Meeting Minutes Announcements and Sign Ups

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8 February 2012

Meeting Minutes

Announcements and Sign Ups

  • Next Wednesday: Dr.Pepper Sr. VP 5 – 6pm SCM Meeting UTC 3.134

  • Next Wednesday: VIP Manolo Sanchez 5:30 – 6:30pm PLEASE VOLUNTEER

  • Camp Olympia job: please talk to Ryan Upchurch!

  • Accenture Leadership Series: talk to Fer, Eva, or Lindsey Mulford

  • MES Feb.25th Volunteer Opportunities!

  • Second round of Senate Appropriations ending!

  • BHP Prospective Freshmen  Sophomore transfer info sessions!

    • CBA 4.304 Feb. 14th

  • Jordan Vincent: Keystone Pipeline Presentation w/ Texas Energy Forum

    • Energy consultants, come chat! Tuesday Feb.23rd GSB 3.106

  • Indoor Soccer: check out the clipboard and look out for more info!

Student Government

  • Filing is Open! File in the SG Office until Monday SAC 2nd Floor

  • AR 28: In Support of a Fall Break to Increase Productivity

    • Background: many competitor schools currently offer a fall break

    • Current academic calendar only provides students will a 2 day break, 80% into fall semester

    • Purpose: to implement a fall break the first Thursday and Friday of October

      • Students would increase productivity if given the opportunity to catch up after the first round of midterms

      • The academic calendar will extend 2 days more into December

    • Status: Committed to student affairs

    • Thoughts: why not add more days to Thanksgiving Break so that out of state student get more of an opportunity to spend time with their family, but the argument is not to add more days off, but rather to add “productivity”

      • It really will not increase productivity because of TX/OU will just start the party sooner.

      • The idea is that it would be a break after the first round of midterms

  • Excellence fun Apps due Feb.10th

  • Register for Longhorn Run!

  • Appropriations closing Feb.8th (NOW)

  • New parking signs!

  • Register for Texas Leadership summit!

    • Workshops about SG, campus wide leadership, and careers

    • Free lunch and t-shirt provided

    • Feb.18th 9:30am – 5:00pm; Go to Dean of Student website to register

Alumni Business Council: Mark Rogers

  • Graduated in 2007: Exec, won some case comps

  • Livin the dream to work in London for Morgan Stanley

  • Challenge: you may know what you want to do, but it will probably change…

  • Don’t worry if things go awry, but don’t worry. It will be ok.

  • Jobs in OCR is not the only things that you are qualified for.

  • 1,261,440,000: Number of seconds we all have to live… (give or take el campo)

    • Don’t waste too much time.

    • Getting let go was one of the best things that ever happened to him.

  • Now a teacher: Meridian in North Austin

  • Send him an email!

Senate of College Councils

  • Senate appropriations by Feb 12th

  • Integrity UT Week! Free food! Wristbands! Free Shirts! An email will be sent out to have orgs participate in skits! Everyone come out and support Feb. 20th – 24th

  • SR 1111: Calling for university Policy to Assist in Reducing Course Material Costs

    • Tenure Consideration has been dropped

    • Departments pushing for course material for 3 ear period for large intro courses

    • McCombs has been 100% in informing co-op of course material

  • Invest in Texas

    • Keeps us affordable: provide adequate funding for the University and increases level of financial aid funding

    • Keeps us engaged: allow provision for students to the Voter ID law and consider allowing the UT system student regent to vote

    • Keep us competitive: Allow UT to provide competitive insurance benefits to all employees

    • Business Council as Partnering Org:


  • Audit: Monday, Faculty Relations Committee

  • BBA Legacy Committee: good ideas, apps have some strong plans and so get excited for the campaign

  • BJ/GM Chair is closing!! Chair is closing on 2/11 and

  • Presidential Challenge: Go to Mr.McCombs

Vice President

  • Constitutional Review has been doing a great job so get excited!

  • Community Service Committee

    • Special thanks to everyone that has participated in CommServ!

    • Thanks to Armaan for organizing the animal shelter trip!

    • Want to support BC runner? Hand out heat blankets at the finish line! Volunteer for the Austin Marathon

      • 12pm – 2pm

  • Org Reps: Mr.McCombs is going to be incredible! Invite everyone! BRING CANS!

  • Org Spotlight: Josh Hu

    • Asian Business Student Assocation

    • BHP Recruiting Liason

    • Established in 1987 and has 250 members

    • Social Events

    • Philanthropy

    • Not Asian? Not in Business? Not a problem!

      • Thursdays 6:30 GSP/2.124

  • Org Outreach! ABSA tomorrow and Study Abroad Panel

    • AKPsi tomorrow: Campus Candy 7pm

    • HBA: Animal Shelter &;30am at Fountain

Academic Director

  • FRP: Thank everyone who came out! Great turnout! Great topic! Freaking AWESOME!

    • See you March 6th for the next presentation!

  • MES 2012: Get Excited!

    • Email all professors the publicity side!

    • Do all that facebook stuff!

    • Statuses to Apply! Pictures! Event Page!

    • Please volunteer!

  • Swing out award stuff! Check yo emails!

  • GPS chair is….JENNY FENG!

    • Committee: Jamal, Nakul, and Michelle Vivoli!

  • Hipster of the Week: Barbara Jordan

    • Lens-less glasses

    • Vintage blazer!

Administrative Director

  • Spring Book club March 22nd!

  • Valentines Sweethearts is going out very soon, so sign up!

  • Banquet chair is closing and the committee is open and closing a week from Saturday!

    • Talk to Leanna, BJ, Korey, or Aristya!

  • Theme: Valentines Sweetheart!

Careers Director

  • CFT Applications are closing Friday Feb.10th! Do you like long evening walks?

  • VIP: Manolo Sanchez next Wed. 5:30 – 6:30!!

  • Spring case committee is…

    • Chandler, Josh, Adam, and Ryan!!

  • Beyond Business chair is…. Jay Shah!!

    • Get excited!! Talk to Jay about ideas! Nothing is set in stone!

  • VISIT: Adlucent! 7 people have applied! Reach out to more people!!

    • App closes the 15th! Next Friday 10-12p

Financial Director

  • Thanks to everyone that came to the profit share!

  • T-shirt payment worked out! Bring $8 cash to the next meeting!

  • CR is doing great and is begininng to work for next year!

  • Awk word of the week: Sanguinolency, addiction to bloodshed

Internal Controls

  • IM Soccer beings March 26th!

  • Longhorn Run is the same day as case comp!

  • Traditions video! Shi*t business majors say!

  • Waffle house Monday Feb. 13th at 9pm Bring money!

    • DRIVERS!

  • Texas Revue:

    • Feb 11th 1-3 Dialogue Only

    • Feb 12th: 12:30 – 3:55pm EVERYONE

    • Auditions: Feb. 18th

  • UBC Wiki Guidelines

    • Purpose: meaning information about UBC

    • Content: Professional Emphasis

      • Monitored by SHG and internal control

    • Social: not a diary or blog!

    • Accuracy: check with others if unsure!

  • Mr.McCombs sign making tomorrow in the FRITO! 4:45pm

Promotions Director

  • Publicity is doing brilliant work! So proud! Thank a publicity member!

  • PR: Thanks to Alli Gross! Give Know events to Alli or tell her if you have already!

  • EvB by Feb. 11th!! SO FUN! DESTROY the engineers! DESTORY.

    • April 15th – 19th (Also exec elections week!)


Technology Director

  • We have so many events coming up, there is no more room on the internet!

  • VIP Speaker Series Page with history and information! Attaway tech team!

  • Make classroom announcements!!

  • Wiki is LIVE!

    • Please fill out event pages etc…


¡Lindsey Quiroga!

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