Learning to take good notes!

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Learning to take good notes!

There are many ways to take good notes.
How can I get better at note taking?

Are there methods and techniques for good note taking?

Making notes your own…..

Rather than try to gauge your note taking by quantity, think in this way: am I simply doing a clerk’s work or am I assimilating new knowledge and putting down my own thoughts? To put down your own thoughts, you must put down your own words….If the note taken shows signs of having passed through a mind, it is a good test of its relevance and adequacy.”

Jacque Barzum and Henry Craff on Note taking

YES! There are many methods and techniques for good note taking.
For example, four good methods for note taking include:

  1. mind mapping

  2. Cornell style

  3. Informal paragraphs

  4. Outlining

There are also several techniques you can use to improve your note taking skills including preparation skills and tricks for

recording and reviewing your notes.
What is Mind Mapping?

What would informal paragraphs look

like in my note taking?


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