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FIELD EVENTS (Three attempts in Prelims with the top 8 advancing to the finals)

1:30 Girls LJ followed by TJ - Taylor Roscoe, Elizabeth Gifford, Briana Carnicle, Miranda Brohman

- Jessica Pohlman, Jocelyn Anderson, Miranda Brohman, Norine Kingery

Girls PV followed by Boys - Jenee Suarez-Moorhead, Emme Forsberg

- Cole Shoemaker, Seth Poggenpohl, Jake Erwin, Rocky Cauble

Girls Discus followed by Boys - Madie Otte, Alaetra Long, Morgan Ritchie, Devin Coulson

- Michael Brittenham Tay Miller, Jared Tommeraasen, Andrew Hansen

Boys Shot followed by Girls - Alex Bruner, Broc Bando, Noah Brittenham, Ethan York

- Kayla Vaughn Alexis Deets, Alaetra Long, Jaci Venzor

Boys LJ followed by TJ - Sterling Smith, Jace Anderson, Nick Rosenthal, Yasser Gratol

- Yasser Gratol, Jace Anderson, Chase Dederman, Kade Bowling

2:00 Boys HJ followed by Girls - Kade Bowling, Austin Hurt, David Leffler, Dexter Drbal

- Carlita Gorham, Jocelyn Anderson, Jackie Springer, Devin Coulson


3:15 Girls 3200 Relay - Emily Cole, Livie Wennstedt, Alex Barada, Bryclin Alstrom

3:25 Boys 3200 Relay - Abram Turner, Seth Poggenpohl, Tyler LaBudda, Alex Curran

3:35 Girls 100 Hurdles (Prelims) - Miranda Brohman, Nerissa Moravec

3:45 Boys 110 Hurdles (Pre) - Sterling Smith, Tate Pringle, Jace Anderson

3:55 Girls 100 (Prelims) - Taylor Roscoe, Brayden Renner, Malea Ness, Miranda Brohman

4:05 Boys 100 (Prelims) - Jacob Mayer, Martiez Prather, Curtis Westbrooks, Eddie Aguilera

4:15 Girls 400 (Finals) - Jordan Gibbons, Jaden Krolikowski, Bryclin Alstrom, Alex Barada

4:25 Boys 400 (Finals) - Samondre Miley, Andrew Goldsmith, Jordan Pond, Bret Reetz

4:35 Girls 3200 Run (Finals) - Abby Johnson, Emily Graul

4:50 Boys 3200 Run (Finals) - Tyler Cox, John Ebers, Russell Masterson, Nick Cowles

5:05 Girls 200 Dash (Prelims) - Maya Buss, Elizabeth Gifford, Jaden Krolikowski, Brayden Renner

5:10 Boys 200 Dash (Prelims) - Bret Reetz, Jordan Pond, Andrew Goldsmith, Jacob Mayer

Second Session (all Finals)

6:10 Girls 100 Hurdles (Finals)

Boys 110 Hurdles (Finals)

Girls 100 Dash (Finals)

Boys 100 Dash (Finals)

6:25 Girls 800 M Run - Alex Barada, Atti Donohoe, Bryclin Alstrom, Elsa Forsberg

6:30 Boys 800 M Run - Abram Turner, Seth Poggenpohl, Alex Curran, Nick Rosenthal

6:40 Girls 300 Low Hurdles - Nerissa Moravec, Malea Ness, Miranda Brohman

6:50 Boys 300 Hurdles - Jace Anderson, Tate Pringle, Sterling Smith

7:00 Girls 200 Dash (Finals)

7:05 Boys 200 Dash (Finals)

7:10 Girls 1600 Run - Elsa Forsberg, Atti Donohoe, Alex Barada, Emily Graul

7:20 Boys 1600 Run - Tyler LaBudda, Dustin Siefert, Tommy Ward, Jared Friend

7:30 Girls 400 Relay - Malea Ness, Taylor Roscoe, Maya Buss, Brayden Renner

7:40 Boys 400 Relay - Jacob Mayer, Sterling Smith

7:50 Girls 1600 relay - Bryclin Alstrom, Nerissa Moravec, Brayden Renner, Elsa Forsberg

8:00 Boys 1600 Relay - Samondre Miley, Andrew Goldsmith, Jordan Pond, Bret Reetz
Athletes in the early field events will be released from 6-8th periods. Everyone else will be released from 7-8th periods.

Site: Scott Track, Lincoln High School, - 22nd and J street

Admission: Students $3.00 Adults $5.00

Scoring: 10-8-6-4-2-1 Medals: Six Places

Spikes: 1/8 Inch or less (Christmas tree spikes recommended)

Teams: East, Lincoln High, Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, North Star

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