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I admire and honour your commitment to social wisdom and your empathy for all. Your heart was the size of the Universe and your life was the Love in your heart. If good things can happen, then they will happen. You made a sacrifice to bring the Good in God. Rest in Peace dear friend Tooker Gomberg.
"Some parts of the past must be preserved, and some of the future prevented at all costs."
sasha. - the Pope Squatter

Symbiosis magazine - a Pope Squat publication

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Peter Blanchard

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 24, 2004 11:27 am Post subject: related links, resources, organizations Reply with quote

Editor's note - some related links, resources, organizations:

The Pope Squat - links & articles

Nonviolent Protest & Social Change

A Force More Powerful (excellent PBS video on

the use of nonviolent conflict for positive social change;

now available on video. Also: readables, materials for

teachers and discussion)

Poverty & Social Justice - links, resources, organizations

Community & Housing - links, resources, organizations

(scroll down to "affordable housing")
– Peter Blanchard
Peter Blanchard

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 24, 2004 12:02 am Post subject: HOW TO KEEP IN TOUCH? Reply with quote

Keep in touch...
Ironically, Tooker's passing has resulted in an amazing

coming together of the community. But we're spread

across the country. Once the memorials disperse,

it will be easy to fall out of touch.

If you would like to keep "in the loop" with discussions,

initiatives and events related to Tooker and his work,

there are several ways to do so:
(1) Subscribe to Tooker & Angela's Greenspiration e-mail

list. I have not yet heard Angela's plans for this list, but

it's likely she will be continuing it. The subscribe address

can be found at the bottom of their website: If you try to subscribe but do

not receive anything, you might want to try again in a

month or two, once things have settled down somewhat.
(2) Visit Tooker & Angela's website,

and the on-line forum,

from time to time.
Not as directly related...
(3) Participate in the discussions on Activist Mutual Support

and Creating Stronger Community:

(4) Look for related events on the Planet-Friendly Calendar,

Newsletter and GoodWork list,

(5) Other ideas? . . .

– Peter Blanchard

P.S. This year we again hope to produce a special edition on

"Green & Healthy Grassroots Gatherings, Festivals & Retreats"

-- healthy ways to get together and spend some quality

time with other activists and 'ecofreaks'. Last year's can

be found here:

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 22, 2004 9:59 am Post subject: pics from Toronto memorial & elsewhere Reply with quote

Peace and e-Greetings be upon you all.

Last night I attended Tooker's Memorial in Toronto,

I've quickly thrown together a website with over a 100 photos.
Photos from are from last night's Toronto Memorial.

Please propagate if you wish.

~ HiMY! ~
p.s. sorry for this non-personalised msg,

I hafta rush to an Activist event: we,

meaning Project Threadbare, are meeting

at 10 am at bloor/spadina to caravan it

to Minister Sgro's office to demand

Fahim Kayani NOT be deported tomorrow.

Somehow, rushing this quickie website

online with a digital camera meant for

taking OUTDOOR and Not Indoor photos,

and then me running out of time this

morning to properly add captions under

each and every picture because I hafta

rush off to an action is... would be... well... 'very Tooker'.
Keep Smilin'
~ HiMY! ~


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Peter Blanchard

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 23, 2004 5:36 pm Post subject: more photos Reply with quote

More photos of the Toronto memorial:

Photos of Tooker and his work can be found

on various sites and tribute articles:

Photo of Tooker Gomberg (Discussion Forum Homepage)

Indymedia Victoria Article

Tooker's Writings, News, Links, Pictures...

- Peter Blanchard


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PostPosted: Mon Mar 22, 2004 6:21 pm Post subject: Questions & Issues Concerning Tooker Gomberg's Disappear Reply with quote

Questions & Issues Concerning Tooker Gomberg's Disappearance

by Anthony J. Hall, Ph.D. Monday March 22, 2004 at 04:55 PM
Recent News from
What really happened? !?! Confused

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Peter Blanchard

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 23, 2004 3:11 pm Post subject: please don't start a rumour mill Reply with quote

please don't start a rumour mill...

In my opinion, Anthony Hall is going out on a

limb here. While his concern is probably genuine,

it seems to me that he does not have all the facts.
To the best of my knowledge, Tooker's closest family

and friends -- those who are the most familiar with

Tooker and exactly what happened -- do not have

any doubt around the circumstances surrounding

Tooker's death.
I caution readers against indulging in rumour, or

taking alternative theories too seriously.

Tooker's friends and family are in mourning, and

there are others who are vulnerable and should

be considered.
- Peter Blanchard


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PostPosted: Mon Mar 22, 2004 9:03 pm Post subject: Tooker in the Netherlands Reply with quote

[posted on behalf of "kees" - ed]

Tooker in the Netherlands
Tooker spent six weeks in the Netherlands, after having

burnt his passport at the The Hague climate conference

in November 2000.
Finally he was nicked by the cops at an antimilitarist action

camp at the nuclear base of Volkel, put away in a rotten

cel for 8 days and put in an airplane back to Canada.
He made many friends here in those weeks. I wrote

a short notice on his death on dutch indymedia

( ) to let

people know what happened.

Though it will be hard to cope with the fact that Tooker

decided to leave us alone, we can be comforted a bit by

the knowledge that he really lived his life to the full

and inspired many people to do the same.

[first part of email keesstad ...

second portion of address: ]

David Wellhauser

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 09, 2004 4:07 pm Post subject: Waterloo feels the loss Reply with quote

The following is a letter I wrote and sent out to help come to terms with the news. At least Tooker isn't in pain anymore.

March 9, 2004
Last Friday morning I received an email notifying me that Tooker Gomberg took his own life. For those of you who didn’t know him, Tooker was one of Canada’s top environmental activists. Several years ago the Wilfrid Laurier Univerity Environment Club brought him to Laurier to participate in a day of environmental activism. He participated in a parking space take-over, lectured to a politics class, spoke in the concourse and participated in a critical mass bike ride.
I think it is important for us to ask why and how such an involved and important member of our society could become so overwhelmed with grief and pain that he would take his own life? I read on the internet that “suicide is not chosen; it happens when pain exceeds resources for coping with pain”. When a person commits suicide their pain may end, but the pain experienced by those around them just begins.
Suicide is a very sensitive topic. But apparently it is a common phenomena. I’d encourage anyone who is depressed or feeling overwhelmed with pain to talk with someone and get help. Life is to precious not to.
My deepest condolences go out to everyone whose been affected by suicide.
David Wellhauser


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David Wellhauser

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 22, 2004 5:40 pm Post subject: Toronto memorial was theraputic Reply with quote

Yesterday I attended the wonderful memorial for Tooker. It was really positive and theraputic. Tooker's passing had a profound impact on so many of us. I really appreciated the comments dealing with depression.

The singers and speakers did a fantastic job as well.
World Peace in '04,
David Wellhauser


angela woodcock

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 22, 2004 3:56 pm Post subject: Kevin Jardine: memories of Tooker in Edmonton, Toronto, Holl Reply with quote

[posted on behalf of Kevin Jardine - ed]
Memories of Tooker in Edmonton, Toronto, the Netherlands
I first met Tooker in 1992 when he was running for Edmonton City Council. As a Greenpeace climate campaigner, I was looking for campaign targets and discovered a proposal to build a coal-fired power station near Edmonton. I had meetings in Winnipeg and Sault Ste Marie to go to as well so I took a bus and stopped off along the way.
Working with the local Greenpeace canvass office, we set up a mock power plant complete with a conveyor belt and dry ice smoke outside a city council meeting. Tooker and the Eco City Society came out to support us. After the event ran on the radio and the 6 o'clock news, Tooker and I were celebrating at the Eco City office when he got an aggrieved phone call from the head of Edmonton Power. "How could you work with a Greenpeace person who just flew in from Toronto?", the power chief complained. "He didn't fly in", Tooker said - "He took the bus!".
There is no bus across the Atlantic and after careful thought I've decided not to burn the carbon and instead participate in a No War demonstration in Brussels this weekend. I think Tooker would approve.
Tooker won the election and soon set up an international network of advisers and idea generators. I was fortunate and honoured to be one of them and attended the occasional strategy meeting in Edmonton. Tooker soon found that a huge part of the job was plowing through the enormous documents generated by city officials. "They're trying to swamp us", he told me with a grin, "but I think we're staying above water".
Tooker was a real policy wonk and spent many hours with volunteers scanning telephone book size municipal reports, looking for water, waste and water projects that could be replaced with conservation or more sustainable alternatives. When he found one, he sent a call out to his advisor network asking for the best alternative examples from around the world. Then he charmed and argued with fellow councillors to make them happen.
Tooker got things done - an amazing number of things during his short term in office. When his term was over, not only was Edmonton a cleaner and healthier place, but he had blocked the construction of so many unsustainable and unnecessary water, waste and power projects that over the long term he saved the city millions of dollars.
I was lucky enough to convince Tooker and his partner Angela to move to Toronto in 1999 where Tooker took my position after I transferred to Amsterdam. Tooker used his time in Toronto as effectively as ever, both when working at Greenpeace and after, when he took on social justice and war issues as well as running for Mayor.
I last saw Tooker in Amsterdam at the end of 2000, after he had burned his passport at a climate conference in the Hague. Tooker watched politicians and their advisors replace environmental action with endless sterile debate and he was angry.
He could get very angry, especially at politicians. As a politician he had focused on action and he could not tolerate politicians who prefered to dither rather than solve important problems. I was shocked at how angry Tooker was when I saw him in Amsterdam. Then I realised that I had become comfortably numb about a world where politicians needed to be manipulated or forced into making a few right decisions.
Tooker refused to accept such a world and believed that politicians should be accountable to the people who voted for them and should work to make the world a better place. For a little while when I was with Tooker, I even thought that such a world might be possible.
Tooker's greatest skill was creating hope. He led the way in making alternatives possible and he challenged other leaders to do the same.
That's why his death is so shocking. But I don't think that his death cancels out at all what he was able to accomplish. Depression can infect anyone, even amazing, charismatic hope-bringers like Tooker. He accomplished much and inspired many thousands while he was here.
- Kevin Jardine

Roland Schoepf

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 20, 2004 1:46 am Post subject: My Hero Reply with quote

For one of those people whose paths crossed briefly with Tooker and Angela a long time ago; I wish to step forward to honor them for their commitment to their brothers and sisters of this earth bound community.

Tooker served as a mirror to our souls. He reminded us that with every great undertaking we need to look at that which we create, and that which we destroy.
We can celebrate his life, though we may want to mourn our destiny. The bitter irony in Tooker's passing is that Tooker did what few people in our society are willing to do. He stood up for what matters. Call it brave... bold... valiant... to him perhaps this was the only way for him to live. For Tooker tried to give us a conscience. To help us view beyond ourselves, our greed and our arrogance... to envision that which was so clear to Tooker... a world community that cared for itself and lived as though life mattered.
Tooker was an underdog. In our world of "high" gloss and "smart" packaging, Tooker was a diamond in the rough. He was discounted by his attire... dismissed by his stature... yet he made up for it in "heart". He walked as a giant among those who honored his presence, his insight, and his word. Tooker... you have always been and will always be my hero.

Peter Blanchard

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 19, 2004 5:38 pm Post subject: latest e-newsletter - memorial edition - please forward Reply with quote spread the word...

Below is the latest edition of the People- & Planet-Friendly

e-mail newsletter, a special memorial edition. It just

went out this afternoon (Friday). Thanks to the Toronto

organizing team for much of the content. Please

forward to others interested...
- Peter Blanchard
SUBJECT: Tooker Gomberg Memorials, Events, Forums, Links, Funds


A special edition of People- & Planet-Friendly

Since the passing of Tooker Gomberg earlier this month,

thousands have been giving tribute and discussing Tooker's

life and ideas - and where to go from here. This e-mail

is a summary of some of the upcoming events plus

on-line tributes, discussion, resources and community.

(1) TORONTO Memorial & Celebration, Sun Mar 21, 5:30pm

(2) WORLDWIDE Critical Mass Ride, Fri Mar 26, 6pm

(3) Montreal Public Memorial, Thurs Mar 25, 7pm

(4) Halifax Memorial, date t.b.a.

(5) TOOKER IN VIDEO: What His Life Taught Us, Mon Apr 26

(6) ONLINE DISCUSSION, Tributes, Community, Links, more...

(7) ONLINE SUPPORT FORUMS, building stronger community...

*** For more related events, announcements & updates, see

the on-line forum:

and ***


~ an evening to remember a friend ~ *NEW LOCATION*


The sudden passing of Tooker Gomberg leaves us saddened

and contemplative. One of Canada's most daring and

courageous political figures, Tooker was a friend,

co-conspirator and guiding light to so many of us.

A selfless trailblazer, Tooker's absence will be felt in

Canada's environmental, labour, social justice, human

rights, arts and music communities - and around the world.
We invite you to join in reflection, mourning and

celebration of such an exemplary writer, activist, politician,

videographer and comedian. Our thoughts and prayers

go out to Tooker's family and to Angela, his soulmate

of 17 years.
Sunday March 21st (the first day of Spring)


56 Queen Street East (at Church)
The Church will be open at 5:30, for catching up with friends,

posting photos and contributing to the Celebration Book.

The Memorial will begin at 6pm. If you'd like to help

set-up before the memorial, please arrive at 5pm.

There will be a gathering after the memorial.
Please bring a bicycle bell and also feel free to

bring a photo of Tooker (that you can leave behind)

and a contribution for the Celebration Book (8.5 x 11)

Shannon Thompson ~

Dave Meslin ~

Due to the overwhelming amount of response & support that

we have received in the past few days, we have decided to

move Sunday's gathering to a larger venue to comfortably

accommodate greater numbers than we had expected.

The new location is the Metropolitan United Church, only

a few blocks away from our original location. Please see

the revised invitation above for details, and please forward

this message to your friends. Thank you.


Montreal Public Memorial, Thurs Mar 25, 7pm

Cyclo Nord Sud, 7235 St. Urbain, Montreal.

Further details will be posted at


Please check the above links to confirm details.
[topical links: Cyclo Nord Sud


On the last Friday of every month, cyclists around the

world gather in groups of dozens, hundreds, or thousands

and take to the streets for a casual ride, with the motto

"We Aren't Blocking Traffic, We ARE Traffic."

The March 2004 Critical Mass ride, in many cities, has

been dedicated to our two-wheeled friend Tooker. On

March 26th, please join us as we carry on this vibrant

tradition that Tooker loved dearly. Let's make this the

biggest Mass Ride ever seen!
Activists across Canada have requested that people wear

black for this bike ride. We all know, however, that Tooker

rarely wore black and would probably want us to dress up

in costumes, as he did so often! SO, for those who want to

respect both wishes, we've come up with a list of black

costumes for you! Zorro, a penguin, Darth Vader, a nun,

the Shadow, Dracula, Cat Woman or some goth dude.
TORONTO meeting spot is at 6pm, downtown at

Yonge & Temperance (btwn. Richmond & Adelaide),

the last Friday of every month. For more info on the

Toronto ride, contact Geoff:

WORLDWIDE links to Critical Mass rides:


Cycling and Sustainable, Healthy, Affordable Transportation
CRITICAL MASS is held the last Friday of every month

in towns and cities around the world. Cycle, skate or jog

to promote healthy, sustainable, alternative transport!

(4) HALIFAX MEMORIAL, date t.b.a.

There will be a gathering in Halifax, to be announced.

Further details will be posted at



Monday, April 26th, 7pm

OISE Auditorium, 252 Bloor W. at St. George

(near St. George subway)
Tooker lived much of his life in video. From the Burning of

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