Introduction to nigerian craft

Mesolithic Age art (25000BC – 12000BC)

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Mesolithic Age art (25000BC – 12000BC)

This age is usually referred to as late or upper Paleolithic age because it is transitional. This means, man life became improved to making spears with bones for hunting. Drawings later improved to elephants, Hippo’s, and the local pigment were then mixed with animal fat. At this age, engravings also was practiced.

  1. Neolithic Age art (12000BC – 4000BC)

This age became more civilized and creative towards life. They became farmers and domesticated animals and changed hunting weapons for plows. Primitive tools became improved and polished for more effective use. Simple pottery for utility, use of clothes and migration started. Owning permanent shelters and use of wheels was introduced. Writing techniques were introduced.

  1. Bronze Age art -4000BC – 2000BC

This period witnessed improved hand crafts and erection of huge architectural monuments. In this age; art was mainly for magic and not aesthetic.

Nearly as old as Chauvet cave paintings is a little female statue that often serves as an emblem of art history’s beginning. It is made of stone formed about 25000 years and was found near a town in present day Austria. Most often called Venus of Willendorf.

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