Introduction to Biological Anthropology ant 3514 Lab Policies Assignments

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Introduction to Biological Anthropology

ANT 3514

Lab Policies

  • Weekly Labs (10 points each)

  • 2 Lab Practicals (20 points each)

  • Writing Assignment (30points)


  1. Attendance is mandatory and you should only attend your assigned lab section. If you know ahead of time that you are going to miss your assigned lab period speak with your TA as soon as possible to see if it is possible to attend a different lab section that particular week. Labs can only be made up with an official doctor’s excuse. You need to contact your TA as soon as possible. Don’t wait until the following week to contact your TA.

  2. If you miss a lab you will not be allowed to turn in anything the following week including the homework questions.

  3. Labs will be due during your assigned lab period the following week. Labs will be accepted 1 day late with a one point penalty. Labs will not be accepted after this.

  4. Be respectful of all the lab material. Do not place any of the material directly on the table.

  5. Absolutely no food or drink allowed in the lab room.

  6. Labs will be posted on the class website. You are responsible for printing a copy of the lab and bringing it with you to class each week. No extra copies will be provided.

  7. Labs should be legible and written in pencil or blue or black ink. If TA can’t read your lab, then you will receive a zero for that assignment.

This class moves quickly and covers a lot of material. You should always be on time because most of the labs will take the full 50 minutes to complete. It is also advisable that you look over the lab prior to attending lab. Being familiar with the lab will help you to complete it quicker. Keep up with all reading material (reader and textbook) and ask questions. Be sure to read the questions on all assignments and exams carefully. You must answer the question that was asked.

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