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Step 5: Go to Process > Stack > Convert Stack to RGB. There’s your final image! Save all of your work by saving your image as a GIF by going to File > Save As > GIF.

Vocabulary List
Telescope: An instrument that makes a far away object look nearer by collecting and focusing light. Allows us to see more details than we can with our eyes only.

Reflector: A type of telescope that uses mirrors to collect and focus light.

Refractor: A type of telescope that uses lenses to collect and focus light.

Aperture: The opening in a telescope through which light enters.

Mirror: The part of a telescope that reflects and focuses light.

Shutter: The part of a telescope that opens and closes to let light through to the detector.

Exposure time: The amount of time the shutter stays open.

Detector: The part of a telescope that collects the focused light, and records it as an electronic image.

Pixel: Short for “picture element”. The smallest square portion of an electronic image, where light was collected by each part of the detector.

Brightness: The amount of light that was collected by the telescope from part of an object. Measured as “pixel value” from an image using MicroObservatory Image software.
Moon: A chunk of material (usually rock), that travels in a circle around a planet.

Planet: A chunk of material (can be rock or gas) that travels in a circle around a star.

Our Solar System: Made of our one star the Sun, and all the planets and their moons, which orbit the Sun.

Gravity: A force that pulls all things together.

Galaxy: A collection of many billions of stars, gas and dust (including nebulae), all held together by the force of gravity.

Milky Way: Earth and our solar system are part of this galaxy. All the stars visible in the night sky are part of this galaxy.

Universe: This is made of billions of galaxies. All the galaxies you could see with any telescope are part of this.

Nebula: A giant cloud of gas and dust.

Star: A massive ball of gas that shines brightly because of the huge amount of energy that is produced inside it.
Crop: A tool that takes away the parts of an image around a chosen area.

False color table: A tool that uses colors to represent the brightness of pixels in an image.

Sharpen: A tool that makes clearer the edges between nearby regions of high and low brightness.

Contrast: The range of brightness (pixel value) that we choose to display in an image.

Noise: Extra brightness in an image that did not come from light from an object, usually from the detector electronics.




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