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On International Literacy Day, individuals, organizations, and countries throughout the world renew their efforts to promote literacy and demonstrate their commitment to providing education for all.
Suggested Activities to Celebrate International Literacy Day:
Literacy Providers -

  • Plan an event to commemorate International Literacy Day.

  • Write a letter to the editor or op/ed piece for your local newspaper focusing on International Literacy Day, the importance of adult literacy, and the U.S. adult literacy standing internationally.

  • Ask your local library to set up a display of books written by authors in countries that have low literacy rates.

  • Partner with local companies in your area to display information about International Literacy Day and literacy rates throughout the world.

  • Organize a “Read In” event and ask volunteers take turns reading favorite literary passages aloud.

(Source: International Reading Association; ProLiteracy Worldwide)

Individuals –

  • Take a field trip to a local literary landmark.

  • Learn about and support local literacy projects.

  • Join a book discussion group.

  • Develop a home library.

  • Sponsor a child in a reading program.

  • Give a book as a gift.

  • Volunteer to read to patients in a hospital or nursing home.

  • Get a library card and use it.

  • Share your enthusiasm for a book with a child.

  • Read books aloud to family and friends.

  • Reread a favorite book.

  • Ask your friends to tell you about the books that shaped their lives.

  • Help a child write and illustrate a book.

  • Attend readings at your local library or bookstore.

  • Recommend a favorite book to a friend.

  • Use television to encourage reading.

  • Teach someone to read.

Businesses & Other Organizations –

  • Use your newsletter to spread the word about the importance of reading.

  • Provide, encourage, and actively support opportunities for your own employees to improve their education.

  • Donate money to literacy organizations. Call the NIFL hotline at 800-228-8813 to find the closest program.

  • Donate equipment and other materials.

  • Donate in-kind services.

  • Encourage employees to share their professional expertise with literacy programs.

  • Encourage employees to volunteer as tutors in literacy programs.

  • Start a literacy program in your workplace.

  • Become an advocate within your organization, and in the larger business community, for adult education and literacy.

  • "Adopt" a local literacy program.

  • Take a field trip to a local literary landmark.

  • Make a video that promotes reading.

  • Give awards for reading achievement.

  • Sponsor a book-collecting contest.

  • Organize an essay contest about "a book that changed my life."

  • Sponsor book awards.

  • Learn about and support local literacy projects.

  • Form a reading promotion partnership with a nearby public library or school.

  • Establish a book discussion group.

  • Sponsor a book fair.

(Source: National Institute for Literacy)

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