King Arthur put all the babies of Camelot in a boat an sent them out to sea in an attempt to kill Mordred

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Mordred Quiz 1

  1. King Arthur put all the babies of Camelot in a boat an sent them out to sea in an attempt to kill Mordred.

  2. When Mordred lived with fishermother and father his name was Tad

  3. Nyneve takes Mordred to live with his real mother

  4. Morgause is Mordred’s mom

  5. Nyneve defeated Merlin and put him in his tomb

  6. Nyneve gives Mordred a dog

  7. Morgan le Fay initially visits Morgaus because she wants to take Mordred

  8. Garet first tells Mordred that Mordred is Arthur’s son

  9. Arthur slept with his sister because he didn’t know it was his sister, he had the right as king to do so and he was fifteen and wanted to prove his manhood.

  10. Nyneve teaches Mordred to scry

  11. Nyneve gave Pelleas a falcon

  12. Outlake tried to kidnap and rape Nyneve long ago.

  13. Pellionore save Nyneve from the attack

  14. Lancelot rides into Camelot with Queen Guinevere

  15. Gawain makes Mordred promise not to call Arthur his father.

Mordred Quiz 2

  1. “He looked wise, regal, strong, fierce, and fair, an eagle among men…” describes Arthur

  2. Mordred has an x mark behind his ear, a physical sign that reveals he is cursed.

  3. Pellinore killed King Lothe

  4. Nyneve murdered the man who tried to rape her

  5. After Arthur touch Gull she was no longer barren and eventually had pups

  6. Mordred did not kill and torture Pellinore

  7. The purpose of Mordred’s quest was to find a way to escape his fate

  8. Mordred refused to fight many kniongs who challenge him on his quest

  9. Mordredvisted his foster parents first on his quest

  10. Kip is Mordred’s foster brother

  11. The scandalous lover of Morgause is Sir Lamorak, Pellinore’s son.

  12. “I will help you. Let us lay plans; let us take the throne together….” Is said by Morgan le Fey

  13. Mordred escapes Morgan Le Fay’s castle because Nyneve sees him through scrying and helps

  14. Mordred does kill a knight by cutting off his head

  15. Mordred plans to go see Nyneve at Avalon at the end of chapter 10

Mordred Quiz 3

  1. Mordred falls in love with Lynette

  2. Nyneve regrest never having a baby with Pelleas

  3. Mordred dreams about Pelleas finding a blood-filled cauldron

  4. The lady of the Lake tells Mordred to “love”

  5. Garet and Gawain go to Tintagel to kill their mother, her lover and to end their family’s shame

  6. Lynette dislikes Mordred when she hears his name

  7. Mordred sets the hawk he finds free

  8. The hawk, Merlin, kills Gull

  9. Arthur will die of a head wound

  10. Pellas returned from finding the Holy Grail

  11. The blind harper with the raven offers to help Mordred save his soul

  12. Mordred trusts Arthur with keeping his soul

  13. Mordres’ soul is eaten by a raven

  14. After his final battle with Mordred Arthur goes to Avalon

  15. Mordred kills Arthur.

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