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*This information does not take precedence over OH&S. All employees should be familiar with the Saskatchewan Employment Act and the OH&S Regulations.







  1. Install the rope grab on the lifeline as follows:

  • Lift the locking lever.

  • Loosen the locking bolt.

  • Wrap the rope grab around the 16mm (5/8”) lifeline with the arrow on the rope grab pointing up.

  • Tighten the locking bolt until snug.

  • Push the locking lever into the body of the rope grab.

  1. The rope grab has a double locking system – make sure both locks are engaged.

  1. Check the operation of the device by holding the attachment ring and moving the rope grab up and down the rope. Pull abruptly downward on the ring to test if the cam will activate and arrest the movement on the rope.

  1. For rope grabs with a permanently attached lanyard and/or shock absorbers, attach the end of the lanyard to the anchorage connector on the back of the user’s harness.

Rope grabs without a permanently attached lanyard would be connected to the harness with a 0.6m (2 feet) long lanyard and/or shock absorber attached to the eye on the rope grab. (Note: The performance of the rope grab decreases when the lanyard is shorter or longer than the recommended 0.6m (2 feet).

  1. Before use, inspect the rope grab for:

  • Proper functioning of moving parts.

  • Spring is not broken or clogged with dirt.

  • Warping and other damage.

  • Rust, corrosion and dirt build-up.

  • Proper anchorage.

  • Cuts, abrasion, wear and chemical burns.

  • Protection against sharp edges

If the equipment does not pass inspection, discard and replace.


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  1. The label on the rope grab identifies what sizes of rope are compatible with it. Some types of rope may swell under humid or wet conditions – select a rope which will not swell for proper sliding of the rope grab.

  1. It may be necessary to attach a small weight at the bottom of the rope to increase its rigidity. The bottom end of the rope must be terminated such that the rope grab cannot slide out at the end of the rope.

  1. The rope grab is not intended for use horizontally or at angles of more than 60 degrees from the vertical.

  1. The lifeline must be attached to the anchor point by a locking connector. For maximum protection, use this device in conjunction with a full body harness. Harness must also be worn so the fall arrest D-ring is centered between the shoulder blades and the back. Attach lanyard/shock absorber connecting device to centre back D-ring only.

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