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APEX is directly in between Coyote Springs and Las Vegas with all traffic bypassing its frontage. This is a one time opportunity to acquire 181 acres of industrial land in the path of progress with close proximity to the already booming LAS VEGAS.

Lying in the Path of Massive Development called “COYOTE SPRINGS”


Building of this 42,000 acre master planned community has already begun. Pardee will be a big player in this projects starting with construction of about 7,000. This development will be around 55 miles north of Las Vegas close to the junction of U.S. Highway 93 and State Highway 168 which is just north of APEX.

Coyote Springs is the largest privately held property for development in Southern Nevada, roughly twice the size of Summerlin. The master plan has already been approved by Clark County. This master plan will include up to six golf courses, vacation villas, custom lots, multi-family housing and commercial and retail development. 

Pardee is under contract for 8,000 acres with an option to acquire up to15,000 acres. One golf course has already been started by the developer. Coyote Springs Investment has partnered with Jack Nicklaus to build a series of Signature Golf Courses to be known collectively as "The Bear Trail" and has partnered with the PGA of America to build the "PGA Village" at Coyote Springs, the first true PGA of America golf destination in the western United States.

This is any interesting entry into the Las Vegas area housing mix. The developer's are touting a 50 minute commute into the Las Vegas area. It may be a bit longer. Prices should be somewhat less than a comparable product in the Las Vegas Valley.

APEX Industrial Park
(“The Park”) is poised to become one of the predominant industrial parks in Nevada and is one of the few large, contiguous industrial properties in Southern Nevada.

The Park is a terrific opportunity for such businesses as warehousing/distribution operations, light manufacturing, and flex space. In addition, the Park provides an excellent opportunity for investors of all types (including any investor seeking 1031 exchange property).

Apex Industrial Park History



Apex has completed all necessary environmental and archeological studies, and identified key development and infrastructure issues, including the availability of water and air resources. Agreements are in place with several utility companies, whereby the utility companies will provide utilities to end-users.


Apex is now home to two merchant power plants, both of which are now operational. These power plants chose Apex because the property is highly suitable for industrial uses. Its advantages include: immediate land availability, interstate highway access (Interstate 15 and US Highway 93), a large nearby workforce, close proximity to railroad service, close proximity to California ports, and support from area governments.


Located approximately 13 miles from the heart of Las Vegas, these properties are priced drastically below other industrial land in the Valley. The Apex land is attractive not just for end users — it also offers individuals a unique opportunity to invest in the future of Las Vegas’s continued growth. In addition, the property provides an excellent prospect for 1031 exchange investors.

Questions & Answers about Apex Industrial Park

Q: Where is the Park located?
A: Approximately 13 miles northeast of downtown Las Vegas and roughly 4 miles from the urban Las Vegas Metropolitan area. The Park is adjacent and has access to Interstate 15 and US Highway 93. In addition, the Park is located in close proximity to the Union Pacific railroad.
Q: What mix of industries can be located in the Park?

A: The Park currently is zoned M-2, which supports a wide variety of industrial uses. In addition, as the Park grows, the need for commercial and retail space within the Park bounds will allow for support facilities to be constructed.

About Apex Industrial Park

Surpassing the Needs of your Business


The Park is creating an excellent location for your commercial and industrial needs. Some of the Park's highlights are:

  • Located 20 minutes north of Las Vegas , Nevada on I-15

  • Excellent access to U.S. Highway 93 and Union Pacific Railroad

  • Frontage along and adjacent to major thoroughfares

  • Utility services access, such as electric transmission and distribution service, and an interstate natural gas pipeline

  • M2 zoning throughout park, allowing most industrial uses

  • No corporate income tax


Driving Times and Distances



Las Vegas to Major Western Markets

Las Vegas to Los Angeles

270 miles

4 hours and 49 minutes

Las Vegas to Salt Lake City

420 miles

7 hours and 23 minutes

Las Vegas to Phoenix

290 miles

6 hours and 23 minutes

Las Vegas to San Francisco

570 miles

10 hours and 20 minutes

Las Vegas to Denver

760 miles

12 hours and 58 minutes

(Source: AAA Auto Club)


This combination of excellent access, location, and service will allow the Apex Industrial Park to be a premier location for a wide variety of businesses and industries, including:

  • Commercial - Truck, Retail, Transportation, Lodging

  • Warehousing and Distribution - Logistics, Cold-Storage, Flex-Space

  • Light and Heavy Industrial - Recycling , Assembly, Outside Storage

  • Light and Heavy Manufacturing - Plastics, Metals , Chemicals

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