Marching Bobcat Policy

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2017-2018 Marching Bobcat Policy
Thank you for your interest in the Battlefield High School Marching Band! Our band has enjoyed much success over the years due to the dedication of our students. This document outlines the policies and procedures for the marching band program. We are looking forward to great things in 2017-2018.
Greg Oaks, Director

The success of our group depends heavily on attendance. When a student is missing from a practice, it makes everyone else’s practice more difficult. Our performance is visual and it will usually result in a score deduction for our band at competitions. If a student is not keeping up with grades, it is unfair to keep a student home from practice. This results in the student’s problem becoming the band’s problem. When joining the Marching Bobcats, you are making a commitment to a group of people who work hard for success. If a student misses practice due to illness, the student will not lose points for the day. In order not to lose points, the band director must receive a signed doctor’s note. Sudden family emergencies, including the death of a loved one, constitute an excused absence. Jobs/babysitting conflicts are NOT excused absences. The calendar was issued early enough so that potential conflicts could be resolved.

Clubs and Activities

Clubs are not an excuse for missing rehearsal time. We start practice late enough so that students should be able to get pertinent information from a meeting and still make it to the practice field by 2:30. Any arrangement not set forth by the director is an unexcused absence.

After School Help

After school help should be scheduled on Mondays. I would prefer that a student miss part of their sectional time than when we are focusing on drill and music. A note from a teacher would be needed to count this as an excused absence. If for some reason a student needs to meet with a teacher on a day other than Monday, I will require a note from the teacher. In addition, the student should not miss more than half of the rehearsal.

Performance Point System (50% of grade: 5 points per each performance)

Tardy -1 point

Very Tardy -2 to -4 points

Leaving before being Excused -1 point

Inappropriate Behavior -1 to -5 point(s)

Missing a Performance -5 points

Rehearsal/Participation Point System (50% of grade: 5 points per each performance)

Late for Warm-Up -1 point

Late for Rehearsal -3 points

Absent -5 points

Not having Materials for Practice -2 points

Misbehavior/Disrespect -1 to -5 point(s) (Assessed on the severity of the infraction)


Most issues that arise can be solved quickly by nothing me early. Issues can be resolved with early communication between the director and parent. I constantly check my email during the season. This is the best form of communication.


Students will be fitted to a uniform during the first week of band camp. The marching band uniform consists of a jacket, a pair of marching pants (bib), a shako (special marching band hat) or beret (sousaphones), marching band t-shirt, athletic shorts/pants, black shoes, gloves, and long, black dress socks (shorts/pants, shoes, socks, and gloves purchased by student).

Shoes and Gloves

Students will be measured for a pair of marching band shoes during the first week of camp. Returning students may wear their current shoes, provided they fit and are in excellent condition. Shoes are required to be brought to uniform fittings in order to check the condition and determine if new shoes will need to be purchased for the season. Payment for shoes and gloves will be due by Friday of the week of fittings. The BSO will place one order for shoes. If additional shoes are needed after the initial order is placed, the student will incur the cost of the shoes plus shipping. Students will also be fitted for gloves. The cost of gloves is $5. It is a good idea to purchase two pairs of gloves to have a backup. Students are expected to purchase long black socks.

If a student forgets his/her shoes, gloves, or socks for a game or competition, shoes may be rented for $5 and gloves may be rented for $2 per event. Socks may be purchased for $3/pair. Rented items must be returned to a chaperone after each event. Payment may be placed in the black box in the band room or given to a chaperone. If placed in the box, please note the reason for your payment.
Wearing Your Uniform

• Long hair must be pinned up under shako. Hair accessories should closely match the color of your hair.

• No jewelry, including wrist watches.

• No hair dye/product or make up foundation that might transfer to the uniform. This is especially important as our shakos and the shoulders of the uniform are white and hair dyes/products or foundation will ruin them, requiring replacement.

• Neutral nail polish only.

• No eating or drinking (except water) while wearing the marching band uniform.

• There are snap hems in both the pants and jackets that are specifically measured to fit each student so that cuffs lay properly. Students should be careful when putting their legs/arms into their uniforms to keep these snaps intact. A chaperone should be notified if snaps come undone for proper fitting.
Replacement Costs

New uniforms were purchased in 2016. If a uniform needs to be replaced due to negligence or improper care, either in whole or in part, the cost of replacement will be the responsibility of the student. Replacement costs are as follows:

Jacket - $220

Bibs - $110

Shako - $65

Gauntlets - $45

Plume - $20
General Performance Guidelines

  1. Only band members are allowed to sit with the band! This will be enforced by the drum majors and section leaders.

  2. No gum during rehearsals or performances.

  3. The full uniform must be worn at all times, unless instructed by the director.

  4. Shoes must be cleaned and polished for each performance.

  5. There is absolutely NO cell phone use prior to/during a performance.

  6. There is NO “PDA” while in uniform, on the bus, in the band room, etc. Inappropriate behavior like this will not be tolerated.


Students are required to ride the bus or authorized vehicles to all events and competitions. If a student wishes to return home from an activity with his/her parent, the parent must sign out with the director at the event. Students may be allowed to return home with another student’s parent or another family member if prior arrangements have been made with Battlefield’s Principal. If prior arrangements have not been made, the student must go home with the band or with a parent. The “Roll Call” tradition is strictly forbidden. Violators will be completely removed from marching band (practices, performances, pictures, etc.) for a period of 2 weeks from the time of the infraction. In addition, the involved students will not receive a letter or a bar at the end of the season. The students will not receive any points for practices or events during the two weeks missed.

Fundraising and Student Accounts

Participation in school sanctioned band fundraising is vital for our band program to be successful. To increase student participation, a portion of a student’s individual fundraising efforts will be held in a student account and managed by the Band Support Organization Treasurer. These funds may be used for marching band fees, rental fees for gloves/shoes/socks, band trip costs, audition fees, or other initiatives determined by the Band Director or BSO. All monies not used prior to graduation or transfer from Battlefield High School will be returned to the BSO general account.


As a member or the band, it is each student’s responsibility to exhibit good sportsmanship at all times. Students are representatives of the band, school, and the community. It is important to respect the feelings of others and not criticize another student’s or band’s performance. Everyone has worked hard to achieve their goals and deserves positive recognition for their efforts. We learn to stand together with pride as scores are announced. Respect those who have scored ahead of us, and gracefully accept our own success. Never cheer for someone else’s loss.

2017-2018 Marching Bobcat Policy

Signature Page
Students need to turn this signed form in at registration on the first day of band practice! The grade for turning this form in will be equivalent to one performance grade. The signatures indicate that the student and parent understand the policies and expectations of the band director and staff for the 2017-2018 marching season.
I have read and understand the 2017-2018 Battlefield High School Marching Band Policy.
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Parent Signature: ____________________ Date: ______

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