Kos single piece dental implants… simple, cost effective & predictable dr. Prasanth Pillai mds (omfs), ficd

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Dr. Prasanth Pillai MDS (OMFS), FICD Single piece implants have been introduced recently in the field of Dental Implantology. Though not applicable in all situations, single piece implants work well in D1 & D2 bone and makes the entire gamut of procedures involved very practical, simple and economical… not just for the implantologist, but for the patient too.

Recently I have introduced KOS implants (“King of Single Piece" – Swiss Implants introduced by Dr. Ihde Dental, Germany & Switzerland) into my implant practice. I have seen that it has brought about a dramatic and favorable change in my implant practice scenario. Therefore, I felt I should share this information with all of you. 


    KOS Single Piece Implants

             Two Piece Implants

Basic design

Immediate Loading  - ie patient can be given the crown(s) / bridge(s) the very next day

Delayed Loading – very often a waiting period of minimum of 3 months is necessary before loading the implants with prosthesis.

Implant Placement Procedures

Single sitting surgical procedure and very often flapless (no open surgical procedures are necessary). Implant procedures are less time consuming than that required for bridgework.

Very often more complex surgical procedures are necessary, spread over 2 or 3 sittings in a period of 3-6 months (Implant placement, Healing Screw placement & Abutment Placement)

Prosthodontic Procedures

Very simple. Conventional impressions of the implants can be made just as is the case with routine bridgework. Very less chairside time.

Requires more complex procedures and chair side time.


Simple – the implant surgery kit is very simple with very few instruments

Complex – a wide array of instruments are required for placement of two piece implants


Very cost effective – costs are comparable to that of conventional PFM bridgework


From the patient’s point of view

Less complex placement procedure, less number of sittings and crown(s) & bridges can be cemented in a day or two… more or less like that of a conventional bridgework & costs are comparable with that of conventional bridgework

More complex placement procedure involving two or more surgical phases. Crowns / bridges are cemented only after 3 months after the healing phase. Much more expensive than the conventional bridgework.

Long term maintenance

Being a single piece, the strength provided by the implant is excellent and there is no separate root portion and abutment portion.


Maintenance is very simple… maintenance is just the same as that of conventional bridgework

Being two piece, the relation between the root portion and the abutment portion can present problems. Studies have proved that two piece implants experience higher mechanical stress under oblique loading. Maintenance of these implants are more complex… very often screws (when used) are to be tightened at periodic intervals as there will be micro-movement between the implant and the abutment.

However, it is to be kept in mind that KOS Single piece implants are not indicated in all cases & they are to be used only in cases where there is good D1 / D2 bone.

KOS Implants are approved by the European Union and due to be approved by the US-FDA shortly.

Three other systems introduced by Dr. Ihde Dental are BCS, BOI & the Leone (Two Piece) Implant systems. These along with KOS are able to provide excellent implant solutions in all types of edentulous situations, avoiding complex surgical procedures. 

KOS Implants: The Allfit® KOS® dental implant system is made of the highly fracture-resistant Ti6Al4V ELI titanium alloy pursuant to ASTM F136. Single-piece implants with apical compression thread and straight, flexible or angled solid abutment. Suitable for crowns, bridges and bar connectors. The compression screw design facilitates immediate prosthetic loading, provided the surgical placement was done correctly (insertion of the restoration within three days or less). The salient features of KOS implants are:* Perfectly manufactured precision implant with double-sandblasted endosseous section.

  • * Highly fracture-resistant titanium alloy.

  • * Single-piece implant with apical compression screw thread.

  • * Straight solid abutment.

  • * Facilitates immediate loading if the surgical placement was correct.

For more information, please visit: www.Implant.com

Dr. Prasanth Pillai MDS (OMFS), FICD.   Dental, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

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