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Leeds Athletics Network

18th April 2011


Lecture Room

John Charles Centre for Sport



  1. Paul Moseley – Leeds City Council

  2. Lucy Birkenshaw – England Athletics

  3. Vicky Joel – West Yorkshire Sport

  4. Louise Purdy – West Yorkshire Sport

  5. Bob Jackson – Valley Striders

  6. Holly Williams – Valley Striders

  7. Ashley Little – Leeds City AC

  8. Richard Pullan – Hyde Park Harriers

  9. Paul Crossan – Chapel Allerton

  10. Janet Cliff – Chapel Allerton

  11. Fraser Weir – Leeds University / Parkrun

  12. Ray Rundle – Horsforth Harriers

  13. Peter Leach – Abbey Runners

  14. Andy Cook – Pudsey & Bramley AC

  15. John Marshall – Pudsey Pacers

  16. Andrew Gardner – St Theresa’s AC

  17. Helen Cowley – Kippax Harriers

  18. Wendy Chapman – Kippax Harriers

  1. Jill Stocks - Kirkstall Harriers

  2. Paul Beresford – Rothwell Harriers

  3. Paul Grindley – Airecentre Pacers

  4. Kevin Meakin - Pudsey Pacers, but represented by John Marshall

  5. Martin Horbury -Leeds City AC, but represented by Ashley Little

  6. Suzie Gillon - Roundhay Runners.


Agenda item:

1. Welcome & Introductions



  • BJ welcomed everyone to the meeting and asked the group to introduce themselves.

Agenda item:

2. Current Position of the Network



  • BJ handed out an agenda, a copy of the calling email, and a financial summary

  • In order for the network funding to continue projects must be delivered over the next 5 months that demonstrate impact

  • The financial summary shows that we have 4k to spend on potential summer projects

  • Previous successful projects include the wheelchair coaching courses, the indoor athletics meetings and the Run in Leeds projects.

  • PM informed the network that LCC will be continuing their commitment to wheelchair athletics by donating £7000 to run wheelchair projects in year 2.

  • The financial summary shows that the race clock, priced at £2000, has not yet been purchased, an idea would be that the network makes a decision this evening whether to purchase or to release this £2k to summer projects.

  • If we do decide to purchase the race clock we will look to hire out the clock for a small fee which will go towards the original cost of the clock

  • The network’s quarterly report must be written and submitted to England Athletics by 30th April 2011 and include any plans for summer projects

  • In order for funding to continue in year 2 the network’s year 2 plan must be submitted to England Athletics by 2nd September 2011.

  • As a result of LCC Sports Development restructure and current budget restrictions they can no longer continue coordinating the network. As a result WYS have been contacted to coordinate the network over the next 5 months.

Agenda item:

3. West Yorkshire Sport & Coordination Role




  • West Yorkshire Sport has been contracted to coordinate the network.

  • The coordination role will be 2 days per week.

  • WYS will be the point of contact for LAN

  • Louise Purdy, West Yorkshire Sport Development Officer, will take on the role of coordinator

  • WYS will submit the quarterly report to England Athletics on 30th April 2011

  • WYS will coordinate an interim year 1 plan – to discussed and planned tonight

  • WYS will put together a year 2 plan based on information from club visits

  • WYS will provide secretariat support for LAN


  • All clubs will be contacted with the intention of arranging club visits asap to discuss the following*;

    • What’s important to your club

    • What support you need

    • What projects would benefit your club going into yr2

*Ideally these items would be discussed in 30 minutes prior to a club training session with the relevant club members

  • From the club visits a draft year 2 plan will be collated and sent out to all clubs by 17th June 2011 for a

2- Week consultation period which will give clubs the opportunity to respond.

  • Once the consultation period has ended any amendments will be made and the final plan will be compiled and presented at the July network meeting. The plan will be submitted to England Athletics by the end of August.

Agenda Item:

4. Suggested Projects for the remainder of Yr 1.



  • At separate meeting last week with BJ, VJ and LP it was decided that, given the urgency of planning projects to deliver this summer the network would need to complete project planning at the network meeting to kick start the process.

  • BJ indicated the project areas for year 2 to be Community (including Run England), Disability, Endurance (LEAF), Higher education, Juniors and schools, Race organization (including officials and volunteers), Track & field, Publicity, and Funding (including external partners). Coaching was not listed as a project area as it was anticipated to be a major part of all project areas.

  • BJ suggested that with limited time and funding for the remainder of year 1, only two project areas could be covered and it was generally agreed that these should be endurance and juniors.

  • As a result the network will look at project planning for 1 or 2 projects around endurance and juniors breaking out into these two groups.

Agenda item:

5. Break Out sessions



Junior Group

Current Provision

  • P&B Facilities – Can’t help delivery with event specific clinics /flying coach visits

  • LCAC – Dortmund, Indoor Competitions, Athletics 365

  • Abbey Runners – Juniors 5-16, grass

  • Chapel Allerton – road, trail, opportunity to signpost athletes to other clubs

  • Wetherby Runners – shown interest in Athletics 365

New Projects




Actions/ Timescales

  • Club Visits

Complete a club audit

Coordinator Salary


Over next 2mths

  • Athletics 365

  • Organise a workshop

  • Order Coaching pks x 10

  • Order Equip bag x 1

Total: £800


£300 (for 10 pks)



  • Organise over next month for July/August

  • Community Club Cup Competition

  • Junior competition held at JCSS participants from the 5 community (after-school) sessions

£400 – CE Electric funding bid

No lead

  • Identify Clubs/ Coaches to lead and support at the event through club visits ASAP

  • Volunteer Recruitment

  • Link with Leeds university to offer opportunities



  • Clubs to contact AL with club Vol. opportunities. Club visits to identify volunteering need & promote link through AL

  • Event Calendar

  • Link in with the West Yorkshire Management Group - find out info for WY junior events.

  • Include Junior Park run in the calendar.





  • Collate info from YMG to present at next meeting, 18th July

  • Event details collated through club visits and sent to Bob to post on website

  • Events Calendar to be put together in Yr 2

  • LAN on Facebook

  • Create a facebook group linked to all club pages



  • Facebook page live over next 2 weeks

  • Network Poster/


  • To include information all clubs


LP & ALL clubs

  • Street games

  • Info on EA website. To inform clubs



  • To find out any information for clubs and disseminate

  • Coach Development Workshops

  • Identify key 1or 2 workshops through club visits (pt.1)

£200/£300 each


  • To identify need through Club visits to present at July meeting

  • Timetable of activities across the network

To collate information from club visits and put on website (pt. 1)



  • Information to be collated at Club visits to be sent to Bob to put on the website over next 2 months

Key Summer Junior Projects Summary;

  1. Club Visits

  2. Athletics 365 Workshop

  3. Community Club Cup – Lead required to go ahead

Endurance Group – 2 Key projects

New Projects




Actions/ Timescales

  1. Run In Leeds

  • Continuation of 6 run in Leeds sessions after June 19th new run England course.

  • More LIRF courses to provide leaders

  • Drop off at end of Summer- Safety- indoor sessions –maintain these people

  • Continually topping up members – advertising, publicity etc. and/or an improver group, handicapped run

Benefits/Impact - Reduce drop-off of those who may be persuaded to stay


Holly –Valley Striders

  1. Develop- ment of Coaches

  • Provide a schedule of LCDP/SCUK courses for coaches, officials, volunteers to access

  • Organise 4 over the summer

  • Flying Coach/Sports Science Lecturer – Marathon specific

Benefits/ Impact –

*LAN Coaches increase knowledge and learning around agreed areas

*Advertise and income generate for LAN(sustainability)



  • LP to gather preliminary information around clubs facilities and potential to host courses

  • LP to source venue through Club visits

  • LP to agree costings

  • LB to source tutors

  • LP to advertise & take bookings

Agenda item:

6. Agreement of action plan



  • All in agreement on projects

  • Total Project Cost Calculated to date = £1700

  • Awaiting LB/LP to calculate costs for Endurance activities

  • NB We won’t make a decision on the race clock until we know all the costs

Agenda item:

7. AOB



  • Kippax Harriers –

Due to the closure of Garforth Leisure Centre the Kippax Harriers are looking for alternative area/venue to meet for the Country Way Race

  • Road Closures

John Marshall has a link with a Leeds City Councillor and can support with road closures - minimising charges – those clubs putting on road races please speak to John Marshall at Pudsey Pacers and let him know dates, times and roads required for closure.

  • Leeds Half Marathon

  • A leaflet of Leeds clubs has been included in all race packs. Paul Moseley requested clubs to let him know numbers of marshals and preferred location as soon as possible.

  • Next Meeting:

Date: July 18th 2011, 6.30pm

Venue: TBC

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