Koto Ryu – the tiger knocking down school Level 1 instruction, Moti Nativ 15th dan

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Koto Ryu – the tiger knocking down school

Level 1 instruction, Moti Nativ 15th dan

Koto Ryu Originated in China as a boxing school. 23 generations after its beginning it was formalized by sakigami kotaro. Momoichi Sandayu inherited the form around 1542, whose family kept it for three more generations. The Sandayu family infused it with Ninjutsu. Tips of the fingers are a critical part of training and application in Koto Ryu. Koppojutsu, or bone breaking, is a specialty of the school. But Koppo also refers to physical and mental structure, not just bones.

Goho no Kurai Dori – 5 postures

Ichi (hidari), Migi, Hoko, Hira, Bobi – practicing individual Kamae and variation as well as flowing between is a critical part of training.

Yokutorestrain and throw. Kumiuche, pull arm and push neck, kick low and enter following with a high push/attack to throw rearward. Variations include side to side movements with peet chagi, and as a defense against throw among others.

O gyakupush and treat cruelly. Pull right arm free, check against hip with desired hand weapon, pivot and strike. Also verse a throw, jam at the knees, and pivot into a hammer fist mid or high.

Koyokuresist and restrain. Avoid attack, in out block, strike center or high or both, then enter for ganseki nage. Variations include hard point/soft point, ganseki the opposite arm, controlling attacker balance by any means including grasping and shoving clothing throwing from arm pit. Same idea with weapons.

Shitofinger throw. Fist choke, rotate head out and down and lower body to break hold, also moving back. Bo shi to neck then continue in same directions with Omote Gyaku. Throw with arm wind more then gyaku, arm lock focus (pressure on elbow with body). Or throw with boshi. Since the choke has characteristics of a punch, same treatment for punch.

Hosokuseizure. Verse a grab and punch. In out high block with open hand to distract then opposite hand attacks hip socket to imbalance. Then the high hand can hook and pull head in for head butt, or other throws can be used. Or just the head butt. Hip attack can be foot or toes or weapon.

Hoteki abandon. Sink and block using ura shuto, switch hands locking the elbow, step across and throw using elbow. Timing of kuzushi and block must be good. Throw direction may be altered. Same with weapon. Vs gun control weapon hand, or pin, apply elbow lock from outside. Side gun attack should be studied in detail. 20:30 on Moti’s vid.

Shatodiagonal throw. Block attack, rear hand boshi attack to neck, off balance with the block as par for koppo jutsu, kick low, and follow through the throw with control.

Ketohang and throw. Vs double handed lapel grab. Shikan ken, boshi, strike down to break hold and also move back, then rise and kick to groin or mid section to take down. Side pivot peet chagi. One hand in one hand out as pivoting. Or one hand sweep with large body motion to clear grab. Always seek kuzushi.

Saku Gekisqueeze and shoot. Vs two handed active grab, go under striking up into chin or throat, rotate body and boshi to throat, various throws (inner sweep, rear, front).

Tan Gekibear on shoulder and shoot. In/out block twice (multiple attack), then hoko and kick mid. Make the hoko the second block. “Threaten and kick”. Also, the second block/hoko can be an evasion that doesn’t even make contact, by changing the angle. Hoko can also be a direct finger attack/grab to the face. Change timing to counter as the second attack comes in.

Batsugipulling technique. Step out, apply omote as the inner hand strikes up to head. Practice with yoko aruki. Striking hand slaps down on omote, combined with pivot to make a powerful take down. Omote can also be applied under arm pit of the inner arm with pivot as part of a large circular motion.

Settobreaking throw. Vs two handed grab, strike across to inner opposite elbow then rotate and punch mid with cocked hand. Strike to elbow can be shuto or punch. Follow through with a rising motion to open the butsu metsu target area. Use against 1 handed grab and also with yoko aruki. Instead of shuto also an underhanded lift, followed by multiple strikes including boshi ken.

Shihakufinger clap. Similar to Tan Geki but kick is blocked. Key attack is downward moving thrust to topple opponent. Block, block, kick/distract, shihaku.

Kyogiresistance technique. Working against two attacks, opening the butsu metsu with hoko or second block, use yoko aruki step and punch, remaining on the foot as he falls rearward. Stomp or press on lower thigh/outside knee with other leg, or stomp inside opposite leg just above knee.

Kakkodraw together and torture. Vs. two attacks, simultaneous foot strike to pelvis/hip and hand attack high (throat, three fingers). Slightly delayed, the foot follows the hand attack. Or opposite, or together. Change angle to outside for an axe/hook kick to hip and gyaku on arm as hand attacks normal.

Ura Namibreaker waves. Similar opening, then attack shin and scrape down to foot and pin. At high position hands double attack with koppo ken or boshi to sides of neck/head/face. Shin attack can also go slightly behind for a sweep as high counter commences. FIND the kuzushi.

Ten Chiheaven and Earth. Vs two punches, hoko is second block, low kick and high push/grab/throw/hit/claw/punch. Leg enters under center as rear throw occurs. Add a third attack to explore timing.

Kata Makisingle roll. Avoid double attack, enter using hoko, apply mushadori (moving to side and pulling slightly) – that is the koppo – lock in leaning angle, apply boshi and drop turn to throw attacker. Hoko opens, inviting the second attack. If mushadori is missed and the elbow locks, it is ok, just envelop the arm, throw forward and follow through. Apply force throughout and after throw. Can also step behind and rear throw. Explore with weapons (hanbo).


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