Isam zebeba cartilage Embryo

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Elastic Cartilage


  1. Hyaline cartilage: flexible and resilient

 Chondrocytes appear spherical

Lacuna – cavity in matrix holding chondrocyte

 Collagen the only fiber

  1. Elastic cartilage: highly bendable

 Matrix with elastic as well as collagen fibers

 Epiglottis and larynx

  1. Fibrocartilage: resists compression and tension

 Rows of thick collagen fibers alternating with rows of chondrocytes (in matrix)

 Knee menisci and annulus fibrosis of intervertebral discs

Growth of cartilage

  1. Appositional

 “Growth from outside”

 Chrondroblasts in perichondrium (external covering of cartilage) secrete matrix

  1. Interstitial

 “Growth from within”

 Chondrocytes within divide and secrete new matrix

  1. Cartilage stops growing in late teens (chrondrocytes stop dividing)

  2. Regenerates poorly in adults


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