February 29 – 12:00 noon – Business Building Lounge: Faculty Senate Colloquium for Research & Creative Activity: Tim Clydesdale, speaker.

  • March 28 – 12:00 noon – Social Science Atrium: Faculty Administrator Community Event

  • May 2 – 9:30 a.m. to noon – Business Building Lounge – Organizational meeting of 2012-2013 Senate followed by guest speaker Dr. Robert Arnove.

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