Lease and development agreement

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(c) Maintenance of Tanks.

Without limiting the generality of any of the provisions of this Agreement, the Lessee agrees that it shall be solely responsible for maintaining, testing and repairing the Tanks. The Lessee shall not perform any servicing, repair or non-routine maintenance to the Tanks without the prior written approval of the Port Authority. In addition, the Lessee, at its sole cost and expense, shall make all modifications to the Tanks and take all other actions so that the Tanks shall at all times comply with all applicable Environmental Requirements.

(d) Removal.

(1) All Tanks installed during the term of the letting under this Agreement shall be removed by the Lessee from the Premises on or before the expiration of this Agreement (unless the Lessee shall have received the prior written approval of the Port Authority to abandon a tank in place and such abandonment continues to meet all applicable Environmental Requirements) and the Lessee agrees to dispose of the Tanks off the Airport in accordance with all applicable Environmental Requirements.

(2) Any removal of the Tanks shall be performed pursuant to an alteration application prepared by the Lessee and submitted to the Port Authority for the Port Authority’s approval and in connection with such removal, the Lessee shall restore the Premises to the same condition existing prior to the installation of the Tanks, shall perform such testing of the Tanks and of the soil, sub-soil and ground water in the vicinity of the Tanks as shall be required by the Port Authority and shall clean-up and remediate any contamination disclosed by said testing. In the event the Lessee does not remove the Tanks as required by subparagraph (l) above, the Port Authority may enter upon the Premises and effect the removal and disposal of the Tanks, restoration of the Premises and such remediation and the Lessee hereby agrees to pay all costs and expenses of the Port Authority arising out of such removal, disposal, restoration and remediation.

(e) Compliance with Environmental Requirements.

Without limiting the generality of any other term or provision of this Agreement, the Lessee shall at its cost and expense comply with all Environmental Requirements applicable to the Tanks, including without limitation any modifications or closures required thereby, and any Discharge, including without limitation testing the Tanks and registering the Tanks in the name of the Lessee as owner and operator, submitting all required clean-up plans, bonds and other financial assurances, performing all required clean-up and remediation of Discharges and filing all reports, making all submissions to, providing all information required by, and complying with all requirements of, all Governmental Authorities pursuant to all such Environmental Requirements. Nothing in the foregoing shall be construed as a submission by the Port Authority to the application to itself of the Environmental Requirements, provided, however, no immunity or exemption of the Port Authority from the Environmental Requirements shall excuse the compliance therewith by the Lessee or shall be grounds for non-compliance therewith by the Lessee.

(f) Lessee’s Assumption of Risks.

(1) The Lessee hereby assumes all risks arising out of or in connection with the Tanks and all Discharges whether or not foreseen or unforeseen and shall indemnify and hold harmless the Indemnified Parties from and against (and shall reimburse the Port Authority for their costs and expenses including without limitation penalties, fines, liabilities, settlements, damages, attorney and consultant fees, investigation and laboratory fees, clean-up and remediation costs, court costs and litigation expenses), all claims and demands, just or unjust, of third persons (such claims and demands, “Tank Claims”) including but not limited to those for personal injuries (including death), property damages, or environmental impairment, arising or alleged to arise out of or in any way related to, the failure of the Lessee to comply with each and every term and provision of this Agreement, or the Tanks, or any Discharge, or any lawsuit brought or threatened, settlement reached or any governmental order relating to the Tanks or a Discharge, or any violation of any Environmental Requirement or demands of any Governmental Authority based upon or in any way related to the Tanks or a Discharge, and whether such arise out of the acts or omissions of the Lessee or of the contractors of the Lessee or of third persons or out of the acts of God or the public enemy or otherwise including Tank Claims by the City of New York against the Port Authority pursuant to the provisions of the Basic Lease whereby the Port Authority has agreed to indemnify the City against claims. It is understood the foregoing indemnity shall cover all claims, demands, penalties, settlements, damages, fines, costs and expenses of or imposed by any Governmental Authority under the aforesaid Environmental Requirements.

(2) If so directed the Lessee shall at its expense defend any suit based upon any such Tank Claim (even if such Tank Claim is groundless, false or fraudulent) and in handling such it shall not without first having express advance permission from the General Counsel of the Port Authority raise any defense involving in any way the jurisdiction of the tribunal over the person of the Port Authority, the immunity of the Port Authority, its Commissioners, officers, agents or employees, the governmental nature of the Port Authority or the provisions of any statutes respecting suits against the Port Authority.

(3) The terms and conditions of this paragraph (f) are intended to allocate obligations and responsibilities between the Lessee and the Port Authority only, and nothing in this paragraph (f) shall limit, modify or otherwise alter the rights and remedies which the Port Authority or the Lessee may have against third parties at law, equity or otherwise.

(g) Survival of Obligations.

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