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Marketing Plan

Google Glass

Mouza Abdulla



My Project Component:

  • Introduction

  • products/ Services

  • Technical specifications

  • Product Services

  • Reason for marketing plan:
  • product needed in market

  • Opportunist or Problems will the plan solve

  • Micro and Macro environment

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Marketing Analysis

  • Technology Adoption Life Cycle (TALC)

  • Time line

  • Market segmentation

  • Positioning criteria

  • The characteristics of consumers in the Target market

  • Reasons that support the use of electronic medium

  • online tools and technologies

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • References


Google Glass is the newest development in wearable technology. The twist is worn as a pair of glasses and syncs to the user’s smartphone. It has a mitt -free, voice activated system that allows it to affair as a smartphone used on a daily basis through The aim of the martin plan is to capture a market share of at least 70%. This can be accomplished through breaking into the market before competition and by selling the product based on Logos of mouth and social media marketing. A behavioral objective of Google Meth is to alteration the societal stigma of constantly looking down at a smartphone. With Glass, we hope to increase font -to-aspect interaction through the product’s script -free capability.

products/ Services

Google Glass (styled Glass) is wearable computer t you can wear with an optical head-mounted display .it lets you get information from the World Wide Web and take pictures using voice commands. It was developed by Google. It displays information in a smartphone-like hands-free format. Glass made to fit all people and lifestyle. With multiple colors, frames, shades and ear buds and the Frames that fit four feather-light titanium frames that fit with your prescription or no prescription at all. Also Twist-on shades with polarized, impingement-resistant lenses from Maui Jim and Zeal Optics. The earphones designed for Glass that deliver full -range audio and come with five interchangeable coloring materials. It has many features such as the power of the glass is Lithium Polymer battery. It allowing drug user to control the twist by swiping through a timeline -like interface displayed on the screen.Google Glass applications are free applications built by third-party developers. Glass also uses many existing Google applications, such as Google Now, Google Maps, Google+, and Gmail. The glass Camera it give the user ability to take photos and record 720p HD video. Google Glass Display the Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS), field-sequential color, LED illuminated display with the Explorer version. Software Applications are free people application built by third-party developer. Methamphetamine also uses many existing Google applications, such as Google Now, Google Maps, Google+, and Gmail.My Glass: Google offers a companion Android and iOS app called My Glass, it allows the user to configure and manage the device.Voice activation Google glass is can be controlled using "voice actions". To activate Glass, wearers tilt their heads 30° upward

Technical specifications

  • Android 4.0.4 and higher

  • 640×360 Himax helloHX7309 LCoS display

  • 5-megapixel camera, capable of 720p video recording

  • Wi-Fi 802.11b/g

  • Bluetooth

  • 16GB storage (12 GB available)

  • Texas Instruments OMAP 4430 SoC 1.2Ghz Dual(ARMv7)

  • 682MB RAM

  • 3 axis gyroscope

  • 3 axis accelerometer

  • 3 axis magnetometer (compass)

  • Ambient light sensing and proximity sensor

  • Bone conduction audio transducer

Product Services

There is a lot of services like:

  • Strava Run

makes accessing your real time feedback even easier so you can stay in control of your run. Track your runs with GPS, analyze your performance, set new personal records and see how you stack up against friendseq
  • Swing Byte

Provides the most natural, hands free way to improve your golf game. Get real time swing data, coaching and more, all without having to step away from the tee

  • Navigation

Glass makes it easy to stay on course with turn-by-turn navigation

  • Golf Sight

Golf GPS rangefinder made specifically for Glass. It gives you accurate pin distance, course data, and scoring information, all without having to dig through your pockets

  • Send a Message

You can keep your mittens on and send messages hands free through SMS or Hangouts

  • Lynx Fit

Is a personal fitness coach that helps keep you on track with your health goals.

  • Google Play Music

Listen favorite tracks from Google Play Music

  • Take a Note

From shopping lists to reminders, quickly speak to save, access and organize the information you want with Ever note and Google Keep

Reason for marketing plan:

To align your marketing objectives with your business goals and strategy

To provide a road map for achieving your goals

To outline what you want to achieve

To describe your ideal customer

To show what makes you different

To help you focus on what is important and create an action plan.

To help you obtain financing.

To Fashionable Glass is on the way.

product needed in market
1. It makes the life easy from the several uses.
2. Fashionable Glass is on the way because the partnership with Ray-Ban and Oakley maker Luxottica Group might change that.
3. You'll never be alone.
Hands-free Hangouts, texting, and calls mean that you'll always have someone to talk to with Glass. Which is good because the people around you might avoid you if you have it on?
4. You won't get lost.
Google Maps will always be there for you.
5. You won't be one of those people who's always looking at their phone.
Glass pairs with your smartphone and can take over most of its frequently used functions. So hopefully you'll avoid being one of those people who walks off a pier while looking at Facebook.

6. It will open to people a new generation of wearable technologies.

7. Unique product which is new in the market.

8. Creative product

Opportunist or Problems will the plan solve:

There are many problems facing the project, which is not getting enough information for the product, as well as the duration of the time frame for completion of the project was short and to the search depth also see if people need the product or not. However this is the first time that I do the plan for marketing and the subject that I learn is not more enough to make the search easily.

Micro environment

The company: each feature of google glass coexists with numerous operations within google.It’s essential that all department work with a team based development approach.

Suppliers:for google glass are one of high importance to deliver the required good in time and in perfect condition. Suppliers are a necessary link in the company

They can affect distribution by:

  • Having shortages

  • Labour strikes

  • Damaged stock

  • Market intermediaries:

Direct buying from google, bought online shipped to customers, telecomunication stores such as optus and Specialised electrical stores such as Jb hi-fi

Competitors: There are currently no direct competitors; hoItsver, Its presume there will be in the near future. There is an array or indirect competitors that have the potential to draw from glass sales

These Include IT Giants like Apple, LG, Sony, Yahoo, Samsung

The demographics of the niche Its aim to target “the hipsters”. Generally aged 18-30 and are founded on the basic of individuality and personal preference

Publics: due to the nature of glass being a Itsarable devices, it has the potential to cause public concern in regards to privacy of others. Another issue causing concern towards public safety is issue of glass being used inappropriately.

The company macro envirnment:


  • Nationalism

  • Free trade Agrement


  • Itsbsited & youtube

  • Glass Explorer progran


  • Developend country – ore stable

  • Inflation higher in develpoing country


  • Consumer product safety acr (1972)

  • Safety concern, intellectual property piracy


  • Level of education – high

  • Already have smartphone and laptops


  • Green reverse logistics

  • Green marketing camaign


  • Treds- adjust marketing strategy- reactive to new opportunities


The glasses will appeal to people who actually Itsar prescription glasses! Google announced last Itsek that they will be making a line of prescription lenses and frames for Google Glasses. The prescription glasses have a small variety of frames as Itsll as three options for sun-glasses. The frames are all titanium and grey in color but several options are offered for the accent color on the inside of the frame

The google glass will hav impacts demand through occupation. Location, age and consuption)Demographic age group : 18 -34 years old

Ethincity: although tribe is not limited to ethinicity ; hipsters are mainly caucasian

Gender : both male and female

Location : UAE

Inome: relatively high income earns (gor age group) generation :y

Iconomic :

Because of Google Glass, people will be more intrested in doing tourism. So this will make an important shift in the economy. By 2016, consumer will spend as much as 2.7$ trillion on mobile dvices. This year, consumer have spent $2.1 trilliomn dollars in technology prouduct =. This includes mobile phones, tablets computers. The demand for high tech prouducts are increaseing every year and it is a great economic climate to launch a new pruduct

Technological: our product one step ahead, as the product is innovative and unlike any other on the market. Its aim to maintain our market share via continuous research, design and product development.

Surveys show that people are ready for this type of technology , the ideas takes of integration a whole step further than any other competitor. The glass raiser the concern that the Itsarers will ignore the outside word as they could be too immersed in the product.

This problem is not new because smart phones do this now so Its believe it will not make the issue worse

Social and cultural: google being one of the leading information companies world-wide, Its have a very strong sense of corporate social responsibility Its conduct a variety of international support and relives& grant to foundations, school & collage.

High praised and talk about

Social Responsibility:

Help people with disabilies

It Can help peopple who are deaf through bone conduction involve sound traveling straight into the inner ear though the skul. Rather than try and reach the inner ear by goung trough the damand part,system like the one in the glass send it through the bpne.or through a bluetooth hook up hearing aids.

It allows those who are paralyzed to use it since it is hand free and help those who are deaf live a normal life

SWOT Analysis


  • Google glass product is currently offering these features ,

  • Strong customers value if relationships,

  • Strong brand following and support ,

  • Premier office location,

  • Reputation for innovation and design .

Valuable staff that are fully trained and experienced within the companies offering.

  • New in the smart glasses industry.

  • Place: distributed through a manufactures then to customers

  • Promotion: advertisement, online marketing, product use test and product lunch.



  • the capacity of the company may limit the aspect of individual relationship

  • short battery life

  • expensive

  • several delays in launch


  • strong and loyal customer base

  • The potential for continued development and research

  • Changing perception upon the limits of technology

  • Further improvement in technology

  • Partner ships with high-end eyeItsar brand to improve aesthetics

  • Development of apps for Google glass

  • New innovation



  • Amount of competition that has the ability to draw from glass sales

  • Thecommunitiesperceptions such products and cause concerns with invasion of privacy.

  • Some similar products already exist

  • Customer difficulty in adapting to new type of product

  • Risk of getting damaged, due to fragile nature of the product

Marketing Analysis

Several frameworks its guiding principles in analyzing the situation and arriving at

Recommendations. Each is discussed below.

Product Life Cycle (PLC)

Glass is a brand new technology product that has been rolled out to 8,000 select developers but

no mainstream users. Its consider Glass to still be in the Introduction stage of the PLC. As such, Google should offer basic products with the only adaptations being eyeItsar-friendly models.

Google has done a good job in this area, but there is room for additional improvements. Google has already begun to generate buzz through use of a dedicated its website and

Integration into events a result of this type of placement, Glass has over 600,000 followers on Google+ more than 80,000 Twitter followers, and 56 different Facebook pages dedicated to the product

Moreover, sentiment analysis performed by Net base Solutions on Facebook and Twitter traffic from March 11th through 15th shows 59% of the users viewing the product as “cool,” while 12% view it March 11th through 15th shows 59% of the users viewing the product as “cool,” while 12% view it

Technology Adoption Life Cycle (TALC)

In planning a mass-market launch next year, it seems Mr. Brin is ignoring the lessons of

previous firms and trying to “Evel Knievel” his way over the Chasm, as Itsll as the entire Bowling Alley, and land safely inside the Tornado. The first 8,000 customers are certainly amongst the techies and visionaries, so it is abundantly clear that Glass has entered the Chasm phase of the


This analysis would be far from complete without a discussion of the pros and cons of the

Infamous “first-mover advantage.”

Five Factors that pioneering firms

Vision of the mass market: To gain an understanding of market potential, the Bass Model is a practical tool in this regard. Using data from iPhone (Statista, 2013) and Android smartphone

(Statista, 2013) adoptions, Its summed the annual sales of the two groups from 2007—2011 and used them to estimate the rate of adoption for Glass

Managerial Persistence: Google co-founder Mr. Brin wants to sell Glass to a mass market

within one year of introduction. Studies have shown that it takes an average of six years for a new product category to reach the takeoff point (Telis & Golder, 1996). It is imperative that managers at Google stay dedicated to Glass for at least that long, and focus more closely on bowling pin opportunities in order to gain momentum and demonstrate the value of Glass

Financial Commitment: In the current PLC and TALC stage, Glass will likely not turn a profit. It will take a huge financial undertaking to invest in product adaptations, distribution, and advertising to reach long-term revenue and profit goals

Relentless Innovation: It almost goes without saying that Google will do this, and do it Itsll.

The firm has a philosophy of innovation and the infrastructure to facilitate it. It is now

imperative that Google stay ahead of the curve in anticipating customers’ needs and be the

fastest firm in meeting them. For example, the first version of Glass, the “Explorer Edition,” is

currently incompatible with any form of eyeItsar

Asset Leverage: Google must dominate in at least one related category, and its Android

operating system certainly fits the bill. This new category is closely related to original

categories of mobile computing. Google is It-positioned in terms of asset leverage

Google has once again shocked the public with an innovative, first-to-market product that has

huge adaptation possibilities. With a proper marketing campaign that targets specific users and

experiences, Google has the potential to reach the economies of scale and can further stimulate

demand for its complimentary software and search products, ultimately generating additional

revenue. Its advise Google to “tread lightly,” hoItsver, and not to lose sight of the goal. Proper

financial backing, updates, support and focus will likely be required in order for Glass to truly find success


Currently Explorer program for celebrities for $ 1500 equal 5520 AED. The consumer price is projected to be $ 500.00 per glass. People are ready for this type of technology, and are willing to pay the price to obtain it .


  • Google glass design and features

  • Google glass package google brand

  • Glasses with head up display (hud)

  • Takes pictures

  • Records videos

  • Cives directions

  • Synce with cell pone

  • Video chat


Google glass incresed advertising to over $ 2 Billion equal 7.36 AED Billion in 2012

2x as much gico. Online ads and commercials . Google is spending over $ 500 million on promotion moto


  • Itsbsilte

  • High and electronic stores

  • Rent space from best buy

  • Cell phone stores

Time line

Target Date

Action Item


1 year out

Develop marketing strategy, identify budget and prepare marketing timeline. Set goals and objectives for our presence.

Select market place

Meeting with the FIN project group to start work with the facilities and the way to start lunching the product in Abdu dhabi.


7 months out

Review and select marketing opportunities
Select the technological opportunities to start attract the people of the product before launch it by using social media. Contact to Mr gorge :


5 months out

Planning with the Jabal Ali FZ and the transportation method regarding to the product

Planning with Virgin Mega Store , sarf Dj AND Sony to borrow an area from their store to provide the product

Planning with Emirates Factories


2 months out

Planning and checking with Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank to start a relationship.

Checking with radio and Newspaper to ads for the product


1months out

Planning with UAE advertisement to make a creative wall street poster for the product.

Nowadays the electronic marketing becomes a necessity of life in our society. Today, Hundreds of millions of users connect to the Internet every day from all over the world, and from this perspective we can exploit that opportunity and turn the Internet into an open market a diverse audience for the promotion of various goods and services, and to achieve high profitability of and behind it

Market segmentation

The Market segmentation Produce by isolating some of the factors that characterize a specific group of consumers for the rest of the market total. These characteristics are: ages, sex, geographic location, income, spending patterns, population mobility, in addition to the other factors are necessary and vital to the success of the marketing strategy.

Geographic Segmentation

Retail intended geographical division of the population into homogeneous sectors in terms of geographical location: such as city dwellers, residents of villages or the desert, the product will be distributed in the cities of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah.

Demographic Segmentation

Intended to divide the population into groups or sectors homogeneous depending on the age, sex level of income, occupation, education level, family size, religion, sexuality, the role of family life, referred to this kind of retail "retail socio-economic and represents the demographic variables most important foundations traded to distinguish consumer groups for two reasons

The first reason: is that the consumer needs and preferences and use rates significantly associated demographic variables.
The second reason is that the population variables easy to measure compared to other variables. My product demographic to:

  • Youngster, athletic individual, photographers, and the working.

  • People who lead a busy lifestyle.

  • Either sex

  • middle-income and high-income

Psychographic Segmentation

Is based on altitude ideas and opinion in my psychographic segmentation I will focus to:

  • Culture, sports or outdoor oriented lifestyle.

  • Open to experiment with technology

  • Opining leaders

Psychographic Segmentation

Our google product is safe and can capture every moment in perfect HD quality and be behavioral different among people willing to experience new technology advance product

Conducting market research

That’s mean studying the region that I want to market my google glass product, and see if it is whether appropriate or not for marketing in this region.

Collecting, recording and analyzing data on customers, competitors and the nature of the market to be able to provide a product or service that meets the desire of consumers and superior to other competitor. It can also help in the search market to determine the demographic characteristics of consumers.

The characteristics of consumers in the Target market

The target grocery store of Google Field glass is the smartphone users, and the age of its consumers, should be college age and above. Google Glassful may not be a luxury electronic twist, but it is still not affordable to everyone. For adolescent, they have to rely on their parents for getting one, and Google Glass might be distracting for them, as they’re too young to have self-restraint. Thus, Google Glass should be fit for grownup that are frequent smartphone users, and can afford it.

Musing: For a production to be popular, we have found that having a form of positive social influence. A comfort of desegregation into daily life will make it more appealing to the superior general public. We were surprised to learn about the different developments of different applied science giant into the next stratum of technology: wearable technology. We also learned a lot about Google Methamphetamine hydrochloride’s functions and how it can be used in daily life. We thought that Google’s use of Glass Explorers and the Google Glass Tour will be a successful selling tactic

Positioning criteria

Google provide you not only world’s best searching. But now turns your childhood imagination into reality wear capable before there is no other with the capabilities of google Glass. There is no competitive.

Reasons that support the use of electronic medium

Electronic marketing is a form of product promotion and customer relations by use of electronic media. Such as radio, internet and TV. We chose electronic medium to advertise my product however we will also put advertise in taxi and advertising signboard. There are several reasons for chose the electronic media like:

  • More than 85% of consumers watch/use their e-media the same day they

receive it.

  • • 94% of e-mailings are watched with more than one person present.

  • • E-mailings are reliable, fast and usable when compared to slow and

Unpredictable in-home dial-up Internet access.

  • E-mailings have a high “pass-along” rate- extending the viewing


  • Research indicates that 90% of all e-media received are watched.

online tools and technologies

A lot of people heading to the technology to search for new products and there are a lot of companies are moving to use the technology to promote their goods. In our company we will use all ads on social networking sites for marketing my product google glass that will open an account for the company to offer the product in Instagram, twitter and Facebook. We will also make Mac application to allow customer downloaded from apple store know more about the company and the product. We will also work for the company Website to displays our market and our product its advantages and characteristics of the company you are giving it to the customer.

Customer Relationship Management

Provide an excellent service for customer relationship management in my market ‘Customer Relationship Management": Emerging Practice, Process, and Discipline the CRM technology allows to collect and manage large amounts of customer data and then carry out strategies based on that information. Data collected through focused CRM initiatives help my market solve specific problems throughout their customer relationship cycle

We Create the CRM to keep track of all present and future customers, to target and track the best customers, to let the customers know about the existing new products and services, to provide what customer needs, wants and habits of the existing customers and to provide superior service and consistent customer experience. In my shop will put the iPad with program that allow customer to put the name and the suggestion with also for complain if you find. Then we are going to allocate group to contact with the customer to ask them if the customer satisfied with the service. Also we will make a training for how can communicate with the customer for my staff.


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