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Screen Layout and Navigation


Each screen can be accessed by clicking on its tab (the portion at the top that displays the screen’s name). These tabs are used as a quick way to “flip the pages” of the patients’ records.
Each screen in IPSoft is color coded. For example, the Classification screen is grey; so when you click the Classification tab, the fields for Classification will appear and the background of the IPSoft screen will appear in grey – see below:

If all the tabs do not fit on your screen, you will see these buttons: to the right of the rightmost tab. If the right arrow is black, click it and you will see more tabs showing up on the right as the tabs shift to the left. The reverse is true of the left arrow. If you do not see those buttons, then all tabs are visible.


Moving between fields can be done using the “Tab” key on your keyboard or clicking on the field with your mouse. Use Shift+Tab (press Tab while holding down the Shift key) to go back a field.

Types of Fields:

  • Free text or numbers: Each such field may be accessed by clicking on it. For instance, to indicate missing upper right teeth, left click once inside the first box underneath Missing Teeth | Upper and you will see a blinking cursor appear in that box; then type the number you wish to enter.

  • Drop Down fields are marked with a down arrow to their right. Clicking that down arrow will cause a list with options to appear – see Dentition options displayed:
    . Once you see the list of options, left click the one you wish to choose and IPSoft will put your selection into the box above the list.

  • Check boxes are small squares with text next to them. To activate a check box, click in the small square. For example, to indicate a posterior crossbite, click the square to the left of Posterior in the area labeled Crossbite. A checkmark will appear and the word Posterior will temporarily change to bold face:

  • Fields required for IP Appliance are marked with a red asterisk. In the above example, Crossbite is required. You must check either the None box, or one of the other check boxes under Crossbite. If you leave required fields empty, you will not be able to complete all IP Appliance options.

Practice Information

This screen is used to enter address and other information about your practice, and to add doctors’s names who work at that address. To access that screen, click Progam | Options | Practice Information:

Most of the fields are self evident. To make them compatible with an international audience, they are setup to allow for entering a broad range of address options. Because the format may vary widely, IPSoft does not perform checks on these fields, and you, as the user, need to ensure that they are entered correctly.

“State” is a subdivision within a country, e.g. “California” or “Idaho” if country is USA, or “Nordrhein-Westfalen” if country is Germany, and so on.

For “Postal Code”, you may wish to enter the postal code with the country code when in Europe – e.g., “D-12345” in Germany.

Adding and Editing Doctors:

Follow these steps to add doctors:

  1. Close to the bottom of the Practice Information screen, click the “Add” button.

  2. On the following screen, type the doctor’s first name in the blank box, then click OK:

  3. On the next screen, enter the doctor’s last name.

  4. Then you will see this screen:

    Click OK.

Repeat this process until you have added all the doctors that work at that practice. There is no limit to the number of doctors you can add. In the Patient data screens, any one doctor you have added can be assigned to any one patient.

Editing Doctors: Click “Edit” to change an existing doctor’s first and/or last name.
Removing Doctors: When you remove a doctor, you will see this warning:

Click No if you do not wish to remove this doctor.

Click Yes if you are sure you wish to remove the currently selected doctor whose name is visible on the screen.

After removing one or more doctors, you should review your patients’ records to see if some of them need to be assigned another doctor – IPSoft will NOT do this automatically:

  • Click OK to exit the practice screen.

  • Click the Open Patient icon:

On this screen, scroll through all your patients:

If any of them say [none] in the doctor field, do this:

  1. Click the patient to highlight it

  2. Click the “Edit Selected Patient” button

  3. Assign a doctor by following the steps outlined under “Assigning a Doctor to a Patient” in the following section.

When you are done entering practice information and adding doctors, click the OK on the lower right:

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