Job Shadow Experience Essay

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Job Shadow Experience Essay


      For my job shadow I chose my orthodontist Dr. Barinaga because he is the person that would give me good hands on experience on the path to becoming an orthodontist.      The job shadow site was very clean with a friendly atmosphere looked like I was in a house. Dr. Barinaga is people person he is very kind hearted and is friendly to all his patients he is a hard worker always adjusting the braces for all his patients that come in, and also filling out a lot of paperwork for his patients, he also helps out around the work site to see if any of his assistants need help.

            What I liked most about job shadowing Dr. Barinaga was that I got the opportunity to see how he puts braces on a patient’s teeth and also how he removes the braces. I also got the chance to be in the lab room where they create molded teeth models of their patients and use the models and this machine that heats up a plastic disk then they put it over the teeth model to create plastic retainers for their patients.

            During the job shadow I didn’t find to dislike anything about the experience, it was great learning experience for me I really appreciate Dr. Barinaga for giving me the chance to observe and job shadow him in action this gave a lot of knowledge of what to expect when becoming an orthodontist in the future.

            What surprised me the most while job shadowing Dr. Barinaga was that all his assistants were women, but they are all really nice and outgoing I had fun conversations with all of them, they also gave me a tour around the worksite and they answered every question I would ask them. They also showed me their different task they had for example; they take the rubber bands off the braces and also put on new ones, then also they showed me how they make the moldings for the teeth to create a model of the patient’s teeth structure and use that model to create the patients retainers. I’m glad to have met all his friendly generous assistants they are one of the reasons why Dr. Barinaga is such a successful orthodontist.

            If I had more time I would have liked to see how they make costumed mouth guards for athletes they are able to put any sports team logo on the mouth guard which is really awesome, also I would’ve liked to witness them taking x-rays of their patents teeth that would be pretty cool to see that but at least I got to witness most of their task and duty’s during the job shadow.

            I would extremely consider studying to become an orthodontist, even though it might take a long time to finish this career on the long run is worth every long year, once you receive your doctoral degree in dentistry you will be getting paid 80 or more per hour and be making over 200,000 a year! This job isn’t stressful, dirty, or hard, and you get really good hours vacations also you have lots of benefits. But the most important aspect of this career is that you help change people’s lives you help raise their self-esteem and every time they come in you notice that there facial features change and also their self-esteem this is why I recommend this career for people who like to help others out.

            What I discovered while job shadowing Dr. Barinaga was that a lot of science is involved in the orthodontist career like knowing the names of the teeth types, the anatomy of the human mouth and also you have to be able to use chemistry skills reason why is because each orthodontist has a lab room in which they create teeth models for their patients and retainers or mouth guards using chemicals. I gained a lot of knowledge from Dr. Barinaga that will help me in the future not just in school but also out in society he is very kind and wise person I hope to one day I can to become a great orthodontist like him in the future this is the reason why I chose to job shadow someone who is an orthodontist because that’s the career I want to pursue.  

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