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HATS, Inc. was founded in 2014 to bring a thoughtful and humanistic approach to the introduction of UAS into daily life.

HATS works in collaboration with NASA, via contracts and grants, to develop innovative testbeds that NASA can use to conduct research and development on UAS ground station concepts and technologies for managing fleets of UAS.

J-HATT was a project that built a human-automation teaming testbed, as well as a simulator and a ground control station (GCS) to foster machine and human trust and efficiency.

M-HATT will scale up the J-HATT single UAS control concept so that a single ground station operator can manage hundreds of nearly autonomous drones. M-HATT pioneers a new approach, vocabulary and thinking in relation to human-autonomy interaction, teamwork, trust and reliance.

HATS looks beyond the silos of industry specific platforms to build increasingly autonomous systems (IAs), based on the best technologies and concepts from academic, industry, and government research and development. We are a trusted partner, delivering both operational ground stations and testbeds to verify and validate new human automation teaming solutions.
Using a multidisciplinary approach to human-automation teaming in complex socio-technological systems, HATS can scale from small to massive real world projects, delivering a holistic and intelligent approach to human/autonomous teaming.

J-HATT: NASA UAS Ground Station simulator
Example of small UAS that HATS technology can control.

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