Kingdom of bahrain ministry of health tender specifications

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Additional Items to be Included in the Bid:

Quantity Required



Stethoscope (Ped.)


Stethoscope (Neo.)


Acoustic Resonator (Tuning Fork)


Additional Sets to be Included in the Bid:

Quantity Required

General Purpose Tray


Minor Laceration/Wound Closure Tray


Incision and Drainage Tray


Nail Tray


Standard Circumcision Tray


Pacemaker Tray


Cut downs sets (adult/ped)


Delivery Packs (inc. Epesiotomy Scissors)


Additional Requirements to be considered by the Bidders

Rigid Endoscopy equipment for Theatre (Quantity: 4)

4 theatres should be supplied with an Imaging trolley fitted with Camera system, light source, Medical Monitor, Suction, Insufflator, Image capture and Video processing equipment. These systems would be used for many specialties, specifically Orthopaedics, Ob/Gyn and General Surgery which are all particularly relevant to the KHGH.

Endoscopy accessories (Quantity: 1 for each Endoscope Type)
Due to the relative fragility of Fiberoptic light cables, one spare unit must be offered, for every specific endoscope type mentioned in the specifications.
Rigid endoscopes for Theatre (Quantity: 1 for each Unit)
Due to the relative fragility of these devices, one spare endoscope must be offered, for every unit mentioned in the specifications.
Electrosurgery/HF cables
Spare Monopolar, Bipolar and Patient plate cables will be required for each Electrosurgery device. (Quote Individually)
Laryngoscopes: 10 Sets (various types/sizes).
Miller Blades: 10 Sets (various types/sizes).
Macintoch Blades: 10 Sets (various types/sizes).
Flexible Laryngoscopes: 2 laryngoscopes (various types/sizes).

Optional Additional Instrument Storage
The storage facilities both in the CSSU and the Theatre and local departments may require reconsideration.
Bidders are required to provide solutions to this problem. The MEQ specifications, Room Data Sheets and Drawings can be used to illustrate what storage is already provided for in the Equipment tender (CSSU & Theatre store). The bidder will then decide if this is sufficient and if not, offer a proposal to meet anticipated requirements.
It should also be pointed out that other local departments may require additional storage for various packs and single pack instruments. These items would typically be stored similarly to sterile consumable items so adequate storage space may already be provided.
It is expected from the bidders to provide solutions for storage option especially in CSSU and Theatre Storage with associated costs.

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