Introduction 2 Requirement 2: Industry Background 3

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Attendance Scan

Every ID has a code which is scanned through an iphone or any sensor devices. This is done as an easier format as a register. Each student will have a ID number.

3D TV without Glasses

Glasses-free 3D technology, according to a Hisense press release, aims to create the same 3D experience that as when wearing a pair of blue-and-red lens specs (or whatever material 3D glasses are made of these days)” {techrader3dglasses}. There are plans to create the same effect and feel (when using 3D glasses) on a normal tv. There many advantages towards this idea, for example many people will get the opportunity to watch high impact television. But the drawback can be the price it will be at the markets. This will be cost effective to many people’s budgets.

Moodle Login

The moodle login is a technology that serves the purpose for students and staff members to review assignments, Courses, add a discussion board or add posts.

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