Lab report 2 – special senses – olfactory and gustation Due date 4/5/2011 in class – lab report should submitted both on the turnitin and a hard copy in class General

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Lab report 2 – special senses – olfactory and gustation

Due date 4/5/2011 IN CLASS – lab report should submitted both on the turnitin and a hard copy in class


Points will be deducted for any of the following:

Unorganized lab report according to the following order – introduction, objectives, material and methods, results, discussion – 5 points deduction

Title separate from paragraph - 5 points deduction

Table cut into 2 pages - 5 points deduction

Results without units (if needed) - 5 points deduction

Sentences that make no sense, irrelevant statements, spelling mistakes - 2 points for each sentence or mistake.

Introduction (15 points)

The introduction provides the background you and the reader need to understand the experiment and to be able to explain the results.

In this section do not describe the experiment, do not explain results and don’t write your objectives or hypothesis.

Do not write general statements that do not add to the understanding of the experiments (for example: “the senses of smell and taste are extremely important and without them our life would be tasteless.” OR “when you taste a delicious chocolate do you think on what happens in your mouth?”).

A scientific lab report is not a story – your writing should be informative, short and to the point.

Points will be deducted for any irrelevant statement!!

Instruction to writing the introduction

  1. In order to write the introduction, find at least one source that is peer-reviewed and it is not your lab manual or textbook (you can use the link and handouts found in the instructor’s website under “library” or ask a librarian to help you). Absence of this source will result in a grade of zero for the introduction

  2. The introduction should include the following:

Absence of each of the above parts of the introduction will result in deduction of 3 points from the introduction

Objectives (5 points)

When writing the objective think what do you want to learn from the experiments. General statements or a sentence that state what was done will result in a grade of zero for the objective.

Experiments to be conducted

(Taken from the custom edition lab manual – for any other edition check with instructor to verify activities. If other activities will be performed the lab report will not be graded!)

Page 250 activity 3 - no need to have a disposable autoclave bag.


For the “effect of olfactory stimulation” use any food extracts that you have at home (like vanilla, rum, lemon, almonds etc.)

Materials (5 points)

Write a FULL list of all the materials used

Methods (10 points)

Describe all the experiments IN DETAILS. Do not give a general statement and do not cite the lab manual. This is not a Physioex experiment.

If these instructions will not be followed a grade of zero will be given to this section.

Results (20 points)

Full and detailed presentation of the results is needed.

Activity 3 – write the results in a sentence.

Activity 4 – effect of smell and texture – present results in a table (you can use the template on page 251 or make your own). NO HAND WRITTEN TABLES WILL BE ACCEPTED!

Activity 4 – effect of olfactory stimulation - present results in a table. You will need to make your own table. NO HAND WRITTEN TABLES WILL BE ACCEPTED!

Discussion (35 points)

Explain your results – do not describe the results again!

In your discussion make sure that you explain the following concepts:

  1. Why it took time to taste the sugar put on a dry tongue (think how the chemicals should be introduced to the receptors).

  2. How did the texture affect the ability to identify the food? Was it easier for the subject to identify the exact taste with nostrils open and why?

  3. When introduced different smell and taste simultaneously – what sense was dominant? Why?

Don’t repeat the introduction in the discussion – doing that will result in a deduction of 10 points. Keep your discussion short and to the point, don’t add “filler” irrelevant sentences (remember, each sentence like that will result in a 5 points deduction from the grade).

Make your discussion clear by JUST EXPLANING YOUR RESULTS!

References (5 points)

Write a list of references used in MLA FORMAT


Author. "Title of Article." Title of Journal Volume number (Year): Page(s).

Monahan, Deborah J. "Teen Pregnancy Prevention Outcomes: Implication for Social Work Practice." Families in Society: The Journal of Contemporary Human Services 83 (2002): 431+.

DO NOT ADD name of database used, date and location of search

See more in the following link:

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