Know your sun facts from your sun fiction

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Know your sun facts from your sun fiction

Did you know that when it comes to sun protection, not all hats are equal?

We all know that sun safe hats help protect against skin cancer and eye damage. But did you know that baseball caps do not provide adequate protection from the sun? There is very clear evidence that baseball caps leave the cheeks, ears, chin and back of the neck exposed to ultraviolet radiation, and this is the site of many skin cancers in later life.

We’re championing sun safe hats

Our school recognises the need to protect student’s skin and educate them about sun safety to reduce the risk of skin cancer. We provide ongoing education that promotes healthy lifestyles and individual and collective responsibility for sun safety. Sun safe hats are part of our schools comprehensive approach to sun safety and are supported in the following ways: Schools – please select the points following that apply to your school and insert your own

Sun-safe hats include broad-brimmed, bucket and legionnaire styles

Broad-brimmed hatBucket hatLegionnaire hat

Want to know more?

Sun safety on the public schools website

SunSmart Primary Schools or call the SunSmart team on (02) 9334 176

Know your sun facts from your sun fiction
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