Massachusetts 4-h program Why Clone a Cow?

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Green Genes: a DNA Curriculum

Massachusetts 4-H Program
Why Clone a Cow?


  • You transmit 100% of the genetics eliminating costly trial and error breeding.

  • You can increase and assure the supply of semen and embryos.

  • You preserve desired genetic traits from old, diseased or dead animals.

  • You can re-create cows and bulls without the original’s reproductive deficiencies.

  • You have a new cutting edge breeding management option.

  • You can eliminate some diseases.

  • You can eliminate titres caused by vaccinations.

  • You can create a bull from a high performing steer.

  • You can have a uniform herd that enables production and management to be improved.

  • You can supply proven bulls for natural breeding.

Why Embryo Transfer?

  • More offspring from valuable animals. (Normally get 8-10 offspring from a cow).

  • Different sires can be used.

  • $$$$



  • Genetics are very fined tuned in the animal world.

  • Animals can reproduce multiple offspring (embryo transfer) by different sires or they can be,

  • Cloned – exact duplicate DNA –

  • Next step – take a hair follicle to determine what genetic code the animal carries – such as genetic abnormalities or high production

Prepared by Carrie-Chickering Sears

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