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Due to the comprehensive nature of our programs, we are able to offer a variety of licensing options to our clients. In addition to IPSoft software, there is also a licensing charge for access to web based case studies. Before you run IPSoft Full Version for the first time, you will need to register your computer with our license service. To do so:

  1. Establish an Internet connection, by opening your email program or accessing any web page.

  2. Open IPSoft Full Version. You can open IPSoft Full Version by double-clicking the “IPSoft 3.0” icon on your desktop. You may also open it from the Start menu (located at the bottom, left-hand corner of your screen) and selecting the following path: Start | Programs | IPSoft | IPSoft 3.0.

  3. After opening IPSoft Full Version, the “IPSoft Licensing” screen will appear:

  4. Enter your User Name and User Password in the spaces provided (see above).
    NOTE: The Username and Password fields are case insensitive. This means you can enter your login information in upper or lower case.

  5. System Name – this is used for your reference only – enter anything you wish. This should be something simple and easy to remember. In the event that you need to contact POS Support, you may be asked for this information for security purposes. Once you have entered all of the above required information, click to license your machine.

  6. Should you have entered an incorrect User Name or Password, you will see:

    Click OK, and on the following screen in the IPSoft Licensing box, it will tell you what the problem is:

    In this situation, retype your User Name and the Password, then click the button again.

  7. If you have entered the correct login information, IPSoft will return a “License successfully received” message:

  8. Click OK. IPSoft will now begin migrating your data from the old database structure to the new database structure contained in Full Version 3.0. The more patient data you have, the longer this process will take. Please do not be alarmed if it takes 30-60 seconds for IPSoft Full Version to open for the first time.

Congratulations! You have successfully licensed IPSoft Full Version. Proceed to the IPSoft Basics chapter.

Updating your software license

Each month you will be required to connect to the POS License Service to ensure uninterrupted use of IPSoft Full Version. Below are short descriptions of three fields to look for on the IPSoft Licensing Form. Please note that you are not allowed to modify this information. Those fields are explained as follows:

  • System ID –This is a unique key assigned to your computer generated by the IPSoft License server. This unique key ensures that no one else will be able to license IPSoft Full Version under your account.

  • Connect By Date - This field denotes the date by which you need to update your software license to ensure uninterrupted use of IPSoft Full Version. “The Connect By Date” field is in mm/dd/yyyy format

  • Subscription Expires - This field (also in mm/dd/yyyy format) tells you when your access to the software updates will expire.

Updating your software license is a simple process. Ten days before the “Connect By Date”, the IPSoft Licensing form (see under item 3 above) will appear when you open the software. This acts as a reminder for you to update your license to IPSoft. The IPSoft Licensing form will appear with your UserName, Password and System Name already filled in. Here is what to do:

  1. Connect to the Internet, and click “Connect to IPSoft License Server”. IPSoft will then verify your login information and install a new license file on your computer. Once the licensing process has finished, you will receive a “License successfully received” message (see item 6 above).

  2. Click “OK” and you will be taken inside the program. If you are not connected to the Internet OR you would like to complete the licensing procedure at a later time, click “Continue to IPSoft” on the IPSoft Licensing Form and you will be taken inside the program.

If your license has expired by the time you start IPSoft, you will see:

Click OK, and you will see:

If you click the “Connect to IPSoft License Server” button, you should see:

If you do NOT see the above message, you cannot renew your license online. You will need to call Progressive to renew your license. Without a valid license, you can’t use the IPSoft program.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • The creation of the IPSoft Full Version 3.0 license nullifies your 2.90 license. You will no longer be able to obtain a 2.90 license.

  • If you have upgraded from a previous version of IPSoft, please take a moment and verify all your patient data (including saved treatment options) are there.

IPSoft Basics

Starting and Exiting IPSoft

To start IPSoft, click Start | IPSoft (it has this icon: ). If you can not find it after clicking the Start button, click Programs or All Programs, then look for a folder called IPSoft, click that and then click IPSoft in the following menu. Wait for the IPSoft window. The version of your software is on the lower right hand corner of this window. Shortly after, you will see the master view of IPSoft with tabs visible. To start using the software, you MUST first select a patient to work on. Select either New Patient or open an existing file by clicking on the icon.
To exit IPSoft, click the X in the upper right corner as you would do with any Microsoft Windows program. Often when you exit IPSoft, it will ask:

If you see that screen, always click Yes to ensure that all of your changes will be saved.
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