Mariana Silva Choosing Glasses

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Mariana Silva

Choosing Glasses / Project Brief

The Eyeglass Manual

  1. Big Picture:

    1. Project summary: develop a site that helps its audience find the ideal pair of eyeglasses, as well as inform them about how to do so and digitally try on glasses chosen from a catalogue of brands.

    2. Business objectives/goals:

      1. Information regarding face shapes and frame types

      2. Information about brands and external links to their sites

      3. Ability to find retailers for specific eyeglass models and brands

      4. Catalogue containing models from 10+ brands

      5. Ability to try on glasses from catalogue, through webcam photographs

      6. Interactive questionnaire

    3. Desired domain name:

  2. Target Audience:

    1. Audience description: 20-40 year old, tech savvy, middle to high income, brand conscious personalities.

    2. Audience objectives/goals: read about why some glasses look better on certain features, learn about high-class brands that manufacture eyewear, find local retailers, find which pair of glasses fits their face the best

  3. Perception Strategy:

    1. Current perception: n/a

    2. Desired perception: user-friendly, sophisticated, simple

    3. Strategy: select imagery, typography and a color palette that fits the desired perception.

  4. Message Strategy:

    1. Primary message: sophistication, exclusivity

    2. Strategy: copy will be well written, intelligent; images will portray beautiful, young people in high contrast and clean backgrounds

  5. Competitive Advantages:

    1. Customized questionnaire that helps the user find their perfect pair

    2. Ability to see any chosen pair of eyeglasses on yourself, through webcam

    3. Understandable information about face shapes, frame types and colors

    4. Showcase of 10+ different brands and models sorted by category, color, etc.

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