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Section 18.4 Acceptance of Surrender.

No agreement of surrender or to accept a surrender of the Premises shall be valid unless and until the same shall have been reduced to writing and signed by the duly authorized representatives of the Port Authority and the Lessee. Except as expressly provided in this Section, neither the doing of, nor any omission to do, any act or thing by any of the officers, agents or employees of the Port Authority shall be deemed an acceptance of a surrender of the Premises or the letting hereunder.


(a) Definitions.

The following terms, when used in this Section, shall, unless the context shall require otherwise, have the respective meanings given below:

Date of Taking” shall mean the date on which title to all or any portion of the Premises, as the case may be, has vested in any lawful power or authority pursuant to a Taking.

Material Part” shall mean, with reference to the Premises, such portion of the Premises as when so taken would leave remaining a balance of the Premises, due either to the area so taken or the location of the part so taken in relation to the part not so taken, that would not under economic conditions and after performance by the Lessee of all covenants, agreements, terms and provisions contained herein or required by law to be observed or performed by the Lessee, permit the restoration of the Premises so as to enable the Lessee to operate, maintain and develop the Premises in accordance with the requirements of this Agreement, including without limitation the Section hereof entitled “Permitted Use”, and to continue to carry on its normal operations at the Airport without using such part taken.

Taking” shall mean the acquisition of a real property interest, through condemnation or the exercise of the power of eminent domain, by any body having a superior power of eminent domain.

(b) Permanent Taking of All or a Portion of the Premises.

(1) If a Taking is permanent and covers the entire Premises, then this Agreement shall, as of the Date of Taking, cease and determine in the same manner and with the same effect as if such date were the original date of expiration hereof.

(2) If a Taking is permanent but covers less than all of the Premises, this Agreement and the term hereof shall continue as to the portion of the Premises not so taken, and the letting as to the part of the Premises so taken shall, as of the Date of Taking, cease and determine in the same manner and with the same effect as if the term of the letting had on that date expired, and the rentals shall be abated pro rata.

(3) If a Taking is permanent and covers a Material Part of the Premises, then the Lessee and the Port Authority shall each have an option exercisable by notice given within ten (l0) days after the Date of Taking to terminate the letting hereunder with respect to the Premises not taken, as of the Date of Taking, and such termination shall be effective as if the Date of Taking were the original date of expiration hereof. If the letting of the entire Premises is not terminated, the rentals shall be abated pro rata after the date of surrender of possession of the portion of the Premises taken.

(4) If a Taking is permanent but covers less than the entire Premises and the letting of the portion of the Premises not taken is not terminated pursuant to paragraph (b)(3) of this Section, the Lessee shall proceed diligently to restore the remaining part of the Premises not so taken so that the Premises shall be a complete, operable, self-contained architectural unit in good condition and repair and the proceeds of that portion of any award paid in trust to the Port Authority pursuant to Section 23.3 of the Basic Lease attributable to the improvements on the Premises not so taken shall be made available by the Port Authority to be used by the Lessee for that purpose. The Port Authority shall retain any excess of such award over the costs of the restoration.

(5) If a Taking (x) covers all or “substantially all of a Municipal Air Terminal”, as defined in the Basic Lease, and (y) the Basic Lease (with respect to the Airport) and this Agreement are consequently terminated, then the Port Authority shall pay to the Lessee its unamortized capital investment, if any, in the Premises, provided, however, that the Port Authority’s foregoing payment obligation to the Lessee shall be limited to a proportionate share (as determined by the Port Authority in its sole discretion following consultation with all of the Port Authority’s tenants at the Airport) of the condemnation proceeds available to be paid to the Lessee and the Port Authority’s other tenants at the Airport, and provided, further, that such available condemnation proceeds shall be limited to the amount of the condemnation proceeds received from the City remaining after the Port Authority has been compensated for (p) the value of its leasehold interest in the Airport or (q) the sum of the unamortized portion of the Port Authority’s investment in improvements at the Airport and any remaining deferred charges for equipment acquired by the Port Authority for use at or in connection with its operation of the Airport, whichever of (p) or (q) is greater (such greater amount, the “Port Authority Share”). In making the determination of “proportionate share” provided in the first proviso of the preceding sentence, the Port Authority shall in no event be liable, in any respect, to the Lessee or any other party by reason of such determination or the resulting distribution of proceeds, and the Lessee shall, prior to receipt of any such distribution, execute and deliver to the Port Authority such form of waiver, release and indemnification as the Port Authority may request. The Lessee understands and accepts that after payment of the Port Authority Share, there may be insufficient condemnation proceeds (or none at all) remaining to pay all or any portion of the Lessee’s unamortized capital investment.

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