Magnetically Controlled Reflection of a Ferrofluid Cell

Figure 26 - Picture of north and south magnetic poles using a red filter

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Figure 26 - Picture of north and south magnetic poles using a red filter.
This leads to the thought that all the lines that show up in the ferrofluid images come from the same mechanism. What ever the mechanism happens to be, Figure #25 suggests that we are just looking at it at different angles and different intensities.
In Figure #26, I am showing the effects of the 'red' filter on the test subject. Not surprisingly the ferrofluid cell is scattering mostly red light to the camera.

Figure 27 - Spectrograph readings of the green filter with the ferrofluid cell.
Figure #27 is showing the effects of the 'green' color filter. Ironically, there is not much information in the green frequencies but plenty in the infrared. When I apply a magnetic field, the amplitude of the infrared spectrum profile changes. Note the persistence of the hysteresis shape in Figure #28. It scatters red light as in Figure #26 and it scatters green light in Figure #28. To say that the hysteresis shape is a multi-wavelength feature is an understatement.
One does not apply a magnetic field and accidentally get an hysteresis shaped pattern. Another thing to note in Figure #28 is the low gauss edge effect. The two magnets probably have a reading of around 500 gauss at the ferrofluid layer which will quickly drop off around the edges of the image. At the edges of the image we have a large amount of green scatter yet at the center we have very little.
Figure #28 is showing red light in the red color channel of the photograph. Not sure how this happened. It could be that the dye filter allowed enough red photons into system to be picked up by the camera or the camera might be picking some NIR in the red channel. A better equation is why does Figure #30 not show the same features? The green and blue dye filters share a lot of common frequencies and all the photos in this section have the same exposure times.

Figure 28 - Picture of north and south magnetic poles using a green filter.

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