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The police officers deployed by EU Member States and Third States to EUPOL Afghanistan should have the following clothing and equipment:
Basic equipment

  1. National Police Uniform and Field Working Police Uniform (this includes both the summer and winter uniform, as well as underwear, socks etc). The uniform should clearly allow to distinguish between the police and the military forces.

  2. Winter jacket

  3. Raincoat

  4. Pullovers

  5. Reflective vest

  6. Gloves (additional working gloves recommended)

  7. Shoes (service uniform)

  8. Field Boots (both desert and arctic)

  9. Sleeping bag

  10. Combination knife

  11. Mosquito-dome

  12. Disposable lattice gloves

  13. Flashlight

  14. First aid kit

  15. Desert goggles

  16. Sun glasses

  17. Binocular

  18. Compass

  19. Gas mask (both NBCR warfare and tear gas filters)

  20. Ground insulation mat

  21. Individual protective kit (disposable face mask, disposable overall)

  22. Water purification tablets

  23. Ballistic helmet

  24. Body armour (class 4/4a with the capability of the insertion of additional ceramic/other plates)

  25. Sun lotion

  26. Non-alcoholic antibacterial handwash

  27. Mosquito repellent

  28. Eye wash solution

  29. Rehydration packs

Desirable equipment

  1. Anti-stab trauma vest

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