Magnetically Controlled Reflection of a Ferrofluid Cell

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Figure 42 - Using a polarizing filter on the camera while viewing a ferrofluid cell.

Earlier I mentioned that the color of the yellow lines and the polarization of the yellow lines seen in the ferrofluid cell pictures where linked together. In Figure 42, I show three pictures that was taken in consecutive order with the only change of a linear polarizer being rotated on the camera. Notice the middle picture where the yellow lines, the eyebrow shapes, are well attenuated. Not one or two of them, but all nine yellow lines at once can be effected by the camera's polarization filter.

I believe this is ample proof that all the lines are produced using the same mechanism but with minor spectrum changes based on polarization.

Figure 43 - Ferrofluid cell with magnets in a circle.
Summary: I have extraordinary evidence that the ferrofluid cells do not obey the rules of classical optics. The main problem being the question of how do you characterize such a system? Can you call it a Kerr photonic crystal, or can you call it a metamirror? Just calling it magnetically controlled chiral dichroic reflection seems a bit unsatisfactory.
My work is different from the mainstream 'Magnetic Fluid Deformable Mirrors' or the 'Metal Liquid Like Films' because I am only using the optics of ferrofluid itself with large magnetic fields that are producing self-assembled magnetic agglomerate clusters.

The proof is in the pudding; if Figure #44 is not created with resonating magnetic agglomerate clusters, then how is it created? I see resonant displacement currents propagating inside the ferrofluid cell and it is the current(s) that are scattering the light.

Figure 44 – Ferrofluid cell readings with a 50mm ring magnet behind the cell.

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