Liberty Middle School Chorus

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Liberty Middle School Chorus



General Information
Chorus is open to all students at Liberty Middle School. Students who register for Chorus attend class once a day the entire year. There are three choruses offered throughout the day, Eighth Grade Chorus, Seventh Grade Chorus and Sixth Grade Chorus. Honor Chorus is an extra-curricular activity, which meets on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7:50 – 8:40. This is an auditioned group and is open to 6th, 7th and 8th graders.

Students who take Chorus are given instruction in music reading skills and vocal development (see Course Content on the next page). Additionally, much time is spent preparing for performances at school and throughout the community. Seventh and eighth graders who are enrolled in the chorus class will have the opportunity to audition for the all-state chorus, which meets in Savannah in late February. All students will also have the opportunity to audition for the Forsyth County Honors Chorus which will meet in February. In the spring, each choir will compete in the Large Choral Festival which will be held at Reinhardt College.

Dr. Karen Graffius, Instructor
Dr. Graffius is a native of Louisiana and received her Bachelor of Music Degree from Louisiana College and Master’s and Doctor of Philosophy Degrees from Louisiana State University. After teaching in Louisiana for 8 years, she moved to Tennessee and taught an additional 8 years. This is her eighth year to teach in Forsyth County and her eighth year at Liberty Middle. Dr. Graffius has received numerous awards for her teaching including being named Choral Director of the Year while teaching in Baton Rouge, LA and Teacher of the Year while in LaVergne, TN.


Chorus Course Content

Liberty Middle School

Dr. Karen Graffius, Instructor

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