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Part 1: Making an image with a lens and index card
Hold the magnifying glass between the image source and the index card. You’ll have to experiment with different distances between the lens and the card to get the right focus.

Part 2: Making an image with a mirror and an index card
Hold the mirror behind the index card, and reflect the light from the image source onto the index card. It can be tricky to find the right angle where the index card doesn’t block the light coming from the light source.

Kinesthetic Telescope
Part 1: Construct Your Telescope

Recruit 2 students to be the telescope’s aperture, the opening of the telescope that lets light in. Next, recruit a student to be the telescope’s mirror that will reflect and focus the light. Then, ask a student to be the shutter, the piece of the telescope that opens and closes to let light through to the detector. Next, recruit a student to play the detector, the piece of the telescope that collects the focused light, and records it as an image. One student can be the shining star that the telescope is observing. The remaining students are light that is shining from the star, and will be observed by the telescope and recorded by the detector.

1. Light travels from an object in space to the telescope

2. The aperture lets the light into the telescope

3. The mirror focuses the light toward the detector

4. The shutter lets the light through to the detector

5. The detector records the light to create an image

Kinesthetic telescope vocabulary cards










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