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Complete this checklist and review with the MC at the beginning of the project. Refer to the checklist throughout project development in order to make sure that the appropriate coordination is completed and the Plans, Specifications, and Estimates (PS&E) and other documents are developed in accordance with the executed State/Municipal Agreement, WisDOT procedures for Utility Coordination, and program guidelines. Update the checklist as needed during final design and submit with the PS&E package.
Identify utility companies with facilities within the project area.

Send project notification letter and exhibits to all utility companies with a potential for facilities in the project area. Ask them to verify that they have facilities in the area and also request utility system maps for the project area.

Field locate utility facilities in project area. DO NOT DEPEND ON SYSTEM MAPS FOR LOCATIONS!!! Facilities must be field located.

  • DO NOT remove manhole covers to determine flow line elevations and pipe sizes.

  • Expose existing utility facilities and obtain elevations (pothole) at the following locations     . Note: This will have to be coordinated with the utility.

Show existing utility facilities on plat, plans, and cross sections. (Horizontal location only, unless a survey crew has obtained elevations.)

Identify potential utility conflicts and report them to the utility. The utility is ultimately responsible for determining conflicts but the highway designer is more familiar with the project and is best suited for determining the initial list of potential conflicts.

Invite utilities to Operational Planning Meeting.

Invite utilities to all Public Information Meetings.

Hold       utility coordination meetings on the project. These meetings will be held at the       and       stage of the project.

Draft utility release of rights documents. (Conveyance of Rights in Land, Quitclaim Deed, or Temporary Highway Easement forms)

Consultant or local unit of government (select one) will obtain and record signed conveyance documents.

Send a copy of the plans that are sufficiently complete to allow for the relocation or adjustment design of utility facilities along with a cover letter explaining the project and notifying the utility of any sensitive areas in the project area.

Consultant or local unit of government (select one) will send notice of reimbursable work to the utilities.

Review utility relocation / adjustment plans, approve plans or return with recommendations for corrective actions if required.

Send Plan Approval and/or Start Work Notices to utility companies for their relocations or adjustments.

Write “utility” section of the special provisions and revise as needed based upon information provided by the utilities.

Prepare the Utility Status Report (form DT1080) as part of the PS&E submittal package.
Provide R/W staking for utilities as needed. R/W staking need only be done in the areas requested by the utility, not the entire project. Assume this will be done       times.

Consultant or local unit of government (select one) will negotiate reimbursable work utility contracts.

Provide       size plans and plats,       size cross sections, in paper or electronic format (.dgn or .dwg files) to all utilities. Assume       utilities will need copies.

Provide utilities with revised plan sheets with any changes from previous plans indicated, as required.

Review utility permits for compatibility with highway project design and recommend corrective action if necessary.

Send a final (reduced size) plan set and copy of the “Utility” portion of the Special Provisions to each utility with facilities in the project area just prior to, or soon after, the final PS&E submittal.

Follow-up on status of utility relocations between PS&E submittal and the Pre-construction meeting.

Conduct Pre-Bid Utility Meeting for potential bidders to discuss utility relocations and utility coordination during construction.

Attend pre-construction meeting to discuss current status of utility relocations.
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