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Buy with confidence! Your happiness with your purchase is very important. All our custom-made wigs and select stock wigs come with a warranty that covers manufacturing defects. The warranty is valid for the first three months after purchase. If your wig needs care after the warranty or there is an issue not covered by the warranty, we will work with you to get it resolved in a reasonable and cost-effective manner.  We value the trust you place in our business.  We strive to not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

We believe that getting the best result from your new wig is a shared responsibility. Your responsibility is to care for, maintain, and use your wig properly. We cannot stress strongly enough the importance of enlisting the services of a licensed hair stylist who is experienced/skilled in the care/maintenance of Slavic European supplemental hair products. Additionally, selecting the right product for your unique situation is an important factor in getting the best result from your purchase.
All our wigs go through a three-step inspection and quality control process to make sure they are free of flaws/defects. Any wigs that have flaws/defects are typically discovered prior to sale and as a result are sold at a reduced price as either a Discount Darling or Clearance Cutie. However, if a wig you purchase has a manufacturing defect/s, to activate the warranty you must do the following:
Notify Jazla Wigs immediately of the issue/s with the wig. 
Return the wig within three days of notifying Jazla Wigs of the issue/s.  You pay for return shipping to Jazla Wigs and for return shipping back to you once the wig is completed. The shipping must include tracking and insurance for the full value of the wig.
Jazla Wigs will inspect the wig upon delivery to determine if the issue/s are covered under the warranty. If the issue/s are covered under the warranty the wig will be shipped by Jazla Wigs to the factory for either repairs or a full remake of the wig. If there are issue/s not covered under the warranty, we will offer options/solutions that address the specific concern/s.
Our warranty does not cover the following:

Any type of wear and tear, including but not limited to damage from styling products, heat styling, or washing more than 1x/month

Stylist damage
Improper care/use/maintenance. It is STRONGLY recommended that buyers have an expert wig stylist care for and maintain their wig.
Chemical processes done to the hair after purchase


Subjective issues: Deciding after purchase that you don’t like the wig selected: hair/texture/length/size/color/cap style/front etc.

These wigs are meant to be removed daily and are not suited for extended wear or semi-permanent attachments.  Extended wear and/or semi-permanent attachments are not covered under the warranty. 
The warranty and all other terms are applicable between Jazla Wigs and the original buyer only and cannot be transferred. If the wig is re-sold or transferred the warranty and any/all terms of the original purchase agreement no longer apply.
Some of our 22k Gold Elite line of wigs are comprised of gently processed Select Eastern European Elite hair. This hair will look, feel, and perform differently than our Platinum Elite Slavic European Unprocessed hair. It will require diligent, proper care and regular stylist maintenance to get the best, longest result. Any issues related to chemical processing done to this line of hair is not covered under our warranty unless there is a verifiable defect/flaw. Verification will be done by our team of experts.
Clearance Cuties, Discount Darlings, and Standard Stock Wigs are not covered under our warranty.

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