Josiah V. Thompson Uniontown, Pa Family Record Book 23

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Josiah V. Thompson

Uniontown, Pa

Family Record Book

V23 Page 1
Enroute to New York City, Saturday Oct 19, 1929 8:44 PM

I left 3627 Lytle Road Shaker Heights, O at 7:42 AM along with Mr & Mrs Frank J. Riley & Pat in their Packard auto with their chauffeur W. Scott Richards driving, taking the road along the lakes to Erie, Pa. Passing through Lake Co, O west of Painesville, O, Mrs Riley saw along the road the name of Henry Merkel Mentor O & a little later saw the name of a Markel along the road.

Ambassador Hotel 14th & K. Sts Washington D.C. Room 1106 Oct 25, 1929 1:44 PM

This is the 49th Anniversary of Andrew's birth & he drove up in his auto from Warrenton, Va to see me here today. I was over this forenoon to see A.W. Mellon, Secy of the Treas & his private Secy Art E. Sixsmith gave me the following directions to go to Smithsburg, Md.

Smithsburg, Md is about 72 miles from Washington D.C. Go to Frederick, then on the Hagerstown Road to Benevola & turn to the right there. Smithsburg is about 20 miles from Benevola, a good road.
V23 Page 2
Peoples Banking Co Smithsburg Washington Co, Maryland Oct 26, 1929 about 2 PM

We did not turn off at Benevola, but drove into Hagerstown, Md & got our lunch & drove out here 11 miles north & going in the bank across the way they told me that Lancelot Jacques was not Pres of this bank now & asking what was the matter they said: "Florida" & the banking Dept asked for his resignation. Coming across here, Mr Baird phoned his home here & his wife said he was at his daughter's, Mrs Garvin Hager, Mealey Parkway, Hagerstown, Md or at his farm adjoining. We then drove to his residence, a fine brick, but it was closed & I could get no response to my repeated raps.

Driving back to Hagerstown, Md, we went to above address & found Mrs Hager, mother in law to Mrs Garvin Hager & the latter's son, J.G. Hager Junr aged about six years. She said Mrs Hager had gone to the football game, but pointing to a house nearby near a big white farm, she said Mr Jacques was there at his farm as she saw his auto parked there. We then drove down & was:
V23 Page 3
At Farm of Lancelot Jacques, Mealey Parkway, edge of Hagerstown, Md Oct 26, 1929 about 4 PM

Going in the house, a woman said Mr Jacques (they pronounce it Jakes) was outside & she called him in. He is a fine looking man with good regular features, rather heavy set, well built & weighing about 190 lbs & about my height.

He told me that his emigrant ancestor, great grandfather, I think, Lancelot Jacques was in partnership there in Frederick Co, Md (before Washington Co was formed) with Thomas Johnson ( he said first Gov) of Maryland in the furnace business from 1765 to 1785 & he has the original contract with him dated Jany 1765 (make slip to see & get copy) & said his sister had the old bibles in storage in Baltimore, Md where she left them when she moved to Calif. He said he had a son at Smithsburg, Md who had ten children. Lancelot Jacques first took up 15,000 A & later got 10,000 A. They had slaves & the Civil War left them broke.

At Oak Hill Sunday 27th, Frank J. Riley weighed 144 lbs, Pat 34 &

V23 Page 4
W. Scott Richards born Nov 11, 1905 & 6 ft 2 in & I each 176. I had a talk with Frank Jerome Riley in my room before the wood fire 2 to 3 Am 27th in which I told him I would make an effort to make a quick sale with the U.S. Steel at a probably greatly reduced sale or price as well as area which would most likely reduce his compensation to $40,000 to $50,0000 which he agreed with me was the best thing to do by reason of his exigencies & mine.

Mr Jacques said the original Jacques large land areas were at or near Green Spring or Clear Spring Md now Washington Co, Md about 10 to 12 miles west of Hagerstown & north of the National Road. He said a tract of over 600 A of the old tract was sold at forced sale at the Court House not long ago & he bought it.

Asking him for the name of his son with ten children & his sister's he wrote them on the back of some cks in his check book as follows:

Son: Lancelot Jacques Jr, Smithsburg, Md

V23 Page 5
Sisters: Mrs Kate Middlekauff, Dunn Irvin Drive, Hagerstown, Md, Celia Jacques, 71 yrs old Baltimore, Md, Mrs S.E. Eyler, 73 yrs old Washington, D.C.

Elizabeth Jacques Haines aged 79 yrs San Diego, Calif, The Pardo [best guess]

This latter is the oldest sister & I think he said she was 75. She has the old Jacques bibles which he said she had left in storage in Balto, Md when she went to Calif which I think he said was abt 20 yrs ago. I think he said he was 57 yrs old & he told me the date of his birth which I thought I had written down, but don't find it.
V23 Page 6
At Frank J. Riley's Nov 10, 1929 1:40 PM

The other night, thinking over the Markle family connections, see Apr 18 & 19th, 1929 Book 22 p [blank] Aurora, Ills, I think that George Markle, father of Gideon 1805 1847 was the son of Gideon who was son of Uncle Peter & who cousin Kate Smith said was caught & convicted of counterfeiting & who had a couple of daughters who dressed well.

From the information gotten May 3, to June 2d 1929 et seq at Clifford, Mich see book 22 p [blank] from David B. Markle I deduce that his grandfather, Barney or Bernard Markle, who the old papers proved was son of Henry Markle who with his brother Abram Markle went from Ulysses NY to Canada & were distillers, and this Abram is he who went back to NY & joined the U.S. in War of 1812 & later fought through Congress & got the land concession in Indiana & settled just north of Terre Haute, Ind established the second mill in the state, which is still going & where I was about Dec 29, 1925 & died there about 1825. I feel sure that Henry & Abram were sons of Bernard Markle, sailor on board the Hyder Ala [best guess] in Revolutionary War & who was son of Uncle Peter Markle. Investigate my Aug 1898 record at Reading Pa
V23 Page 7
Nov 10, 1929 7:40 PM

Writing Oct 18, 1929 in answer to my letter of Oct 11, from 1614 Eighth Ave, Seattle Wash, Henry Drum Markle, my second cousin, Prop of the Drum Machine Co there says: I will answer as best I can the seven questions you asked:

1. the date of the last letter I had from you was Sept 2 (no year given) & he knows nothing of a book number

2. My father's name was John Jack Markle born in 1818. He died in West Newton, Pa. Do not remember year of death.

3. My mother was Diana Frear, died in Chenoa, Ills 1893

4. Bell Drum is my full cousin. He has the bible at his home in Gridley, Ills.

5. My full name is Henry Drum Markle. I was born in West Newton, Pa July 24, 1855 Believe I was married about 1884 am not sure of date.

6. My wife's name was Rebecca Anne White born about 1851 at Buchanan, Virginia. Her father was Henry Lawrence White, died in Bloomington, Ills

7. My son is Harry L. Markle
V23 Page 8
born Oct 3, about 1885 or 1886. He is now living in St Louis, Mo. I have two sisters younger than I & Elizabeth is living in Chicago, Ills but do not know their married names. Maiden names: Elizabeth Markle & Allie Markle. Allie is in Wilmington, Del now. They were both born in Chenoa, Ills.

Henry Drum Markle

I answered him on Nov 6/29

June 17, 1930 see book 22 page 589.

V23 Page 9
I recd a letter dated Oct 20, 1929 from George A. Findley of Grimes, Iowa as follows: in substance. He says he was talking to Henry A. Wallace (of Des Moines, Iowa) who referred him to me as an authority on the Finley family. He says: "I think my grandfather came from Westmoreland, Indiana, Co, Pa in 1843 & settled in Farmington, Iowa. They moved to Dallas Co near Grimes, Iowa in 1860 where he lived until his death 1889. My father was born in Pa 1849 & died 1925. I was born 1877. I have three brothers & a sister living here. I just recd an old record of our family.

First Abel Findley, his children:

1. James born May 10, 1801 died 1818

2. Jane born Dec 119 [sic], 1802, married McCurdy

3. Eliza born May 10, 1804 died young

4. William born Oct 10, 1805 was a doctor when last heard of in Ills. Had a son James.

5. David born July 5, 1807

6. Mary born May 23, 1809

7. Ann Maria born Feby 10, 1811 married Mr Ward

8. Martha born Mch 10, 1813

9. Abel, twin born Mch 10, 1813 died young

10. Harvey born Nov 22, 1814

V23 Page 10
11. Nancy Garvin born Oct 13, 1816

12. Abel born May 16, 1819 married Mary Jane Kerr my ancestor

13, Eleanor born Jany 17, 1821 married Mr McKellip

Can you tell me anything of my people. We haven't known anything of them since my people came west. Will be grateful for anything you can tell me.

George A. Findley

I wrote him Nov 5, 1929.

V23 Page 11
At Frank Jerome Riley's 3627 Lytle Road, Shaker Heights, O Nov 24, 1929 2:33 PM

Thomas Taylor Seelye 6 ft 4 in tall weighing 215 & born in Cleveland, O July 17, 1897 was here last night from 10:3  PM until 4 AM. He lives in Chagrin Falls, O where his telephone is 432. He is here now & says his ggfather Seth Seelye (whose ancestors came to N.E. in 1630) married Abigail Taylor & had four sons or five of whom one was Pres for 38 yrs of Smith College, Northampton & others viz: Samuel, Henry & his grandfather Thomas Taylor Seelye born July 17, 1818 had a son Thomas Taylor Seelye, who defended & cleared Capt Peter Haynes of NY for the murder of his Junoesque wife's paramour, married Miss Mary Whittaker whose mother was Arrial Hanna, daughter of Robert Hanna who was a first cousin of Mark A. Hanna, Leonard Hanna & Howard Melville Hanna & he said Robert Hanna was a descendant of Robert Hanna of Hannastown

V23 Page 12
Westnd Co. He says the second Robert above was the son (or grandson?) of Leonard Hanna who married Ann Leonard, a daughter of Mary Finlay Thompson (daughter of Uncle John Finley 1713 1757) by her second husband James Leonard an Irishman. Mr Seelye my informant has a son, the 4th T.T. born June 13, 1927, the second T.T., his father was born June 13, 1866. Robert Hanna was an eldest child & had the family bible of the Westnd Co Robert with several generations of records. His oldest child, Louis Hanna went west & was Governor of North Dakota & not taking the old bible with him, it went to his sister Arrial & to her daughter Mary W. Seelye & then to my informant Thos Taylor Seelye, who has it locked up in a trunk at home & will bring it here for me to copy when I get back from MY from where I am staring via Pgh on PRR 4:25 PM train today see C.A. Hanna's Ohio Valley Genealogies at Oak Hill.
V23 Page 13
Isaac Wood Henderson of Wooster, O RFD about 6 or 8 miles west (a little north) came in to see me yesterday at 2:30 PM at the Statler. He said his brother Steward Henderson RFD Grindstone, Pa living on the old home farm had the bible of his father Samuel Henderson & I wrote to him yesterday for record. I. Wood said he has no children. Mrs Noble is his sister & another sister died when sixteen. He said Robert Hatfied [sic], living abt 4 miles N. West of Wooster, O was a Finley descendant & was a cousin of Eli Finley.

L Ray Lackey of Los Angeles Calif wrote that Emma L. Finley widow of Albert W. Finley, their old Oakland Ave Uniontown, Pa had died in an indigent Institution in San Francisco Calif No 2d or 3d 1929

V23 Page 14
At residence of Frank J. Riley, 3627 Lytle Road, Shaker Heights, Ohio Sunday Dec 8, 1929 8:05 PM

Frank J. & I arrived at 55th St & Euclid Ave on PRR at this hour last night after a two weeks trip to NY via of Pgh Pa & were met by Jack O'Hearn who had driven us all four to the 4:35 PM train at same station Sunday Nov 24, 1929.

Thomas Taylor Seelye who says he had never tasted liquor until 1915 when his father to whom he had just come on being kicked out of college sent him as a guide & bodyguard to Wild Bill Taliaferro at the McAlpin Hotel, who for 18 yrs had been sheriff of a county in Texas & had gotten some oil leases & sold them for four million dollars & could not write his name. He was Wild Bill's companion & guide around town at all the prominent cafe's cabarets, hotels & at drinking places for 7 weeks & drank for 3 years, but on Mch 6, 1928, because of his son Thos Taylor Seelye the 4th now 2 1/2 yrs old. Swore off drinking & said he would never again drink whisky, beer or
V23 Page 15
anything else intoxicating. He is 6 ft 4 in tall & weighs 212 lbs. He says after last seeing me here, he looked through his trunk in which he found two old bibles, but not the old Hanna Bible he had spoken about, but that his mother, Mary Whittaker Taylor had it at Westfield, NY as he learned by a telephone talk with her in which she said she would send it to him. He told her not to do so & he said he would be there within two weeks & get it & bring it to me here. He says it has some leaves laid in it giving the records from the graveyard at Lisbon, O formerly New Lisbon, O where so many of the Hannas are buried & also in the bible are newspaper clippings & one an obituary of U.S. Senator Mark A. Hanna gives much of the early Hanna history. Mr Seelye lives at Chagrin Falls, O near here, his telephone is No 432. He says
V23 Page 16
his mother's mother Arriel Hanna was daughter of Robert Hanna, got the old bible because of being the oldest son of Leonard Hanna whose mother I feel sure was Ann Leonard, daughter of Mary Finley Thompson, daughter of John Finley 1713 1757 by her 2d husband, James Leonard who she married in 1768. He says this Leonard had three sons, Robert, Edward, & Leonard.

He said Robert had several children that died young but only two grew to maturity & left issue viz:

Caseius [sic] who was brilliant but a wild drinker after the Civil War went west & he thinks died under a cloud leaving issue. The other was his grandmother. He said his father & Mother separated when he was a child & he went with his father & went from him which he opposed to the World War & he never wrote him & he has only seen him 2 or 3 times since, but his
V23 Page 17
mother wrote him regularly every week or month, so that when he returned from the war being 21 & his own man, he elected to come to his mother who was then living in Cleveland, O. He is just now at 9 PM leaving for home in Frank's car. He said his ggfather, Robert Hanna's brother Edward had a son Edward Jr whose son Edward James Hanna became a Roman Catholic convert & is now an Archbishop in California. I think he said in San Francisco. It was one of these Edwards who had a son Louis & it was his son Louis who became Governor of North Dakota.

The other brother of Robert viz: Leonard Hanna had issue:

1. Mark A. Hanna, U.S. Senator

2. Howard Melville became very rich

3. Leonard who I met, was 20 yrs younger than Mark A.

4. Mrs Prentiss whose only child is Mrs Sawyer who lives here in Cleveland & has issue

V23 Page 18
Mary A. Hanna had issue:

Dan R. Hanna, Ruth Hanna McCormick & others.

Dan R. was married four times & had 3 sons & 4 daughters by the four wives. The sons I believe are Mark A., Dan R. Jr, & another & some or all of the daughters are married.
Howard Melville Hanna had a son Howard now at the head of the M.A. Hanna interests & very wealthy & a daughter Kate who married Robert L. Ireland who visited me at Oak Hill with Mike Gallagher when I bought the Cherry Valley Iron Co coal & who went astray with an actress & she divorced him & later married a Harvey & is living here in Cleveland as Kate Harvey & Mrs S. says she is the genealogist of the family. Robt L. Ireland Jr is her son.

Leonard Hanna, brother of Mark A. did not marry until late in life & consequently his son Leonard, now very wealthy is about the age

V23 Page 19
of Mark A's grandchildren I believe he said he, or some member of the family married a Mather, probably one of Samuel's children as he said Wm G. Mather was a bachelor until two years ago when he married T.T.S. said he did not know Chas A. Hanna of Montclair NJ & does not know his line of descent. It is now 9:50 PM
Dec 9, 1929 10:30 AM

Dan O'Neill, unmarried, living with & supporting his mother & two single sisters came last night about 9:30 & left shortly after midnight. He was accompanied by Miss Juliet Moff, aged probably 27, Sylvia thought who is a descendant of Olive Wolcott of Conn signer of the Declaration of Independence, whose original signature I told her I had at Oak Hill. She expressed a desire to see it & I invited her to Oak Hill some time when I would be there. Thomas Taylor Seelye came at

V23 Page 20
9:55 AM for a 10 o'c appt with Frank who was not yet up & I let him in. He says Westfield, NY is 14 miles beyond Ripley, NY which is just across the line from North East Pa. His mother lives there with his sister Elizabeth who is the wife of Francis William Crandall whose father is retired Pres of the First Natl Bank of Westfield NY & is now on the Federal Reserve Bank of Buffalo NY. They have one child, Francis William Jr called "Billy" & had a daughter which died aged two days. Mr Crandall has been employed by about 20 to 30 banks in Western NY at $500 per year by each as purchaser of securities for them. It is then at her home when their mother has the old Hanna bible.
V23 Page 21 [blank]

V23 Page 22

Oak Hill, Dec 26, 1929 7:07 PM

Miss Ethel Boughner, daughter of Otto Minor Boughner, one of my Wilsen [sic] relatives through her deceased mother, was out here this afternoon from 2:45 to 4:44 PM seeking information about the marriage of her ancestor Alexander Wilson 1727 1815. I loaned her my main Anjou Book of Wilson records which she said she would return as soon as she could copy what she needed to furnish the D.A.R. at Wash D.C. Ethel is Regent of our Fayette Co Chapter. She said there was litigation for ten yrs or more over the estate of Alexander Wilson & that Monroe M. Hopwood, seeking information for his daughter also a descendant through her mother's mother, had unearthed some old records of testimony of his widow Deborah Wilson 1742 1825 who spoke of Mary Lecky as her daughter when asked why she gave her more blankets (viz six) than she gave the others.

See Monroe M. & see & get full record of what he dug up. Make slip.
V23 Page 23
Ethel, as regent, had inquiry about burials at Old Fort Van Swearingen or Swearingen which she found in a most secluded place in Springhill Tp on the old James C. Ramsay farm on road from Morris X Roads to New Geneva on left hand side with big yard in front & the Fort is reached by crossing two fields back of the house & which is a fine natural location for a Fort, with a good outlook in every direction with facility for a road clear around the Fort. She said the ancestor of the Minor family in Greene Co came over in 1630 with Gov Winthrop & a descendant moved to New Jersey where he married an Updyke & moved to Loudon Co Va where I understand his sons William, elder & John, younger of the two were born. They followed the creek beds from there to the Monongahela River & reached what is now Greene Co Pa then thought to be West Augusta Co, Va in 1762. After returning to Va, they came back & settled permanently in Greene Co, Pa & John made the demand later for establishment of Greene Co.
V23 Page 24
He, John, married three times & had about 18 children, record of whom she has with births & will give me. His third wife was Jane Wilson Hawkins & he was her third husband. By her, he had two children, she said viz: Lawrence Minor from whom G.W.K. Minor descended & Rebecca? from whom Eda L. Gray through her mother descends. Ethel said her father descended from one of the children of William Minor. She did not recall who Jane Wilson's first husband was, but said her second was a Hawkins from whom Judge Hawkins at Pittsburgh descends & her 3d husband was John Minor above. Jane had a sister who married Theophilus Philips & their descendants are legion among them the Eberharts, Kramers, etc. Another sister was Sarah, who married Joseph Darlinton, a Co Com here about 1792 96 & they went to West Union, Adams Co, O whose record I got in Oct 1925. These three were daughters of George Wilson, killed in Revolutionary War in 1777 I believe, who Ethel did not know was of our line until I told her I had him connected up.
V23 Page 25
She said she would copy off & send me these records & send to me. [sic]

She said she prepared record for Jean Snyder Smith wife of James Henry Smith & daughter of the late Henry P. Snyder & through him a descendant of Col Wm Crawford, through his daughter Effie, who married George? McCormick & got her in the D.A.R. She said one of the Sons of Effie McCormick married a twin sister of Col James Paull (father of Joseph Paull whom I knew) & she has much of the Crawford & Effie's record & will send me. Make slip to surely attend to getting these records & also see Ida L. Gray & get her record but Ethel says she made it out for her & will give it to me.

From Morning Herald of Tuesday Dec 24, 1929.

"Joseph & Robert Finley who are employed in Wash D.C. will spend this evening visiting an Aunt, Mrs Elizabeth Kuhns, South Mt Vernon Ave. The boys will stop here on their way home to Scottdale to spend Christmas. Mrs Elizabeth Kuhns r 61 S. Mt Vernon Ave Tel 1057 J. Make slip to see her.

V23 Page 26
Oak Hill, Jany 20, 1930, 9:25 PM

This evening abt 5 PM Thos E. Finley Esq accosted me in the B&O depot at Pgh & rode with me to McKeesport, Pa. He told me of the death in Narberth, Pa of Miss Emma Dorothy Power aged abt 28? whose body is being brought to McKeesport, Pa for burial in a day or two. She lived at Narberth, Pa with her mother & sister Marie? She was the the daughter of Henry J. Power who was son of Wm J. Power with whom I used to correspond at McKeesport & as Henry J. was the last one to leave McK, Mr F. thinks he would have gotten his father's bible with record. He will see them at funeral & write in & give addresses of the other children of Wm J. in an effort to help me get record of his descendants. He showed me a good watch which he said he got for burying John Finley, aged he thought 60 to 65 always well dressed & gentlemanly who roomed on 4th Ave near Wabash Depot but who took sick & was taken to a hospital (Allegheny General?) & died there in Feby 1929. He

V23 Page 27
bought a single lot in the West Newton Pa cemetery, but so far has not been able to get a tombstone put up. His father, Robert Finley was buried in Rehoboth Cem, but so far has no stone erected, but Noah Speer, once of Belle Vernon, Pa, but now living in WVA a nephew (or possibly his wife is a niece) is under pledge to erect one. Robert was the son of William Finley, who was son of Rev James Finley who left him the farm adjoining Rehoboth Church. Robert married a spendthrift wife who soon run through with the farm & they lost it. Robert had but three children all sons viz:

1. William a bachelor who is now "baching" it or living in a rooming house at Smithton, Pa

2. John, above mentioned who was married, but he thought separated but had no issue.

3. Another son perhaps Alfred? who died without issue so that Robert's line runs out. The three were all musicians.

V23 Page 28
Oak Hill, Jany 31, 1930 8:55 PM

The Morning Herald of this morning announced the death of Miss Margaret Drusilla Hellen, yesterday Thursday, Jany 30, 1930 at 11:45 AM in the Uniontown Hospital of heart trouble, surviving one sister Mrs Anna L. Lazier, here & one brother Frank Hellen of Santa Monica, Calif.

V23 Page 29
Oak Hill Feby 5, 1930 9:35 PM

The Morning Herald of this morning announced the death of two relatives & fears that a third was dying.

1. Mrs Rachel J. Huston of the Wilson line, through her deceased husband Hugh Thompson Huston died at the Huston home in German Tp yesterday, Tuesday Feby 4, 1930 at 2:58 AM in her 87th year after a two week's illness. She was born Oct 9, 1843, the daughter of John W. Lynch Esq & his wife Elizabeth Sharpnack. She is survived by 3 sons viz:

1. Walter E. Huston, Lambert, Pa

2. Harry L. Huston, Balsinger, Pa

3. Earl Huston, Uniontown, Pa

Funeral tomorrow afternoon. Interment in St Jacobs Lutheran Cemetery German Tp.
2. J. Elliott Cook of our Crawford Elliott line through both his father & mother aged 48 died yesterday Feby 4, 1930 at the Cook homestead in Rostraver Tp Westnd Co, Pa. He is survived by brothers & sisters:

1. John B. Cook at home

2. Robert J. Cook at home

3. Mrs D.N. Watkins of Dormont, Pa

V23 Page 30
4. Mrs Bela B. Smith, Connellsville, Pa

5. Miss Matilda Cook, at home

Funeral arrangements to be announced later.
3. William Howard Taft aged 73 yrs of our Jack line through his wife returned to Wash D.C. from Asheville NC where he had gone 3 weeks ago very seriously ill. He was President of the U.S. 1909 1913 & resigned this week as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the U.S.
I went to Pgh this morning on the 6:35 AM PRR train & went out about 10 Am to Wilkinsburg Bank & had a good talk of near two hours with Cousin Robert L. Finley & his son Frank J. Finley.

Rob said his mother, Sallie M. Finley, nee Burchinal was now 93 yrs old & was well, but living so long in a wheel chair she had lost the use of her knees & could not walk. She expressed a desire to see me. Her mother was Elizabeth Thompson as she told me when I last saw her & accordance with what I was told a few

V23 Page 31
years ago in Smithfield, Pa she was an illegitimate child of a Thompson girl of what I believe is our George Thompson line, brother of ggfather, William.

I spoke of having recd a letter from Finley Jenkins of Princeton NJ & he told me that his mind has gone wrong. Said that his father, the late Rev Daniel E. Jenkins who married Rob's sister, Annie had been similarly & they have recently learned that this insanity came from the mother of Rev Daniel E. He said his sister Annie was now in Texas with another son & that her son Robert lives in Chicago, Ills where he is an efficiency man for the General Motors Co. A daughter of Annie also lives in Chicago. He says Geo H. Baird now living at Bridgeville, Pa where he got his wife homely & dowdy who was a Morgan. He has no issue & is worth $300,000 to $400,000. His brother Edward J. Baird, living in South Eastern Kansas is well to do & has a farm, but is bitter with George over some angle of his mother's will & drove George off his farm & threatened to shoot him. Robert, another brother is broke & runs a gasoline station out west.

V23 Page 32
Rob said his Wilkinsburg Bank Capital $50,000 made $700,000 in last nine years & paid 12% dividends & stock now has a book value of $1000 a share. He does not have quite half of it. He has transferred sufficient of his stock to several of his directors so they could qualify & they have given him a receipt for them with their pledge to return them. He says H.C. McEldowney & B.W. Lewis are having differences, but that H.C. & R.B. Mellon are very friendly as H.C. evidently rubs the fur the right way with R.B. who is very amenable to such treatment.

He said D.G. Kerr is the richest man in their town & he thinks he is worth much over five million dollars. Says D.G. lives on Center St above the Penn Lincoln Hotel across the street, the corner house in the same square & one same side of street in which U.J. Ewing lives at the upper corner.

Geo Weil thinks he can get up a deal with U.S. Steel Corp through "Mont" Hughes who does Farrell's bidding who knew him as a boy in Braddock, Pa.
V23 Page 33
Oak Hill, Feby 6, 1930 1:20 PM

Standing in front of the skyscraper this morning about 9:45 AM waiting for my car, John Taylor Robinson came up smoking his pipe & we talked for about 20 minutes. He told of his having gone to college at Wooster, Ohio for two years where he learned to smoke & of smoking a cigar once at the Tent Church when Miss Elizabeth Curstead, sister of Rhoda, coming up grabbed the cigar from his mouth, trampled it underfoot & bade him desist from this baneful practice he had learned at college.

He said he had been 17 years without having a dentist look at his teeth, but learning that his ailments came from his teeth, he had them or some of them pulled & he has since been as hearty as a buck. Asking if he wasn't born in 1856, he said a wrong impression to that effect had gone out by inversion of the last figure & that there was record of his birth, but his father had told him he was born June 14, 1859. He said that his father, Col James Robinson did not marry until late in life when Uncle Wm E. Caruthers introduced him to the widow Saams, one of the older of the seventeen
V23 Page 34
children of Isaac Taylor who died in 1863 shortly after the birth of her daughter Emma who Aunt Matilda took & raised. He said his grandfather Isaac Taylor, a tall bony man, father of 17 children was born in Allegheny Co, Pa & died in Westmoreland Co, Pa near Circleville aged 92 yrs & was buried in a Presbyterian g.y. near he thought it was Long Run & John was one of his pallbearers.

John T. said his father, James Robinson was born Nov 26, 1806 at the old Robinson home in Nicholson Tp the late home of Uncle Samuel Robinson, son of John Robinson. He died of apoplexy Apr 11, 1890 having been stricken the day before after his return home from a horseback ride. He was buried at Tent Church g.y. where John said he saw me when he looked up after his father had been lowered in the grave. He said he went with Father to Kentucky four or five times when he went to buy stock & spoke of having been with him at Marysville, Ky, Mason Co in which County Father was born back of Washington KY on Aug 30, 1822

V23 Page 35
7 PM 6th

Eva T. Shepler was out this afternoon for an hour & a half until 5:15 PM & brought me a clipping from the NY Herald dated New London, VA (in Caroline Co & only containing 17 inhabitants) Jany 20, 1930 stating that my dear sister in law, "Mrs Emelie Anderson Bickel, mother of Karl A. Bickel, Pres of the United Press had died there of pneumonia" & stating that the body was being taken by Karl A. & his sister Miss Sarah Bickel of Lynchburg, Va in Campbell Co to Geneseo, Ills for burial. She was 74 years old. Surviving were:

1. Karl A. Bickel of New York City

2. Sarah Bickel of Lynchburg, Va

3. Mrs Frank White of Rockford, Ills

4. Basel F. Bickel of San Francisco Calif

5. John G. Bickel of Akron, O

6. Frank Bickel of East Moline, Ills

Also one sister,

Mrs H.A. Ainsworth, Dayton Beach, Fla & one brother:

Frank Anderson of Minnesota.

This is the first information I had that brothers in law, James & David Anderson had passed away. I had a Christmas card from Emelie postmarked Lynchburgh, Va & on Jany 3, 1930 wrote her to Evington, Va in Campbell Co.

V23 Page 36
Oak Hill Feby 12, 1930 11:07 AM

This is the 121st anniversary of Lincoln's birth. I have a letter from Mrs Richard Haines, see book 21 page 588 dated Topeka, Kan RD No 8 Feby 26, 1928 in answer to mine of Dec 6, 1927 in which she enclosed an old 1849 letter & 1926 obituary clipping, the return of which she has several times insistently written for during my absence & which I will now return. I will incorporate her answer in table book 21 p 588 & here if necessary. She gives the name of her Aunt, widow of her Uncle Millard F. Kilgore 1851 1911 as Mattie Kilgore 821 E. 7th Ave, Hutchinson, Kan & I am writing her. It was she who sent Mrs Haines the old letter which was written Mch 7, 18 & 19 from St Clair Co, Mo to Stephen Kilgore, father of Millard, F. who had kept it by Payton Bristow, whose wife evidently was a sister of Stephen's 1st wife Rosannah Owens who was a daughter of John Owens & writes about Samuel Owens having died & the settlement of his estate. Would it not be strange if this was the same Owens family one of whom was the partner of Uncle Wm Logan Thompson

V23 Page 37
who was a merchant in Mo & died there of congestive fever about 1840 & his partner Owens got away with his estates. This letter is postmarked Thomasville, Mo Mch 31, 1849. Thomasville Mo now is in Oregon Co where I was in Nov 1922 & which is along the Arkansas line several counties S.E. of St Clair Co Mo. It wad directed to:

Stephen Kilgore, Washington, Daviess Co, Ind. Jefferson Kilgore, son of above Stephen born at Washington, Ind Oct 28, 1848 when 15 yrs old moved with his parents say 1863 to Ottowa, Iowa when six yrs later in 1869 he married Miss Mary A. Bruffey & at once started by wagon for the plains of Kansas & homesteaded some land. After living here 15 years, they returned in 1884 to Ottawa, Iowa to care for Mrs K's mother, a helpless invalid & while she lived, they remained there 7 years where he organized a Sunday School, became its Supt & choir leader, was converted, joined & helped build a church. In 1891, the moved to the Ozark Mountain section of Mo where they lived for 7 years & in 1903 went to a son's in Crescent City, Calif & from there to Woodburn, Oregon where his family joined him in 1904 in Oct. He joined the Meth Epis Church in Iowa in 1891 & was a member of the Mason's Lodge for 40 years. His wife died in Woodburn, Oregon in 1913.

V23 Page 38
They had four children:

1. An infant, died in infancy

2. Myrtle Kilgore married a Livesay [sic] & who cared for her father in his last years & lives in Woodburn, Oregon. Am writing her.

3. Ensor E. Kilgore lives at San Lorenzo, Calif

4. Beulah Kilgore married a Johnson & lives at Portland, Oregon.

He had six grandchildren at his death in Woodburn, Oregon Jany 3, 1926.

W.J. Askin, Penna State Secy of the Sons of the American Revolution sent me on Nov 23, 1927 the numbers given me as follows:

National No 45881

State No 2160
The West Newton Times Sun announces the death on Tuesday say Feby 4, 1930 of Mrs Maria Jane Nicewonger Peairs aged 78, widow of J. Boyd Peairs & mother of Dr J. Sherman Peairs of McKeesport, Pa at the home of her daughter Mrs Roy E. Patterson in Elizabeth Tp, Allegheny Co, Pa. She was born in Westmoreland Co, Pa Apr 23, (or 28) 1851. She was
V23 Page 39
a member for many years of Old Bethesda U.P. Church & is survived by four sons & three daughters.

1. Elmer E. Peairs, Elizabeth Pa

2. Frank F. Peairs, Elizabeth Tp

3. William Glenn Peairs, Suterville, Pa

4, Dr J. Sherman Peairs, McKeesport, Pa

5. Mrs J.W. Rankin, Elizabeth Tp

6. Mrs Thos D. Billick, Forward, Tp

7. Mrs Roy F. Patterson, Elizabeth Tp

Also 13 grandchildren & one great grandchild. Funeral from Mrs Patterson's Rock Run Road, interment in Round Hill cemetery.
Yesterday's Morning Herald announced the death of James Lytle Skiles son of John & Margaret Skiles on Sunday Feby 9, 1930 at 11 PM at his home at Paisley, Greene Co, Pa. He is survived by his wife Emma Jane & the following children:

1. Mrs Louis Ullery, Clarksville, Pa

2. Mrs Thomas McPeace, Fayette City, Pa

3. Thomas [no surname listed] Carmichaels, Pa

4. Mrs N.L. Livengood, Baron N.

5. William [no surname listed] Carmichaels, Pa

6. Mrs D.L. Murphy Carmichaels, Pa

7. Edward P. Skiles, Carmichaels, Pa

Funeral from the Glades Church & interment in the Church Cemetery.
V23 Page 40
Oak Hill, Feby 15, 1930 12:40 PM

This is the 76th anniversary of my birth.

I notice in West Newton Times Sun of 13th inst that Jacob Hepler of Barren Run, South Huntingdon Tp, celebrated his 85th birthday anniversary on Friday Feby 7, 1930 born then Feby 7, 1850. Make slip.

In the June 1928 Sons of American Revolution Magazine Page 160 in Memoriam is noted the death of:

Finley A. Nutt, Indiana Chap, May 12, 1927

This should be Finley A. McNutt of Terre Haute, Ind who I saw about Dec 26 to 28, 1925 to which refer & make note.

Oak Hill Feby 17, 1930 8:20 AM

In the Oct 1928 Minute Man Vol 23 No 2 S.A.R. Mag Page 320 among the new members listed is:

William Hewlett Carothers Mississippi (42930) supplement

Son of Samuel Brown & Mary Terrell (Hewlett) Carothers

grandson of Samuel M. & Naomi (Brown) Carothers

great grandson of William Carothers private in N.E. troops.

V23 Page 41
10 PM

In Minute Man for July 1929 S.A.R. Magazine Page 165 is noted among new members:

"J. Edward Jay Jr, Dallas, Texas ( ) son of J. Edward & Jay & great grandson of Andrew Carothers, Lieutenant in N.C. militia"

Am writing him for his line.

Oak Hill Feby 22, 1930 8 PM

A letter from Cousin James C. Harvey dated Santa Fe, N. Mex Feby 18, 1930 says his brother:

Eugene C. Harvey died Tuesday night Feby 11, 1930 at San Gabriel Calif & was buried Friday Feby 14, 1930 in Mountain View cemetery at Pasadena, Calif. He had been sick for a year & had been in Honolulu for his health & on Monday, Feby 10, he arrived by boat at San Pedro, Calif where his wife Helen met him & took him home where he died next night. I saw them both at Boulder Colo Jany 10, 1920 see book 9 page 201 3.
V23 Page 42

The West Newton Times Sun of Feby 20, 1930 announces the death of cousin Eva Pollock Markle (see bk 10 page 137 on Aug 7, 1923) widow of David Markle on Wednesday morning Feby 19, 1930 of bronchial pneumonia after a year's illness. She was born in Rostraver Tp & is survived by the following children:

George P. Markle, at home

Mrs Clara Carson, at home

Miss Ada Markle at home

William G. Markle, Versailles, Pa

Mrs W.C. Fulmer, West Newton, Pa

Mrs W.S. Endler, Hazelwood, Pa

Mrs W.C. Heisey, McKeesport, Pa

She is also survived by eleven grandchildren. She was a life long member of the Presbyterian Church. Funeral from her home on N. Second St at 2:30 PM today. Interment in West Newton Cemetery.

V23 Page 43
Oak Hill, Feby 26, 1930 10 AM

Yesterday's Morning Herald said that Mr & Mrs James J. Jack of Sharon (Pa?) spent the week end with Mrs Jack's parents, Mr & Mrs J.R. Wood of Gordon ST.

In the Oct 1928 Magazine (Western Penna Mag) on page 263 is a letter of Mch 12, 1832 from Hon Wm G. Hawkins then at Harrisburg to Hon Wm Wilkins then U.S. Senator at Wash D.C. presented to the Society Richard H. Hawkins. Hunt him up at Pgh & see if he can give the Wm G. Hawkins descendants record for our Wilson line. In same issue is an old early map of Pittsburgh showing locations on page 266 of:

19 Col Wm Butler widow of Marbury & Penn Sts

20 Gen Richard Butler's widow Marbury & Penn Sts

Index reference:

John Carnahan page 98

Thompson, Henry, page 50 page 271

Thompson, James, page 200 page 271

Thompson, Ruth, page 50 page 271

Thompson, William, page 47 page 271
V23 Page 44
A letter dated Jany 8, 1930 at Hotel Graystone 66 Geary ST, San Francisco, Calif from Bontwell [sic] Dunlap's is for information about the ancestry of his cousin Superior Court Judge Lile T. Jacks of San Francisco, Calif.

He says he is related through the Judge's mother & hence is related only to those Jacks who descend from his father.

"The judge is son of Richard Jacks, California pioneer & mine owner, grandson of Elias B. Jacks (& Polly Warden), Indian trader & large land holder in Kansas & Missouri, & great grandson of Richard Jacks who was born in 1772 & they have definite trace of him in 1797 in Madison Co, Ky where a son Thomas was born. He joined the Daniel Boone colony to Howard Co, Missouri in 1817 & became a pioneer of Clay Co, Mo in 1821. In 1835, he selected choice claims in the Platte Purchase & after the Indians removal settled on them in 1837. He married Sophia, daughter of Eli Barnes. His son, Benjamin Jacks was the first white child born in Platte Co. Richard died in 1841.
Miss Rorison writing in Jany 4/30 says Martha Thompson married James Taylor & became great grandmother of Pres Zachary Taylor.
V23 Page 45
I have a letter dated Feby 8, 1920 from Mrs Elizabeth Thomson Lindsay 1908? Irving Ave, South Minneapolis Minn, wife of James B. Lindsay & daughter of the late James P. Thomson (family home now Maple Plane [sic] Minn) saying her brother Kenneth Thomson had given her my name. She wanted the Thompson crest & coat of arms which I didn't have. I wrote her 14th inst & asked for her record.
V23 Page 46
Oak Hill Feby 28, 1930 11 AM

In the Western Penna Magazine for Jany 1929 Page 31, it states that the Indian Chief who befriended Thomas Ridout, the Englishman who was captured down the Ohio River by the Shawanese [sic] Indians in 1788 had died in 1806 under the hospitable care of Mathew Elliot, supt of Indian Affairs at Amherstburg (Canada?) at the entrance of the Detroit River. See if cannot get Mathew Elliot's parentage & brothers through British records & where & when he was born & died.

In same Magazine on Page 72 is record of deaths of members were following relatives, friends & acquaintances:

Mrs J.E. Fulton Dec 24, 1927

Benjamin F. Jones Jr Jany 1, 1928

Frank Thomson Jany 1, 1928

Thomas McCaffrey Mch 20, 1928

Hon Wm C. Sproul, Chester Pa, Mch 21, 1928

Rev Saml B. McCormick, Apr 19, 1928

Wilson A. Shaw, May 10, 1928

Alex S. Guffey, July 16, 1928

Geo Thornton Fleming Nov 18, 1928

On Page 70 is noted Life & times of Hon William Findley by Robert M. Ewing in vol 2 page 240.

Am writing to see if it is printed in pamphlet.

V23 Page 47
Yesterday's Morning Herald announces the birth in the Uniontown Hospital on Wednesday morning Feby 26, 1930 of a 9 lb son to the wife of J.A. Lubold, principal of the Uniontown, Senior High School. This is the 3d child & 2d son in the family. Mrs Lubold's mother, Mrs Paull of Harrisburg, Pa has arrived for a visit with the family.
V23 Page 48
Oak Hill Mch 3, 1930 8 Am

In the Oct 1929 issue of the Western Penna Magazine is an article on Squirrel Hill on Page 242 3. It says that when the proprietary Gov opened the land office on Apr 3, 1769 among those making applications for land warrants on Squirrel Hill were William Thompson, Anthony Thompson, William Elliott, George Ginty & Simon Ginty & among early settlers on the Hill was James Thompson. Examine the records & see if it shows where they were from & who made deed conveying their lands away & when.

In same article page 252 it mentions as an early old burying ground Beulah graveyard about two miles north east of Wilkinsburg, Pa. Make slips.
V23 Page 49
Oak Hill, Mch 5, 1930 8:20 AM

Yesterday's Morning Herald announced the death at his residence on the National Road in Redstone Tp one mile east of Brownsville, Pa on Monday Mch 3, 1930 at 8:30 AM of heart trouble of my first cousin once removed Theodore Van Kirk Hibbs aged 56 yrs 2 mos & 10 days born then say Dec 21, 1873. Funeral which I must attend tomorrow 2:30 PM Interment in Redstone Cem. Brownsville, Pa.

In D.A.R. Magazine for May 1928 page 311 among marriages, among marriage bonds filed in Monongalia Co, Va (now WVA) are:

Oct 7, 1802 Philip Huffman & Elizabeth Corothers, daughter of John Corothers, bondsman, Henry Corothers. Make slip

Page 315

Jany 4, 1806, Abner Greenland & Jane Thompson, daughter of James Thompson bondsman John Thompson

Look for Thompson & Corothers wills. Make slip.

In D.A.R. Mag for Sept 1928 under chap 111 Monongalia Co marriages pages 571 2 are:

V23 Page 50
May 14, 1816, Wm Frum & Corrothers, daughter of John Corrothers, bondsman John Corrothers Jr

May 25, 1816, Mathias W. Davis & Ann Thompson, daughter of Daniel Thompson bondsman Daniel Thompson

Aug 24, 1816 James Gray & Jane Corrothers, daughter of John Corrothers, bondsman John Corrothers.

Dec 9, 1916 Moses Kincaid & Rebecca Corrothers, daughter of John Corrothers, bondsman, John Corrothers

Thus on this & preceding page, we see record of 4 daughters of John Corrothers, viz: Elizabeth, Catharine, Jane & Rebecca. Look up his will & those of his sons in law.

In same, Sept 1928 D.A.R. Mag Pages 561 4 is record of the Signers of the Oath of Allegiance in Mch 1778 of the residents of Cecil Co, Md among whom I note:

William Thompson, Samuel Thompson, William Kilgore, James Kilgore & before Amos Alexander, justice are the following:

Robert Finley, James Finley, John E. Finley, Samuel R. Finley, William Finley, his mark, William Finley Jr, John Carruthers, his mark, Francis Carruthers, his mark, & Walter Carruthers.

Abraham Mitchell, also a signer was born in Lancaster Co, Pa was
V23 Page 51
highly educated & came to Cecil Co Md prior to 1767 & settled at Head of Elk, erected a handsome residence in the village & practiced medicine over Cecil & Harford Cos, Md & New Castle Co, Del & during the Revolution, he turned his home into a hospital. On Nov 19, 1792, he married Mary Thompson, a direct descendant of Augustine Herman who was the first person murdered in in America. Dr Mitchell was a land owner in Cecil Co. He had 8 children, two of whom died in infancy. He died at his home at Fair Hill Sept 30, 1817 in his 84th year. This article by Mollie Howard Ashe says John E. Finley & Samuel R. Finley were probably sons or nephews of Rev Samuel Finley who accepted a call to West Nottingham Pres Church in 1744 where he founded West Nottingham Academy still known as a good preparatory school & where two of the signers of the Dec of Ind were students viz: Benj Rush of Penna & Richard Stockton of NJ. Rev John E. Finley, above was a nephew being oldest child of Rev James Finley & it was he who married my great grandmother, Mrs Mary (Jack) Thompson to John Logan in Muron [sic] Co Ky about 1801 & was ggfather of Finley R. McNutt of Terre Haute, Ind see Dec 27, 1925.

V23 Page 52

Oak Hill, Mch 6, 1930 8:40 PM

Wilmer H. Wilkey who married my cousin Mrs Jim E. Wyatt, daughter of J.E. Cook, sat down at table with me tonight on the B&O diner & told me much about his early start in the contract & coke business. He said he was born on the old home farm of his grandfather, James Wilkey (who died abt 1883 aged 82 or 83) in Dunbar Tp, Fayette Co Pa Apr 10, 1878 son of Philip R. Wilkey & his wife Margaret B. Sweeney, who was from Loyalhanna Creek near Latrobe Pa.

V23 Page 53
Oak Hill, Mch 9, 1930 9:15 AM

A letter dated Mch 4, 1930 from Cass K. Shelby 534 Hickory St Hollidaysburg, Pa says Mrs C.F. Fendrick of Mercersburg, Pa has given my name as a descendant of William Elliott of Hamilton Tp, Franklin Co, Pa & says he is a descendant of his sister, Mary Elliott who about 1773 or 1775 married James McConnell Jr & not long after moved with him to Kentucky. I am sending him record of his children which I recd from Mrs Ruth E. Plumer Andrews & recorded Oct 4, 1897 in book 1 page 87 & filing copy with his letter & asking him for Mary Elliott McConnell's record.

In D.A.R. Mag Jany 1929 p 24

in marriage bonds of Monongalia Va is that of Andrew Corrothers & Elizabeth Frum, daughter of William Frum, bondsman Solomon Frum.

V23 Page 54
In D.A.R. Mch 1929 Magazine, Pages 150 1, has an article on a Real Daughter of the Revolution. Mrs Catherine Harrell Dartt, widow, born Aug 16, 1836 3 miles NE of Enfield, White Co, Ills, daughter of Joel Harrel born in Bertie Co NC in 1748 & died in White Co Ills near Enfield June 30, 1846. She was born Tabitha Catharine Harrel, the youngest of 33 children of Joel Harrel & he was 88 yrs old when she was born. Her mother, Arcadia Smith was his 3d wife & bore him twelve children, another proof of Capt J.M. Hustead's theory that having young children about you is productive of longevity.
In D.A.R. July 1929 Mag Page 426 in answer to queries is 13078 Lee, Joseph, Lee born abt 1780 in Va married a Kilgore from N.Car & had children:

1. Harvey who lived in Ind & later in Iowa

2. Evan

3. Pamelia [sic] who married a Carr

4. Elizabeth

5. Lowanzie [sic] who married an Armstrong

V23 Page 55
6. Joe who was a Capt in confederacy & two half brothers, Ben & John,

Mrs R.S. Kuns, Broken Bow, Neb

Write her. Make slip.
Oak Hill Mch 11, 1930 1:33 PM

Ex President & Ex Chief Justice of the U.S., William Howard Taft is buried at 2:30 PM today in Arlington Cemetery overlooking the Potomac River, Washington D.C. He died Saturday Mch 8, 1930 in his Washington D.C. home aged 72 years.

In the D.A.R. Mag for Feby 1930 pages 69 75 is the Strange Case of Captain Mar   (Nicolas Martian) George Washington's first American ancestor. This traces his hitherto little known French Descent see page 73 from Captain Nicolas Martian who in 1627 married Jane Berkeley & whose daughter, Elizabeth married George Reade, & whose daughter Mildred married Angustin Warner & their daughter Mildred married Lawrence Washington & their son Augustine marrying Mary Ball who were the parents of George Washington.
V23 Page 56
In the same Mag pages 78 82 is an article "Rejected Pension Papers discord end" [best guess] which was largely the subject of Sec of State Wm J. Bryan's talk to the D.A.R. at their 22d annual meeting in April 1913 in which he tells of clerk James S. Allen of the U.S. district Court finding a package of these claims stored up under the eaves of the court building. These claims had been rejected on technicalities under the Act of 1818, but some were later allowed under Act of June 7, 1832. Bryan admitting himself a genealogist after much search traced these papers to room 311 Federal Bldg, the office of the clerk of the U.S. District Court. He then spent 3 days in the Archives Dept of the State House where the bulk of these papers   133  had been sent & where each was put in a separate envelope, carefully indexed & alphabetically arranged. (Make slip to search these records). He then went to the U.S. Bureau of Pensions & found data of 50 of the 172 claims whose names are on file in the Revolutionary War section. Also found 36 rejected in 1818 were admitted under Act of 1832.
V23 Page 57
On page 90, same Mag under Out tallest President sponsored by Representative Hamilton Fish Jr of New York, evidence is produced showing:

Washington to be 6 ft 2 in & when 40 yrs old in 1772 weighed 210 lbs & in 1759 weighed 175.

Lincoln was 6 ft 4 in almost as he himself stated, he being the tallest

Madison was shortest, 5 ft 4 in

Polk was the leanest

Cleveland the stoutest

Van Buren the tidiest in dress &

Taylor the most careless.

Grindelia is the remedy for poisoning of the skin from nettles or poison ivy.
A letter dated Feby 26, 1930 at Hotel Graystone, 66 Geary St, San Francisco, Calif from Bontwell Dunlap in answer to mine of 14th who writes for his first cousin Judge Lile T. Jacks of San Francisco (he however not a Jacks descendants, their mothers being sisters) says:

The Judge is a great grandson of Richard Jacks who was born in 1772, but they do not know

V23 Page 58
where, their first knowledge of him being as a resident of Madison Co, KY (Make slip to go there & see what can be traced). In 1817, he went to Missouri. They have recently recd from a very old member of the family that he was the first Jacks who came over the sea. (If this be true, it eliminates him & he is none of ours) The one who gives this statement is very old & his memory is not good & we do not know whether to accept it or not, but say it is traditional. He reports as finding in census of 1790? New Hampshire, Martha & Nancy Jacks, Rhode Island, Nathan Jacques, Conn, Robert Jacques, Maryland, Denton, Lancelot & Thomas Jacques, New York, William Jacques, Virginia, William H. Jacques, Penna Allen & James Jacks Lancaster Co. He says Richard was a prominent pioneer & he says the early settlers in Madison Co, KY were mostly from Maryland & Virginia & they incline to the belief that Richard springs from the Frederick Co, Md family.

V23 Page 59

Mr Dunlap's former letter dated Jany 8, 1920 says:

Judge Jacks is of the Superior Court & is son of Richard Jacks, a pioneer Calif miner & mine owner who was son of Elias B. Jacks (& Polly Warden) Indian Trader & large landholder in Kansas & Missouri, who was son of Richard Jacks, born in 1772 above noted, of whom they have definite trace in Madison Co, Ky in 1797, where a son Thomas was born (perhaps Richard was son of the 1790 Thomas in Md census) Richard joined the Col Daniel Boone colony to Howard Co, Missouri in 1817 & became a pioneer of Clay Co, Mo in 1821. In 1835, he selected choice claims in the Platte Purchase & after the Indians removed, settled on them in 1837. He married Sophia, daughter of Eli Barnes. His son Benjamin Jacks was the first white child born in Platte Co. Richard died in 1841.

V23 Page 60
Oak Hill Mch 12, 1930 9:25 AM

Yesterday Morning between 8 & 9, a quick snow fell completely covering the ground which a bright sunshine completely melted by afternoon. Another snow fell last night & the ground is white with full three inches of snow.

A letter dated Feby 27, 1930 from Mrs Janet E. Jay 3809 Bowser Ave, Dallas Texas in answer to mine to her son Joseph Edward Jay Jr S.A.R. National number 48026 State No 365 who is a student in college. She says she has sent copies of my letter to her mother & to her cousin Judge James Stuart Pilcher who wrote the Pilcher book. He lives at Nashville, Tenn.

Andrew & James Carothers were twins & married sisters.

The chart shows no record of Eliza A. Carothers marriage. There were seven in her immediate family & two of them married Carotherses.

The record shows many many children from this group, namely:

A.E. Carothers married Gilliland of Obisonia, Penna & a Maria Carothers living in Penna in 1896 were two of the group.

The chart begins with Robert Carothers who married Margaret

V23 Page 61
Gillespie & was born about 1790 & moved from Lancaster, Penna to middle North Carolina (Look up the Pilcher Book in inner hall library & make slips). Our line is:

1. Robert Carothers

2. Andrew Carothers changed the spelling after leaving Scotland for America

3. John Carothers married Mary Hope

4. Rev Jas Neely Carothers married Mary Daskin?

5. Martha C. Carothers married Keith Stuart Moffat

6. Janet Elizabeth Moffat, my informant married Joseph Edward Jay

7. Joseph Edward Jay Jr to whom I wrote.

V23 Page 62
I have three letters from Maj Frank S. Wilson, Boston, Mass, one dated Jany 9, 1930 says his friend Maj Gordon L. Finley is not a West Point graduate, but is a lawyer in the Judge Advocate General's office in Wash D.C. but assigned to duty at the Army Base at Boston, Mass.

In another letter dated Feby 24, 1930, Maj Frank S. Wilson of 400 Marlborough St, Boston (17) Mass says that Maj Gordon L. Finley's father, John L? Finley served in the Civil War as a Lieut in Massachusetts 2nd Reg of Cavalry aged 28, came from San Francisco Calif & enlisted Feby 9, 1863.

A letter dated Feby 24, 1930 from Mrs Richard Haines, Route 8, Topeka, Kansas acknowledges receipt of the old letter & clippings she had sent me & speaks of her grandfather Stephen Kilgore's hoary head, long white beard & kindly blue eyes. She says she has a faint recollection of her mother telling her the names of her own Kilgore grandparents & where they came from but she cannot now remember. Says it is 28 yrs since she copied the record from the old bible her Uncle had.
V23 Page 63
In Mch 1930 D.A.R. Mag recd today on page 147 is announced the death of Cousin Sarah Gibson Humphreys Chenault who died at her residence in Lexington, Ky Feby 23, 1930. She was Vice Pres General of the D.A. R in 1921 1924. I visited her at her home in company with Miss Estelle Finley of Columbia Tenn in June 1924 or 1925 or 26, just prior to the death of Wm J. Bryan. See my record book & make note.
On page 152, same number, an article on the work of their Genealogical Research committee attention is called to their Genealogical Research Library in Constitutional Hall, Wash D.C. which they say shall be as complete & valuable as any in the country. Make slip to go & see what can be found of interest in my work.
V23 Page 64
Oak Hill Mch 14, 1930 9:22 AM

A letter dated Jany 17, 1930 from Mrs Mary E. Gunnett, 709 West Commonwealth Ave, Fullerton, Calif says she got home Christmas Evening from a trip to Penna, Ohio, Illinois & Colorado & had just recd a letter from her cousin Mrs Mary E. Jack Ramsey of Chicago, Ills announcing the sudden death of her husband on Dec 19, 1929.

Another letter from Mrs Gunnett dated Feby 20, 1930 sends me a clipping about Rev Abraham B. Markle which she clipped from last night's Feby 19th Anaheim Calif paper viz: the Anaheim Bulletin under "who is who in Anaheim" viz Rev Abraham B. Markle of 201? South Citron St, who before he entered the ministry was a printer, soldier & school teacher, who was born Mch 13? 1841 in Eastport, Tuscarawas Co, Ohio. He was printer's devil on the Oskaloosa Times, Oskaloosa, Iowa when 14 yrs old, was school teacher in Fairbury, Ills in 1858, joined Union Army Aug 5? 1862, member of Co E 120th Reg Illinois volunteers,
V23 Page 65
was in the grand march to the sea with Sherman through Georgia, participated in the Grand review of the Union troops in Wash D.C. on May 23 & 24, 1865, married Miss Cynthia Spence, one of his pupils June 25, 1865 at Newark, Ohio. They have celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary. Delivered his first sermon at Five Mile Grove, Ills for his wife's father who was a minister of the Christian Church, who was too ill to preach. Took charge of the Christian Church, Chanute, Kansas in 1884? his first permanent charge, came to San Diego, Calif in 1889 & to Anaheim Calif in 1904, was Christian minister here for 7 yrs & then retired, Chaplain of Malvern Hill Post Grand Army of Republic. Popularly known as "Abe".
V23 Page 66
A letter dated Feby 28, 1930 in answer to mine from Mrs Elizabeth Thomson Lindsay of 1909 Irving Ave, So Minneapolis, Minn. She says she was born Sept 23, 1888 in Minneapolis, Minn & was married same place Oct 23, 1912 to James Batson Lindsay born Dec 18, 1881 in Milwaukee, Wis son of William Lindsay born in Dundee, Scotland July 15, 1840 who died Dec 14, 1928 & his wife Mary Ann Batson born at Westford, NY Oct 2, 1839 died Apr 16, 1918. The firm of Lindsay Bros Co Farm implements is an old established firm in Milwaukee & Minneapolis & her husband is Secy & Treas in Minneapolis. Their children all born in Minneapolis, Minn are:

1. Virginia Hunter Lindsay born Oct 17, 1903

2. Hugh Thomson Lindsay born June 16, 1917

3. Charlotte Edmond Lindsay born Apr 17, 1920 & died Dec 29, 1926

Her letter of Feby 8/30 says she is sister of Kenneth Thomson & daughter of the late James P. Thomson of Maple Place, Minn.
V23 Page 67
A letter of Jany 4, 1930 from Miss Arda Bates St Clair Rorison of 7413 Hawthorne Ave Hollywood, Calif says she has found a new ancestor for Mrs Narcissa Vanderlip viz: Robert Thompson of Fredericksville Parish, Albemarle Co, Va. His will in 1777 mentions daughters Jean Crenshaw, Hannah Epperson, Judith Mallory, Sarah Brown, Susanna Strathan, Mary Davis, Elizabeth Langford & a son Robert. David & Hannah Thompson Epperson had children, sons: Robert, James, Thompson, William, John married Elizabeth Bowen. Charles married Sarah Lamb & daughters: Judith Gardner, Elizabeth Proctor, Susanna Langford, Hannah Freeman, & Lucy Burke, Martha Thompson who married James Taylor in 1699 was great grandmother of President Zachary Taylor   descended ie the Taylors from the Earl of Hare.

Geo H. West, son of James West & his wife. Nancy J. Higinbotham here this PM said he was born July 12, 1870 in Redstone Tp at Merrittstown, Pa in old stone house.

V23 Page 68
Oak Hill Mch 19, 1930 3:54 PM

A letter dated Jany 10, 1930 from E.C. Finlay 2314 Cochran Ave, South Los Angeles, Calif sent originally to me at the Hollenden Cleveland O says that two months before he sent to me here a long account of George Finlay, the Greek historian which I must hunt up & also the letters he sent me two years ago which he wants me to return, which I must do. He says the article about Geo Finlay gave some family history. He says:

"Battersly [best guess] of Co Cavan, John of Lakefield born 1722. Married 1st Elizabeth Shiel of Monaghan & had a son. Married 2d Sarah Leslie & died 1803, had issue, had a brother Charles married Miss Hastings & died 1755, had a daughter who married 1st ______ Hanna Esq, Married 2 W. Campbell Esq.

The family was related to Finlays, Wybrandts & Cusack. He says he wrote years ago to Mr Hanna who is compiling a history of the Finlay family asking him about Geo Finlay & his daughter Elizabeth who married Mr Shiel, brother of Richard Lalor [sic] Shiel but got no answer, possibly Mr Hanna might answer you".

V23 Page 69
A letter dated Jany 27, 1930 from Mrs Florence Findley Jelliff No 125 Carpenter Road, Mansfield, Ohio who says she was referred to me by Miss Emma Miller asks about William Findley who she says came from County Antrim Ireland in 1774 & who was her gr gr gr grandfather & who married Martha Drennen in 1734. His son David with a Revolutionary War record was her gr grandfather. He married Jane Mitchell, Apr 17, 1787 & he & his six sons founded New Concord, Muskingum Co, Ohio.

His son, John, her grandfather & his youngest son William Findley was her father.

Her William is evidently on William of Latrobe, Pa 1741 1821 whose sketch by Robt M. Ewing is in Western Penna Hist Soc Mag Oct 1919 pages 240 51 which I will send her, but might be William Findley who was Governor.
V23 Page 70
A letter dated Jany 30, 1930 from Mrs C.N. Welshons of 1885 Shadow Lawn, Jacksonville, Fla who is most anxious to know the names of the parents, brothers & sisters of her ancestor, James Patterson, born 1760 & was a lawyer in Pendleton Co, Va where his son John was born in 1795 & moved to Allegheny Co, Pa where his daughter Ann Elizabeth was born in 1798. His wife was Ann Elizabeth Hull.

She says she can give me the address (& I am writing for it) of a man who comes down on the Finley Family & who has spent years of work on the Finley lines both in America & the old country. Says he has a wonderful lots of records & seems to have them well verified & proven. He is also interested in the Pattersons on account of John Patterson marrying Mary Brown Finley in 1818.

She says she has a very interesting line worked out on McKnights who also married into the Finley family.

She says she will gladly give me copies of any records she has that interest me..

She was referred to me by Clarence M. Smith of 120 Dakota Ave Columbus, O as a letter of same date see page 72 states.
V23 Page 71
A letter dated Jany 24, 1930 from Thos E. Finley Esq of Berger Bldg Pgh, Pa sends me two clippings from the McKeesport, Daily News of Jany 21, & 22d about the death of Miss Emma Dorothy Power who was buried there & who the undertaker there told him was 29 yrs old. He says he knows the eldest daughter Helen Marie Power, now Marie P. Sawyer, wife of Walter J. Sawyer, who he says was born about July 1896. He says John I. Power comes between these two sisters in age.

The address of Mr & Mrs Sawyer is 404 Haverford St, Narberth, Pa & Mrs Power & Emma D. made their home with them.


Emma Dorothy Power, daughter of Mrs Ada Irwin Power & the late Dr Henry J. Power died at the home of her sister, Mrs W.J. Sawyer, Narberth, Pa on Saturday Jany 18, 1930. Buried Wednesday Jany 22, 1930 in Versailles cemetery.

V23 Page 72
A letter dated Jany 30, 1930 from Clarence M. Smith 120 Dakota Ave, Columbus, O in answer to mine of Jany 3, says he had lost interest in the matter until three seasons ago they had a reunion in their old home town of West Union, O & they have been having them every year since about May 30th. The next reunion is to be held at his cousin's Mrs Rose Dresback near Hallsville, Ross Co, Ohio & he has undertaken to bring the "In Memoriam" to his father John M. Smith up to date. Last fall, he says he visited the Dresbach's at Paris, Ills & also Chicago, Ills where four of the children of his brother Joseph P. Smith live. Through the Dresbachs at Paris, Ills, they got in touch with Mrs C.N. Welshons, see page [not given]. He quotes a letter from her about her Thomas Reed line etc saying John Patterson married Mary Brown Finley in 1813? & sister Mary married Thos Reed born 1791, Shippensburg, Pa a son of Dr Thomas Reed & Stella McKnight & Elizabeth Brandon. He says if he can be of any further use to let him know. Am writing him.

He gives the record of his son, Stanley P. for bk 16 p 164

V23 Page 73
where I have filled in the dates of births of the children where the blanks were left & am entering the additional data here. He omitted giving date of the 4th child, Florence Marie.

Stanley P. Smith was born at Lucasville, O Feby 11, 1890 & his wife, Florence Marie Cohagen born Apr 30, 1891

Mildred Louise Smith, their 2d child died Jany 24, 1928

The children were all born in Columbus, O.

See book 16 page 164

See book 14 page 332

See book 23 page 102
V23 Page 74
Oak Hill, Mch 20, 1930 11:50 AM

There is a J.H. Kilgore in Altoona, Pa of the National Advertising Service NO 1208 10th St who wrote me Jany 10, 1930 wishing to offer some coal for sale.

I wrote him Jany 27, 1930 asking for his line, but he has not answered. Mch 28/30 yes he answered see pages 100 & 101.
My cousin, Charles Edward Carothers & his new wife were here Sunday 16th from about 4 PM to 10:10 PM returning by auto to Washington Pa & went Monday via West Newton, Gbg & Lincoln Highway to Harrisburg, Pa where his address is c/o Revenue Dept Tel 5151.

He said he was named for our great Uncle Charles Hunter of Port Royal Pa who married grandfather's sister Elizabeth Caruthers. His father wanted to call him Charles Hunter, but his oldest brother, Samuel E. thought he should have a say & insisted on Edward for the middle name for their mother's brother Edward Taylor whose father was Isaac Taylor.

Ed's wife a handsome talented woman was born Sarah Eugene Grover & her father Mr Grover who recently married a 60 yr old wife is 83 yrs old & lives at Condersport, Pa. Ed's wife was a widow & has a
V23 Page 75
a son & a daughter aged 20 & 18 yrs. He said his brother Rob's widow Carrie F. Carothers nee Onion of Youngstown, O was worth about $300,000, largely made up from increased value of Rob's tin plate stock. She left it to her two sisters now sojourning in Florida. Her body is in a receiving vault in Youngstown, O as the regulations of the cemetery to not permit the erection of a mausoleum for which she provided in her will. She built a mausoleum for Rob in McKeesport Cemetery & on a trip to France fell in love with a fellow & she thought all plans for marrying him were made & when she came home, she sealed up the mausoleum by a bar across the front & told people she would not be buried there. Then, when the marriage fell through, she did not have the nerve to unseal the mausoleum. She had Uncle Wm E. Caruthers Bible from which she gave me record at Ruben's Bldg McKeesport, Pa when she was living. Ed should see to getting the bible.

Condersport is on the Roosevelt Highway & is the county seat of Potter Co, Pa named for great grand Uncle Genl James Potter.

V23 Page 76
A letter dated Jany 7, 1930 from Miss Nellie Woods of 409 Alexander St, Greensburgh, Pa says she is working on a history of the Power family. C. Ed Carothers said Sunday that he referred her to me. She says she is the great granddaughter of Rev Samuel Woods & Margaret Power who went to Union Co, Ohio about 1806 or 1807. This Margaret Power was the 6th child of Col John Power (who was brother of Rev James Power who married Margaret Finley, daughter of Rev James Finley). Says she only knows of three in the Power family viz:

1. Rev James Power b 1756 ob Aug 5, 1830

2. Jane Power b 1752 ob 1805, married Robert Moore & had six children.

3. Col John Power b 1757 ob Apr 11, 1832 married Margaret Finley & had 8 children. She finds in the Penna Archives where Col John Power recd his com as Lieut Colonel. She also finds the name of Patrick Power & asks if he was a brother or the father. She says her grandfather John Power Woods of Ohio was a brother of James F. Woods of Greensburgh, Pa.

V23 Page 77
Oak Hill, Mch 22, 1930 7:55 AM

A letter dated Nov 13, 1929 from Mrs Frances Cotner, widow of Eli, Chippewa Lake, Medina Co, Ohio says she visited the graveyard at Canaan Bend last summer & found it in good shape, the township having appropriated money to care for it & it was cleaned up & stones put in place & it showed that Alpheus Markle died Jany 15, 1868 & she said neither one of his brothers nor his father Gideon Markle had headstones. (Refer to my record when at Ottawa, Ills Apr 19, 1929 & note this date there). She says her Aunt (2d wife of Elder Gideon) was the mother of the child Ebenezer who died when a babe. Says she told her that her son Cornelius was accidentally burned or scalded to death when about two years old. She says Gideon, the younger, her first cousin died Feby 11, 1907 at Chippewa Lake, Ohio & that he was first married to Artematia [sic] Heyde in Nov 1869. In Nov 1902 he married Clara Palmer (see my records of Jany 12, 1929). She has not the date of either of his wives death. (I think I have both). Florinda Hawkins who I saw

V23 Page 78
at Brunswick, O Mch 15, 1929 died she says at her son Frank's in Cleveland, O Nov 4, 1929 & was buried beside her husband in Brunswick, O cemetery. She had ailing from a bad heart for a year & was born Jany 1, 1845. Says she spent her childhood in her mother's home.
Oak Hill Mch 25, 1930 2 PM

A letter dated Mch 17, 1930 from Mrs Sidney J. Patterson, Apt 305 1835 K. St Washington D.C. says she is one of the numerous White   Hough   Finley descendants being a granddaughter of William White, who settled in Keokuk Co, Iowa around 1850.

She was referred to me by her cousin, Thomas Watts who I saw in Iowa in Mch 1924 see book 11 pages 400, 478 & 486. She will cooperate & exchange. I wrote her 22d inst.
V23 Page 79
A letter dated Mch 13, 1930 from Frank M. Power 200 W Ohio St Dallas, Texas says he has seen in Texas 5 yrs next Nov & is still painting & papering & wants a Jack History as soon as it is out. Says he was 60 yrs old yesterday, born then Mch 12, 1870 at Hamilton, White Pine Co, Nevada, son of Calvin B. Power & his wife Mary McKee of Fayette City, Pa. I wrote him 22d inst & asked for his record.
A letter dated Mch 16, 1930 from Cass K. Shelby 524 Hickory St, Hollidaysburg, Pa in answer to mine of 7th inst says on his mother's side, he is descended from the Fayette Co Dawsons, John Littleton Dawson having been his great Uncle. He says the father of my ggf Capt Wm Elliott was Robert Elliott of Hamilton Tp (that part which is now St Thomas Tp) in what is now Franklin Co, Pa. His wife's name was Mary. They were the parents also of his ancestress Mary Elliott who married a neighbor, James com of James & Mary McConnell of Peters Tp about 1770. They both removed to what is now Fayette Co, Ky in 1780.
V23 Page 80
The names of the brothers & sisters of William & Mary he got from Mrs Fendrick & are the same as she furnished me viz: Johnston, Thomas, Elizabeth, Catherine, Barbara & Jean (or Janet). These are all that appear in Robert's will. Neither Daniel or a Robert are mentioned. I answered him on 22d & asked for Mary McConnell's descendants.
A letter dated Mch 14, 1930 from Mrs Virginia S. Fendrick, Mercersburg, Pa written from her sick bed to which she has been confined all winter but hopes soon to be downstairs, says I have the Robert Elliott data & that his land in Hamilton Tp was sold by his sons to William Steele. (Make slip to look up this deed probably in Cumb. Co) who sold it to John Wilson. The land is yet known as the Thomas Walker farm & is near St Thomas, Pa.

She says Edmund Hayes Bell of Wash D.C. has proven that Col Robert Elliott of Hagerstown, Md was a son of John Elliott of Path Valley, Pa so stated by a daughter in the south, a sister of Col Robert.

V23 Page 81
"That is settled. I have always thot [sic] so". & her affidavit proved it. Our old Robert had no son Robert. He had 210 acres surrounded by Armstrong land & Joseph Armstrong's will which he witnessed gives its bounds. She says there was an early Thomas Elliott, a constable, in New Castle Co Del (make slip) who might have been the father of our Robert. I say this because our Robert had a brother & a son named Thomas. Robert Elliott of Hamilton Tp his will proven 1763 named:

Daughter, Elizabeth Stewart

Daughter, Catharine Lochree

Daughter, Barbara

Daughter, Jane

Daughter, Mary

Sons: Johnston, Thomas & William also a brother Thomas

The above Elizabeth married William Stewart & they lived & died in Franklin Co, Pa (make slip to look up his will & see Goe H.) Mary probably married James McConnell. Johnston, (my ancestor, she says) married Rebecca Mayes of Lancaster Co, Pa. Have never found Thomas.

V23 Page 82
A letter dated Mch 6, 1930 from Edmund Hayes Bell now of 305 The Wyoming, Columbia Road & California St, Washington D.C. asks about Daniel Elliott, the Indian trader who he suspects belongs to Col Robert Elliott's family & says he had a son Daniel & he was a younger man & settled in Mississippi. Says he doesn't think Col Robert had a brother Daniel but his father John Elliott, may have had a brother by that name.

Quoting from Egle's Notes & Queries 111 Series Vol 111 page 11, he says:

Daniel Elliott, the father of Mary Hamilton was an Indian trader & probably first in the employ of Col Alexander Lowrey whose daughter Elizabeth born Oct 31, 1757 he married in the year 1772. He was first established on the Susquehanna but later established a store & post near Pittsburgh. He died there. The eldest son, John Elliott inherited the Island farm near Conewago on the Susquehanna. I wrote him on 22d inst.
A.D. Jack writes Mch 11, 1930 from the Texas Co Tulon, Okla that he wants a copy of the Jack History & will send his check.

V23 Page 83

A letter dated Dec 17, 1929 from Geo A. Findley, Grimes, Iowa, says he has just recd letters from each of his father's two living sisters Ella Ford & Carrie Findley, Mineola, Fla. They have lost track of all their distant relatives & didn't even know where they got the record which he sent me. He does not know anything of the McCurdys, nor does he know where the first Abel Findley died nor the names of his father or any brothers & sisters. "My Aunt Mary Ewing was her middle name". Says he can't locate the McKollips. The last he heard from them they were in Missouri & his father had a cousin Grant Findley located there. Says the most information he got was from his father's cousin Margaret Morrison of Beaumont, Cal. Her mother was Sally Keer or Kerr, a sister of my grandmother Findley. She married a Stewart & lived in Penna until her husband died & then moved to Kansas. Will copy her letter. It has been 45 years or more since I left Penna. Says she corresponds with her last Stewart Uncle who is 91 yrs young. Most of the Stewart & Findley relatives lived in Indiana & Armstrong Cos, Pa
V23 Page 84
Uncle David Finley lived about 12 miles from us near Olivet, Armstrong Co, Pa. Anna Keer was his wife's name, now as I get it, this Uncle Dave & your grandfather were brothers & Uncle Dave & your grandmother were cousins. Uncle Dave's wife, Annie Keer & Mary Keer wife of Uncle Abel Findley were first cousins. We used to visit Uncle Dave & Aunt Annie who were such a lovely old couple. Their children were all married & gone except the two youngest, Nan & Alex & a little granddaughter Maggie Thompson, who was my age was with them. The towns where they lived were "Olivet, Apollo, Kittanning & Freeport, all in Armstrong Co". She signs the letter:

Margaret Morrison

He concludes David Findley was brother of his grandfather Abel Findley. He then goes on to give on a separate sheet, the family record of his grandfather:

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