Lorain County Children Services Board Meeting Tuesday, November 24, 2015

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Lorain County Children Services

Board Meeting

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Vice Chair Frank Whitfield called the meeting to order at 12:13 p.m. at the Charleston Coffee House, 630 Broadway, Lorain, OH 44052.

  1. Approve Agenda

Vice Chair Frank Whitfield asked if there were any additions or changes to the Agenda submitted for the November 24, 2015 Board Meeting. There were none.

MOTION: It was moved by Linda Webber, seconded by Marcia Ballinger to approve the Agenda for the November 24, 2015 Board Meeting. Motion carried.

  1. Meeting Logistics

    1. Attendance

Present: Marcia Ballinger, Melissa Stefano, Linda Webber, Frank Whitfield

Also present: Scott H. Ferris, Executive Director

Excused: Bill Harper

    1. Appointing of Self-Assessment Auditor

Vice Chair Frank Whitfield appointed Linda Webber to as the auditor for today’s meeting.

    1. Statement of Preparedness

Vice Chair Frank Whitfield asked if the Board prepared for today’s meeting. They acknowledged that they were.

  1. Consent Agenda

    1. Operational

Nothing to discuss in this category.

    1. Board

  • Acceptance of Minutes

Vice Chair Frank Whitfield asked if there were any additions or changes to the minutes submitted for the October 14, 2015 Board meeting. There were none.

MOTION: It was moved by Linda Webber, seconded by Marcia Ballinger to approve the Consent Agenda. Motion carried.

  1. Ownership Linkage (Policy 3.2)

    1. Communication with the External Environment related to Board’s Annual Agenda

Scott Ferris tentatively scheduled the Board to attend the Commissioners’ meeting on January 20, 2015 at 9:30 a.m., however, the Board members are not available that day. Frank Whitfield is available January 13th and January 27th and offered to present. Director Ferris will follow up with the Commissioner’s office to schedule. The presentation will need to be brief, only about 15 minutes.

    1. Ownership Communication (Public Comment)

Vice Chair Frank Whitfield noted that there was no one from the public present and wishing to speak to the Board.

  1. Operational Education

    1. Executive Director Report

  • Scott Ferris, Jessica Basinski, Jane Robertson and Patti Jo Burtnett traveled to Seattle for the Casey Partners Foundation convening to discuss the IV-E waiver, which is currently scheduled to end in 2019. Patti Jo Burtnett and Jane Robertson were both presenters. Judge Boros also participated.

  • Scott Ferris has previously served for 4 years as a Trustee of the Public Children Services Association of Ohio. He has been reelected to serve a new Trustee term as a Metro County Trustee, beginning in January 2016.

  • The Board members received an invitation to the FBC Holiday party. RSVP was extended for Board members. Board members that plan to attend should notify Scott Ferris by the end of the day.

  • The Board members discussed the location of the Board meetings for the quarter beginning in January 2016, and the effectiveness of moving locations on a quarterly basis.

  • The Board members discussed having a monthly press release as an outreach to the public. The Board discussed holding two separate meetings in December, one for the official meeting and a second meeting as a professional development Board training, to include Eric Craymer. The press release would be solely for the official Board meeting. The Board members came to a consensus that the press release should be done in coordination with the February Board meeting. Flyers could be posted in each government building, and LCCS clients should also be invited. The Board will also plan to discuss the press release when they meet with the Commissioners in January.

  • Scott Ferris had a discussion with Bill Harper about surveying the Board members after the first of the year to see what topics they would like to discuss with regards to operational education. Frank Whitfield asked the Board members to think about topics that they would like to discuss.

  • Scott Ferris announced that Bill Harper asked Eric Craymer to submit a proposal to extend his contract for additional Board development. Scott Ferris was directed to distribute the proposal to all Board members when he receives it from Eric Craymer. This will be discussed further at the December Board meeting.

  1. Policy Discussion

    1. Lower Level Policies 2.1.6, 2.2.1 and 2.3.6- Tabled from Last Month

The Board reviewed their discussion from the October Board meeting about the three nearly identical lower level policies.

The Board discussed the revised cultural competency and data that was presented last month by Scott Ferris. Director Ferris presented his Policy 2.3.6 interpretation and data report again to the Board, and they discussed the need to change the policy to give cultural competency the attention that they feel it deserves. There was some discussion about making cultural competency its own policy. Further discussion regarding a Board policy change will be tabled until the December Board meeting. The Board agreed to table the decision regarding reasonable interpretation and compliance of Policy 2.3.6 until the December Board meeting.

  1. Assurance of Successful Executive Director Performance

    1. Receipt of Monitoring Reports of Policy 2.8 Ends Focus of Contracts; Vote on Compliance

  • Monitoring Report 2.8 (Executive Director Limitations Policy 2.8 Ends Focus of Grants or Contracts) was reviewed by the Board using the Policy Governance Executive Director Limitations Evaluation Form.

2.8.0- Scott Ferris explained to the Board that the agency is not currently pursuing any grants. The agency is funded through allocations and reimbursements. Federal grants are generally awarded to the State, and then the funds are allocated to individual counties. Discussion held. The agency is not a 501©3 non-profit organization, thus ineligible for most private foundation grants. The agency works with its partner agencies for them to receive and administer grants that benefit the families and children that the agency serves.

Frank Whitfield would like Scott Ferris to present the Board with a better understanding of how grants impact the local children services agencies, how other local children services agencies pursue grants and policies that make it unfeasible to receive grants.

Scott Ferris did clarify to the Board that there are no grants in the current budget for the Calendar Year 2016 budget, but this does not prevent the agency from pursuing grants in the future. The agency is also ineligible for to apply for United Way funding.

2.8.1- Discussion held. The Board feels that there is data missing in the interpretation regarding the checks and balances. The Board would like Scott Ferris to provide further information about the contract review process and internal policies to show that things were not done unlawfully, i.e. “This is what I do to prevent these things from happening…”

2.8.2- Discussion held. There is an identified service that the family needs. There is only one provider of the service. Linda would like for us to show that they are providing the services that they need to accomplish. Melissa commented that the evidenced based and promising practice are SAMSHA specific categories and not applicable to Children Services.

The Board asked Director Ferris to make the above changes to Policy 2.8.1, and a recommendation to rescind Policy 2.8.2 and show that it is covered in another policy.

The Board will hold off on approval of Policy 2.8 until receiving a revised interpretation from Executive Director Scott Ferris at the January Board meeting.

    1. Challenges to Monitoring


    1. New Issues Discovered in Monitoring


    1. Next Monitoring Assignment- Policy 2.1 Treatment of Clients and Policy 2.3.6

  1. Executive Session


  1. Board Self-Assessment against Board Means Policies

    1. Appointed Auditor Report

Linda Webber felt that the Board had some good discussion and that they are well on their way.

  1. Announcements

  • None

  1. Adjournment

MOTION: It was moved by Linda Webber, seconded by Melissa Stefano to adjourn the meeting at 1:36 p.m. Motion carried.

The next Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, December 16, 2015 at 5:00 p.m. at the Charleston Coffee House, 630 Broadway, Lorain, OH 44052.

Minutes Prepared by:
Kimberly Barilla, Administrative Supervisor

Approved by:

Frank Whitfield, LCCS Board Vice Chair

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