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Requirement 6: Application of CET to chosen company

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Requirement 6: Application of CET to chosen company

Coventry University

Current Technology

Emerging technology

The student ID card

This is a current technology being used. Students must always have their cards on them when entering the premises. This is because the card operates full access to equipment, rooms and activities (gym, cricket etc.). Coventry University have also applied a barcode scan on the ID’s, this is done for attendance purposely. Having an iphone or some kind of sensor device that allows the barcode to be scanned will make registers quicker and easier.

Skype is an emerging technology that is being used in many different organisations. They have entered many universities. This is because of the easier access to have when in need of communication. Meetings, presentations, Conferences, assignments, notes, tutorials. These are some of the reasons of using such technology in a educational industry. Skype is a interesting technology that is now built in many formats of phones, tablets and PCs. An technology that can help and benefit education as staff or students will not be needed in the same room or class if in need to chat.

mobile applications

Students are able to have full access to the Coventry website as well as the student moodle page. Mobile phones have many different applications that can relate back to Coventry University for example the facebook page, assignments, emails and chats.

Knowledge transmission is a trend stating to build up a social networking application. Cambridge University have already started to develop such applications where students will be able to have some online test preparations. This will create more paths in helping educate students. All though there is still research to be carried out, this idea can work around universities such as Coventry. They can build such applications on mobile phones/tables where students will be able to have online education learning tests. These can also help improve budgets. As it can become cost effective.

Social Trends

Social trends such as facebook, twitter msn etc. These are the different types of social connection that student can have within each other. This is another current technology used in Coventry University, there are many trends to follow in any type of university therefore using social technology helps the company to become wider and popular.

Flipping the Classroom to Support Multiple learning Styles. Another emerging trend in the industry education. “Students finish a test; they don’t have to wait a week to get the results. They simply scan their multiple-choice test using the camera in Fedel’s laptop” An emerging technology that has been targeted in many universities. When completing exams results can be printed and seen is seconds using the camera. This is just one of the tools and features that can help support multiple learning styles. An massive disadvantage on such devices is the cost. Image recognition is another support to multiple learning styles that can be used in university like Coventry. When sitting an exam an ID card will not be needed.


A technology where students access devices such as printers. They can be anywhere around the campus while being log in to the system they can print documents off. The advangte of having such technology is that the user does not need to be next to a printer pressing buttons. They can have full access with their ID card being scanned. They can print out whatever is needed. The printers can search up the students ID, name and document. This makes it alot easy and efficient.


This is a fairly new technology to the university. Ipads allow lecturer to activate different screens around the room. This device is used to make notes, access data or present presentation. The advantage of using such technology in the university is that lecturers can get all the data and info needed on the table. This is quicker faster and efficient size. Which means it’s not a hassle to move around with.


Every university provides students their own personal emails which they can access. This technology allows messages to be sent from the university staff members. Allow

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(Print Screen above of the enhanced technology in website)

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